Hitman player made challenges


So I have started making a hitman roulette type of website involving different challenges for maps. Basically what I have so far is:
Master kill everyone
No stairs (thanks introvert)
No load out SASO
Axe kills only (no briefcase or guard outfit allowed), this one was inspired by CJ and the flying Santa axe
Electric sweep
Poison sweep
Finally it’s less than 3 mins SA (HARDDD)

Anyway I was wondering if you guys could help me think of a few more cool ideas which puzzle and challenge the player, like no stairs or axe only for example.


If the “no stairs” rule was in place would I be allowed to climb ledges, drainpipes, ladders etc ?


Yea that’s the point, you need to use all the agility options to scale up to the target


Sounds pretty fun, I’ll give it a go


Sounds amazing you could also try a “Floor X is lava” soo you cant step on a certain floor of the game you can see floor with the map alltho dont incluede floor 1 cause ussually its the most basic floor

or no shots fired is also intresting cause you cant use your multitool handgun anymore only for placeing it infront of guards


Name of Contract: The 5 failures of Patrick
Contract ID: 1-11-1076853-97
Platform: PC
Location: Miami
Why the contract should be featured: 1) the description and name fits the subject of contracts. 2) There are accidents . 3) It is not too easy, and not too complicated. 4) It is interesting. 5) Variety.!


Cool ideas, I will put them in


Wrong thread buddy


Name of Contract: Husband for an hour
Contract ID: 1-21-8297125-97
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgail
Description/Briefing: In on the Photo


Wrong thread again

Why are people making this mistake?


Maybe it’s not a mistake. Maybe it’s a challenge.
Though I don’t understand myself why to post the contracts everywhere if we have a dedicated threads for them