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I recently finished up hitman 3 (acheivment-wise minus the h1/h2 ones) on Xbox and have a few questions about game progression

I just bought Hitman Definitive Edition so i can play that and get the hitman 1 GOTY content required for Hitman 3 and also bought Hitman 2 Gold Edition for the content required for hitman 3

I heard about the progression transfer system which transfers over progress from Hitman 2 to 3

Would completing hitman 1 (full gamerscore) and then hitman 2 (full gamerscore) then doing a progression transfer cause the cross over acheivments to also be unlocked in hitman 3 ?

Or would it just be easier (now that i have hitman 3 finished) to just play through hitman 1 and 2 normally getting the acheivments in each game respectively and then playing the missions again in hitman 3 ?

Sorry if this is confusing

Yes. Sort of. You should know that nothing transfers directly from HITMAN 1. You can transfer progress you’ve made in the Legacy Pack within Hitman 2, but not from H1 itself. But the achievements that you’ve earned through your progress in H2 will unlock in H3 if you do the carryover.

The other big thing you should know is that the carryover process wipes out any progress you’ve made in Hitman 3. I believe you’d still have the achievements in H3, but any challenges/unlocks/mastery you’ve completed will be reset as if you’d never played H3. (Also note that the carryover process can be done only once.)

And it can be a bit confusing, so check out the Progression Carryover section here:

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As I understood from what you’ve wrote, you never have had HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 previously before.
If this is true, you better merge all three games into one within HITMAN 3 and play previous games in HITMAN 3.
Because if you never had previous games before, you have no progress in them, and you have literally nothing to transfer. If you begin now playing HITMAN 2, and then decide to transfer its progress to HITMAN 3, you’ll lose everything that you’ve achieved in HITMAN 3.
So in your situation, I would recomend you to play the whole trilogy within HITMAN 3.
This way you won’t lose anything.

Also note that progress can be transferred only from HITMAN 2, not from HITMAN 2016.


Thanks for the information I really appreciate it

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Thanks for the information and opinion , I really appreciate it

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