Hitman Polls Thread

In this topic, you ask your questions with a poll. I start.

Most annoying shit in the franchise?

  • Absolution’s Disguise System
  • Global running ban in H2:SA
  • “THAT IS…”
  • Clera not replacing Diana
  • The fact that I’ve committed a heresy above
  • “Guards are looking for a suspicious Fabian Fuchs”
  • IOI forgetting Father Vittorio and Victoria
  • Nuked frisking system in Hitman 2
  • Excessive handholding in WoA
  • Literally every antagonist thinking 47 is an easy prey despite his effectiveness.
  • All of the above
  • Other

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There already is one.

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It’s not specially focused to Hitman franchise tho, idk how many would go to off-topic for Hitman stuff

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I kinda wish there you could choose around three options.