Hitman Season 1 Bonus Missions

Ok, I’ve tried googling and I can’t seem to get a definitive answer so trying here. Hopefully @TravisIOI may be able to help. Long story short:
I have a PS4. Bought a used copy of the complete first season. Played through, then went to PS store and uograded to GOTY edition. Description says it comes with Bonus missions. I’ve downloaded them, and also downloaded the Legacy pack. But when I try to play the bonus missions (Landslide et al), it says content is not installed. I’ve installed them several times and can’t get it to work. Am I missing something?

Where are you trying to access the bonus missions, in Hitman 2016 or in Legacy?

If Legacy then are you sure that this is installed?

The picture you posted is exactly what I see on my screen. It shows the bonus missions and says installed. But when I try to play them, it says I don’t have the downloadable content installed. Very confused…

If you have a digital purchased Hirman 2 and the Free Starter Pack installed then make sure you’re not launching the free starter pack which only comes with ICA Facility & Hawke’s Bay unless you redeemed Legacy through Free Starter Pack.

Are the bonus missions the only content you can’t access?

I haven’t purchased Hitman 2 at all in any version and never installed the free starter pack. Bonus missions seem to be all I can’t access.

Bumping this up. Can anyone help? I’ve bought the GOTY edition for the complete first season, it shows in my notifications that the bonus missions are installed, but when I try to play it says I don’t have the required content…

@Travis_IOI can you help? I’m at a loss.

Log out and back on your PS account. Reboot your system.

Seeing as you purchased a pre-owned copy, it’s likely that you didn’t get a code for the Bonus Episode. Check the box in case you got lucky.

If not, then it will depend on whether you bought the GOTY Edition (Bonus Episode included) or GOTY Upgrade (Bonus Episode not included).

Please detail what you’ve bought and it’ll be a bit easier to help. Please also try to restore your licenses through the PS4.