Hitman: Sabotage (Indie project)

Alright, it’s finally time to make a thread for a project I’ve been planning for over a year, because today I started the actual developing! :grinning: In this thread I will tell about the game’s progress without revealing too much about the actual missions in advance. The game will contain six story missions, one tutorial mission and one bonus mission. It doesn’t sound like much but there will be a lot to do and it will still take a moderately long time to get them ready. I’m working on this alone so I’ll have a lot to take into account. :wink:


The artstyle in this project is pixel art and the perspective is 2.5D.

I can’t say anything about the game’s music yet but it won’t be anything special, I might compose some music myself or find another person to do that, but this is still unclear. (Or maybe I’ll hire Jesper Kyd for that lmao)

Let’s make it clear immediately and disappoint some people: you can’t use Silverballers, fiber wire or any other portable weapons to kill your targets. You also start with simply nothing. You also can’t knock anyone out to steal their clothes.
The main point is in puzzles: from infiltrating to assassinating your targets. You can infiltrate restricted areas in several ways and there are multiple unique ways for eliminating each target, most of which are “accident kills”. These killing opportunities are mostly considerably more complicated as what we’ve seen in HITMAN, so figuring them out can be time-consuming considering each mission has at least two targets. You want to make your target commit suicide? Then you better start thinking and observing. There’s of course useful information everywhere; use it for your advantage.
There is no “bad” way to play: you can’t get killed or fail the mission (although you might be accidentally ruin all your opportunities to kill your targets). You also need proper disguises to move around in different places so going Suit Only is not an option.
Each mission (except the tutorial) has 6 different disguises, 3 of which are unique and 3 of which can be obtained in two ways. Every disguise is unique in their own way; there’s at least one special thing you can do with each of them.
Each mission also has 16 different items and none of those can be found in several places.
The challenge system is just like in HITMAN; there are assassinations, discoveries, feats and target challenges (as useless as the latest are lol).
You can exfiltrate every mission in 4 different ways.


Tutorial Mission: Brisbane, Australia
Naramore household
Eliminate Milo Naramore

Mission 1: Miami, Florida
Villa Bloom
Eliminate Herbert Wegener
Eliminate Kurtis Lockhart

Mission 2: Dundee, Scotland
Strongford Center (prison)
Dylan’s Diner (restaurant, mercenaries’ base)
Eliminate Aaron Scarce
Eliminate Costas Hayden
Eliminate Miranda Karliner

Mission 3: Shanghai, China
Kaben Plaza (spa, offices, construction site)
Eliminate Jay Beck
Eliminate Elijah Kahn
Get the files from the safe
(Optional) Eliminate Chen Huang

Mission 4: Omsk, Russia
Eliminate Magnus McQuien
Eliminate Dmitry Tvardovsky

Mission 5: Veracruz, Mexico
Eliminate Oliver Montreal
Eliminate Reika Fujizawa

Mission 6: Hailuoto, Finland
Eliminate Pauli Laine
Eliminate Alexandra Josan
Eliminate Jacob Malmstedt
(Optional) Eliminate David Benski
(Optional) Eliminate Marko Tanner

Bonus Mission: Copenhagen, Denmark
Eliminate Byron Crane
Eliminate Lucas Vandegaard

The Karateka - Milo Naramore (37, Australian)
The Consigliere - Herbert Wegener (60, American)
The Archer - Kurtis Lockhart (33, American)
The Godfather - Aaron Scarce (71, American)
The Trainer - Costas Hayden (28, British)
The Ace - Miranda Karliner (30, British)
The Host - Jay Beck (39, Australian)
The Constructor - Elijah Kahn (42, Canadian)
The Highbrow - Magnus McQuien (49, British)
The Colonel - Dmitry Tvardovsky (54, Russian)
The Chemist - Oliver Montreal (55, Mexican)
The Guinea Pig - Reika Fujizawa (27, Japanese)
The Administrator - Pauli Laine (45, Finnish)
The Recruiter - Alexandra Josan (26, Moldovan)
The Propagandist - Jacob Malmstedt (34, Swedish)
The Jeweller - Byron Crane (52, American)
The Auctioneer - Lucas Vandegaard (41, Danish)

That’s pretty much everything I can tell so far. I just started the actual developing, I have just planned everything ready and drawn faces for dialogue and monologue scenes until today (I have also drawn 9 people from this forum, I can post those if you want to but I can’t tell you much more. :wink:)

Please start following this thread if you’re interested and tell your opinion, I can also answer questions if there’s something unclear, I might have forgotten to write about something important.


JK, looks cool.


Nice to know you went through with it! So far so good. Just one question, the nine people from the forum you drawed are targets as well or just NPCs?


This is so cool! :open_hands:
I’ll definitely support this in any way possible!

Which platforms do you expect to release it on when it’s all done?

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They’re all just random NPC:s, you can see all the targets in the op (even though I might make three more missions after these but I haven’t planned them at all). :smiley: I can post the pics later when I go to my laptop.

Currently I’m only able to make this for PC (and Android but I most probably won’t do that lol). This will be of course free to play, I wouldn’t sell a game based on an existing franchise and the game would be kinda small for that anyway (and thus I won’t be putting this in Steam either). :smile:


JESUS CHRIST, YOUR ARTSTYLE IS AMAZING! I cannot wait to see more news from you!


Thank you! Comments like this are a great source of motivation. :hugs:

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Dude this looks really brilliant! Maybe it’ll do something to help my hitman urge until S2…

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Haha most probably S2 is announced before I even get the first mission out. But thanks!

Ok, here are the ppl from this forum I have drawn. Y’all can guess who they are so it helps me to know which ones I nailed the best.


1 - @Badeaguard (maybe?)
3 - @Nazareth
4 - @Quinn
6 - @YourGudBudNel
7 - @ampburner
9 - @DapperDan

Others look familiar but I can’t remember

I think 2 is @MrOchoa


Hey that’s pretty good

Well done, you got 8/9. :smiley:

lmao thanks


Groovy stuff dude!
I love pixel art like this!


This looks really cool, can’t wait to play it!

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Thats awesome work man! i love pixelart :slight_smile:

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Number 5 is @Mads47 i think


Thanks y’all :smiley: Also you’re correct, it’s Mads! Good thing everyone of them is recognizable.


i give you the permission to use my Face in your Game, if you want to do so - i would be honored, infact.


Wow, that’s some nice work! Wish you luck with the project. :+1: