Hitman Sandbox mode

it would be really cool if there was a possible do some sandbox mode/creating a your story map/mission, and upload as contract, also some map editing

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I adore games that offer map editing, especially like FarCry and Halo’s ‘Forge’ mode. But if HITMAN were to try it, the whole game would have to be revamped and I guarantee it would take like 5 years minimum to develop (complete guess based on xp). Point being their current team and their budget is nowhere ready for that kind of project.

BUT when it comes to potential SANDBOX game varients for Hitman, I have had an idea for awhile now: the escalations & side DLC have been taking alot of heat for being too plane/simple or just Rehashed content (including events, maps & unlocks) from S1. Also I’ve never cared much for the game’s current tutorials… So, what if the tutorials get reworked entirely as sandbox(es) which the escalations and past challeges/events get added to the sandbox, which whenever new content is NOT available, players can join the sandbox without objectives, allowing to test and play with new tactics and such.

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Hitman itself is already a sandbox.
That’s pretty much it

Its not. It’s maps are based on the concept of a Sandbox but it’s still linear in its way. A HITMAN Sandbox as suggested here would be access to each map without requiring an objective (idk how else to word it, I know it’s technically not a “linear” game but it does have its own linear mission scripts… Lol idk how to word it)