Hitman Roulette


Hitman 2016 Roulette randomizes entrances, exits, kill methods, certain extra restrictions and if you enable Contracts mode, targets.


Like the Blood Money roulette, I made this mostly to learn programming and I’m still very much a scrub and out of practice so don’t expect too much.

"Bored"... Need inspiration!
Hitman Roulette Competition Thread

Nice idea thanks for sharing your work, simple but does the job :slightly_smiling_face:.


The real Hitman Roulette are the “patches” from the Devs :wink:


Nice, thanks for this!


World of Tomorrow has been added to the roulette.

I also removed “specific accidents” as things like golf ball or electrocution tend to be too specific and I was already generalizing them to things like “gravity”.


Roulette now has limited support for Contracts mode, enabling it adds 8 possible targets to Paris and 10 to Sapienza. A random amount of random targets is selected and each is assigned a random kill method. The number of targets can be anything from 1 to 5, but smaller amounts are more likely.

If my math adds up (it doesn’t), the chance of getting a result very similar to The Kotti Paradigm level 3 is about 0.000028%.


Oh man, that sounds amazing! I may actually touch Contracts mode after all.


Are kill options weighed? Or is it equally likely to get Firearm (large) and Accident?


The kill options aren’t weighed, and the different filters just add or remove things from the kill list so with everything on, Battle Axe and Melee Weapon (Large) have the same odds of showing up.


Damn, haven’t seen this before. Now the missions will be more interesting. I wont get quickly bored by the levels thanks to this :smiley:

I will go back and play Showstopper again :slight_smile:


Agreed. Gonna start using the roulette. This will be fun. :smiley:


Can you add parameters like “must be SA”? Yes I read the “about” page that says it’s up to the player, but it would be fun to be able to have a difficult parameter as an optional.


No, I think most people have made up their mind about going for SA before even seeing the objectives. It also seems useless as I also state in the about section that some parameters should be ignored if they make the challenge too hard or stupid. The whole thing is more of a suggestion than anything else.


I just thought it would spice it up if you had a parameter like “Disguise one time” etc but I guess the player can just add that rule if they like.


There is a paremeter for never changing disguises.


Reviving an old thread because I have to say, this is awesome @Kotti. Very fun to play around with.


Aw bud. Thank you for reviving, had no idea this existed. Also big thanks to @Kotti for making and sharing it :smiley:


Roulette now supports The Icon, A House Built on Sand and Club 27


I was looking forward to an update. :thumbsup:



Updated (0.31):

  • Colorado
  • Elusive Targets
  • Specific accidents
  • Much less terrible code