Hitman Roulette


Are you gonna update the link? Old one is broken :frowning:


Right, that was changed recently and will probably change back soon because why would I change it in the first place:


I’ll change it back next time I do a proper update.


Just found out about this.

Such a simple idea but it works really well :+1:


I am going to start using this to keep me interested until Japan. Finding it really hard to bring myself to play hitman right now :joy:.


0.32 - Added Situs Inversus (and fixed the url)


As Soders is a special target, he has his own specific kill list and he can not appear in the Contracts mode target list. If you think I’m missing any melee weapons or Soders kills, let me know, I’m not that familiar with SI yet.


Having a lot of fun using this for contracts mode. It really helps/challenges you to learn the maps & locations of weapons, accident opportunities etc.
I’ve not used it with contracts before now & it’s breathing new life into old maps & helping me learn the new ones more thoroughly.
It’s also specifically great for helping create contracts if you’re at a loose end.

If you’re looking to breathe some new life into the game give it a go. :slight_smile:


Version 0.33 is out and includes the option to include disguise requirements for kills and various minor changes.


Also fuck git.


@Kotti is there any chance you could fix certain combos being impossible (e.g. kill Soders by making the surgeon fail the surgery without killing/subduing non-targets)
Or is that impossible/too difficult to implement?

Edit: I forgot to mention I love Hitman Roulette. Gives me an excuse to play the game even more huehue


Avoiding impossible combinations is not much of a problem (i.e. the disguise setting makes sure there’s no suit requirement if you start undercover, except in Hokkaido) but such cases are so rare that I doubt it’s worth the effort. It’s easier to just ignore the conflicting rule if something like that comes up.



  • Added Landslide and Holiday Hoarders
  • Certain extra modifiers will no longer appear if kills require specific disguises
  • Fixed inconsistencies in starting location names


I realize my feedback form is amazing in the sense that there’s no way for me to respond to the feedback but recently someone suggested options to set the Contracts targets more specifically. Noted, but no promises.


@Kotti I just discovered about Roulette now and I absolutely love it :wink:
I’m gonna use it on ET #20
PS: I’m gonna be doing a lot of roulette on my channel :wink:


Hi @Kotti
I’ve been using your roulette again recently to mix up my kills & routes & also decided to bring the items (mix tape etc) I use the least for missions to mix it up a little more & improvise as I go.

It got me thinking if a random loadout selection in the roulette would add anything or indeed work.
Granted your load out is somewhat determined by the kill methods you get, especially the weapons but obviously this would be another optional condition to be turned on or off.
I think it could mix up your routes a bit based on the load out you get.
Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Reviving this thread. IOI really should integrate this into the game.

IOI please do this.


To get Hitman 2 on the roulette as quickly as possible, I need some help. Technically, adding new missions is trivial but before that can be done, a lot of data is needed for each one. The most important things that are needed are lists of lethal melee weapons, disguises and exits. Going through every corner of the map to confirm whether it contains a Cleaver or not is time consuming, and at least I don’t usually remember most items like that when playing normally.

If you want to help, please add whatever things you know are in the maps to the googledoc below. The doc doesn’t require any special permissions to be edited. There’s currently very little data on most maps, but Miami at least has enough to work as an example on how the doc should be filled.

Thank you.

Roulette datasheet


Gotta typo, mate.