Hitman [PS4] Paris episode will not download

I’ve been trying all day to get it to download but it’s not in my download list. It isn’t in my anything. I restored my licences, I tried everything I’ve seen online and nothing works. I’m starting to get pissed off and feel like I get ripped off. For context I got the intro pack 2 years ago, then a few days later got the complete edition (the one that says with intro pack) and I recently redownloaded it to play but I can’t find the intro pack or the Paris episode. It’s really pissing me off because I paid for it and can’t even get it now.

If you bought the complete edition you should have access to everything?

Exactly which is why I’m confused. To clarify I originally got the intro pack (which is no longer avaible for some stupid reason) then bought the GOTY edition that says (with intro pack) in little brackets and says to buy if you already own the intro pack. But the intro pack is no longer avaible so I can download every single episode besides Paris. How do I get a mod in this thread to help me?

@Travis_IOI can you help out at all?

Does this help you at all?

No. Literally said I looked in my add ons for Hitman already. It’s because the intro pack no longer exists

Can you check your library, also check pressing Options and then going to Installed Content (I think it’s called that) and also what IS listed in your add-ons, everything besides Paris?

When you click on the get access link via in-game, what happens? And what about when you look for the individual episode via the in-game store?

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@Travis_IOI Yes I’ve tried all of that and Paris is nowhere in my add ons. Everything else but Paris is. When I click on the get access link while in game it says “there is no content. It might not be for sale yet or might no longer be for sale.”

Also already tried restoring my licences and resetting my system. It’s nowhere to be found