Hitman Roulette Competition Thread

For those who don’t know, Hitman Roulette, made by user @Kotti, gives random guidelines to playing Hitman with varying degrees of plausibility. So I thought “Why not make a weekly contract system like Target Tags and maybe some hotshot speed runner like @GuLe or @Fortheseven would come along and do it.”

I don’t know, I’m buzzed from a CNY party.


Isn’t this the same that @Kotti made?

Yes, it has to be that one… first thing that comes up when you google it anyway.

Funny, because I always see you necroing several threads so I would expect you to be the first one to know that he already made a thread for this.

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Pretty sure this thread is a competition thread based on the roulette, so it’s fine on its own imo.

I had this idea a while back but it never came into fruition.


I like the idea of using Roulette for Elusive Targets. I might try that for an upcoming one! (Not the next though… the Hokkaido suit is on the line.)

Whenever I use it I play as an elusive target would be played - that is, no restarts, one-shot, etc. Really makes the experience unique and a lot of fun :smiley:


I think we should keep this competition going, it’s a great idea. Since the OP is currently banned, and the description o the competition is pretty vague, I’ll make a few rule drafts that the OP can feel free to change when he comes back:

  1. Each Roulette lasts a week. They will always expire on a Sunday at 6:00 PM GMT.
  2. You can restart as many times as you like.
  3. Whoever gets the best score by the end of the week gets to pick the next roulette.
  4. The roulette must be from the generator, but you can spin it as many times as you like: try and get a good combo.
  5. The roulette must be possible SA.
  6. Do not use the contracts or elusive targets function for the main contract, only the main missions (not everyone can play ETs multiple times)
  7. All boxes must be ticked in the options section.
  8. Videos are optional.
  9. Nothing to win here, despite no real way to police the competition. Just a bit of fun.
  10. Playstyle restrictions are optional.

I’ll do a roulette to start now:

Mission: World of Tomorrow

Starting Location: ICA safehouse
Silvio Caruso: Explosive Device as Bohemian
Francesca De Santis: Hatchet as Biolab Security
Exit: Speedboat (Pier)

Do not throw items as distractions.
Do not climb (includes the drop down glitch on the pipe in the lab cave)


I think it’s better if you can only play once w/ no restarts or saves :stuck_out_tongue: that’s how I play when I use it and it’s much more fun imo

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I’m not sure. Maybe no saves, restarts allowed.

I’ll let OP decide when he’s back.

Agree with all. Competition starts today.

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Silverballer, done it already?

No, I’m not good enough and rage quitted hehe

Does not throwing items also cancel out dropping weapons?

Don’t think so. Otherwise it wouldn’t be doable haha

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That’s what I thought.

But throwing a breaching charge to a door for example, or a propane to blow up a wall, thats fine right? Might try this one later

I’m not sure, Kotti made the rules.

I’d say no throwing items but dropping them is fine.

@Fortheseven I think you can throw items if you don’t distract anyone with them :wink:

New rule: playstyle restrictions are optional.

Here is my take on the competition.

I wanted to do it with the optional restrictions but I had to use to one single screwdriver throw to complete it 2-3 minutes faster. Cookie points for doing them were not worth it in the end.

The rest is all dandy and SA, just the way I wanted.

Thanks for inviting me to participate, this one was fun!