Hitman’s Duck Hunt 🦆



Game Rules

Can You Find The Hidden Duckie?

Select any map in the WOA Trilogy. Choose up to ( 3 ) of the ( 10 ) ducks below (The Ducks) from your inventory and hide them somewhere on the map. Take a screenshot and upload it in this thread for people to find. Do not say which types of ducks you have hidden!! The person who guesses MUST show the hiding spots & what types of ducks it was… (If possible) When guessed the hiding spots correctly, that person creates a new game / “duck hunt.”

(Players can “set up” a scene however they wish. Place objects randomly in an attempt to throw off the “hunters” or pile up some bodies, OR you can just leave the map “as is” and simply hide your duck or duck(s) The choice is yours!)

Tip: In game Camera is a great tool for this game! You may also edit the photo (in game only) too if you wish!

“Good hunting, 47!”

(Photo by r/HiTMAN on Reddit.)

The Ducks


Remember, you may hide up to ( 3 ) Ducks in a single screenshot. Just be sure to confirm with everybody how many ducks you have hidden (1, 2, or 3) when you make your post.

:warning: be careful when placing Proximity ducks :warning:

quack-quack :boom:


Agent 47:

“You can run — but you can’t hide!”


Here is the first one to get the game going.

Can You Find The Rubber Duck?

:airplane: Location: Mendoza, Argentina.
Ducks Hidden: :duck:

(Please reveal what type of duck it is once you have spotted it.)

Hidden Duck Was:


I’m pretty sure it’s the Devil Duck.

I can’t confirm that as of now. Can you spot the duck?

The duck was on the left-hand side standing on the concrete.

Here it goes:


Is this it? Looks like the red duck?

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Nope, that’s not it.


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Yeah @bgyorok got it already :laughing: we’re on his now (Picture above) I guessed, but was wrong. Take a shot on his photo @Swangtheugly

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Do you want people to take it in turns (ie create one once they’ve found the previous one?). I like the idea of this!

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Is it here? Looks to be a good old yellow duck if so!

Now that I think about it, this one is pretty hard.
It’s a lot more visible than what you speculated as a yellow duck.

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Hmm, ok. I think it is a red ducky sitting by this poor fellows head then?


That’s the one! Now it’s your turn.


Yes I agree on that as well. Let’s do that. Way to go @Crewdy on finding @bgyorok duck, that one had me scratching my head lol your turn!

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Yeah, @Crewdy I’m having an extremely hard time with this one. Picture too blurry. Would you possibly consider maybe uploading a different “scene?” I mean I don’t mind having the game a bit difficult, but if it’s to a point where it blurs the Duck too much… ya know what I’m saying? Just a suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah no worries, it’s a shame the image is being compressed down so much :frowning: I’ve put a new one below. This one should be a lot easier!


Is it there?


Yes indeedy! You found my favourite proximity duck - I call him Reginald :slight_smile:



Oh nice :heart_eyes:

Okay, here is mine: