Hitman Pride Parade

I know this forum is already used extensively by players all over to share their feats and discoveries in the Hitman Universe, to flaunt the incredible talents they possess and dazzle all who dare to watch.

As a man of mediocre talents myself I find fewer reasons to boast, and probably many others feel the same. Yet there is always something. Hitman games, old and new alike, offer so many individual approaches, challenges you can set for yourself, community competitions and so much more that there is bound to be a sweet memory related to one of those that makes you think: I really did something great and unique there!

I wanted to offer everyone -living legends, creators and stumbling newbies alike- a place to unashamedly be proud and show it off. This doesn’t have to be restricted to only pure gameplay things, but it does have to be Hitman related (we don’t care about your PhD Magna Cum Laude in Nanonuclear Metasciences here). So it can range from completing a mission in a certain way, making a great piece of (digital or analog) artwork, succesfully managing a Hitman dedicated fanforum, discovering an Easter Egg, successfully seducing David Bateson at a bar, getting an internship at Io-Interactive, creating a trending or featured contract, writing a piece of fan fiction, making a game based on Hitman, making a mod, winning a competition, coming up with a competition, creating a hugely popular Hitman YouTube channel, writing a wonder of an HMF post that got many hearts, won a look-a-like contest or anything else that is remotely related to 47.

In order for this topic to stand out I suggest a few guidelines:

  1. Only one submission per person!
    A difficult choice for some, no doubt, but it will result in a more balanced thread where both newbies and veterans alike will feel they have their place to shine. It will offer an insight on what the Hitman Gods felt was the most challenging/rewarding feat they achieved, the one thing that stands out from the rest, without creating an avalanche of intimidating feats that would prevent those with more modest achievements to share their moment of pride. If you really want to change the thing to boast about, you can by editing your earlier submission and removing your entry for the benefit of a more recent feat that made you even prouder.

  2. Only talk about yourself!
    Don’t submit something that somebody else did that was amazing.

  3. No modesty!
    Not even the fake kind. You’re amazing: you know it and you show it.

  4. No rain on any parade!
    No negativity here. I think this idea will work best if this is a “safe place”. Either you say something nice or you say nothing at all. If, for example, you see someone share a feat that you yourself did when you were only 5 years old and you want to rub that in their face: don’t.

  5. Be honest!
    No point in lying, making things up or sharing feats that were based on cheats. As far as I’m concerned you can still be proud about coding a cheat, or exploiting one to great effect, but be transparent about it to make sure people don’t feel tempted to break guideline number 4.

  6. Be bold and make your contribution stand out!
    Because this thread will probably also get some replies that are not necessarily submissions but rather reactions of awe and respect and declarations of undying love, I suggest a bold font for “hall of fame” submissions.

The rest of the format of your entry can be of your choosing. It can be a simple text explaining what you did or a video or a picture or anything else. It would of course be nice to have a bit of context and storytelling around what you did, but that is up to you.

If successful, this thread could become some gallery of “the best of -”, but one where everyone could unashamedly participate.

Looking forward to your contributions!


Side Characters
So, i love making lists and categories for different things, mainly lists of characters in different franchises. I have a long list of characters for Hitman 2016 and 2018, tho, it is missing some characters from 2018. Anyways, because of my love for the side characters, i ended up adding well over half of the NPCs and text currently in the Hitman 2016 and 2018 side characters pages in wikia. And i am nowhere near done. You can look for yourself. Of course the entire of the two pages are not by me, but the majority is, and im proud of it.


Pfft, who hasn’t :smirk:

Seriously though, this the the most positive thing I think I’ve seen yet on this forum and I commend you for it, sir :clap:


Stand by, “A New Life” world record is coming soon…

Joking, just need to complete it 2 seconds faster

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I remain very proud of this old post that was met with more love and appreciation than I had expected. Many of you old timers may recall this one.

To put the video into context, I had just returned from a 2 month…ummm…hiatus? It happened to fall on July 4th, Independence Day here in the U.S.


I am very proud that my D size is larger than average of all human D sizes.

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Undoubtedly. if I used to spend my time trolling on Internet forums I’m sure I would have a massive cock aswell


LMFAO @FantumX I remember this, that was a very happy day for me to see you return!

I died laughing at the Kool Aid reference (it warms my heart you still remember after all this time :heart_eyes::joy:)

But seriously bro, this was hilarious how you did this video. Pure comedy gold imo lol

You are just freaking awesome man, I hope you never leave this forum. EVER!

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I will never forget our Kool Aid connection buddy. Ever!


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Wrote about five fanfiction stories roughly six or seven years back but only have the last two here. Every now and then I still like to read them. Kind of spoiled on my own stuff in fact. Sometimes I toy with the idea to write more of them.


I created 6 Featured Contracts in HITMAN. Then for HITMAN 2 I created a contract for a speedrunning competition by Intel and IO Interactive. But most of you already know that!!