Hitman - problems with Episode 2 and disk

Hi all,

I am new here so looking forward to being part of the community! But I have a frustrating problem to solve first. I originally downloaded the HITMAN free trial from the Xbox store. Because the GOTY edition was £45, I decided to buy the complete first season on disk for £10. When I attempted to install it on the Xbox I get two issues.

  1. If I accidentally click on HITMAN as opposed to loading it from the disk, it doesn’t recognise that the disk is in the Xbox and tells me to buy all of the episodes separately? I then have to uninstall and reinstall each and every time this happens. Is there a way to solve this?!

  2. After doing this twice - Episode 2 - is now stuck in some sort of limbo. It says that it is installed, yet when I load the game through the disk, it is the ONLY episode to not be available, again telling me to purchase via Xbox Store. Even if I uninstall and reinstall it doesn’t recognise. It is the only episode to do this. Can this problem be sorted? Or have I screwed up the game?

I am finding the mix between individual episodes very tiresome and tedious!!

Try maybe cleaning the disc or waiting a day or 2 before you reinstall it, that might help.

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Thanks - I’ll give it a go. Have you had the same issue?

With a different game on my old 360