HiTMAN Replay Mode (Next Gen) H3

Excuse me for mentioning another game, some people will understand the connection. (It may be implemented and work well in other games, but I couldn’t think of any.)
Fortnite Replay mode is nearly flawless IMO with the possibility of camera angles.

I don’t plan on going on to much about this because it would really only obtain to a certain group. (Content Creators) . I could just imagine Urben being let loose with it. I didn’t know I needed this before until recently. Let me explain, imagine you’re launching Dawood Rangan from his tower over all of Mumbai to hit the Train that kills Vanya. Say he hits the train 1 time out of 50 attempts, that’s if you’re super lucky. Just to watch the Replay Recording and realize you’re camera angel was shit… or could’ve been So So So much better. My OCD makes me not only need to be a precise pyrotechnic, but an amazing camera man as well… I would rather be an editor than a camera man. Thoughts?


I would have zero objection to the idea and I think it would be great for very creative kinds of players.

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Sounds good to me. It’s a tick.

Yuck, fortnite…

In all seriousness it could still be good if IO implemented it

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