HItman Season 1 ( Season 2)


So i installed Hitman 2, got the redeem pack and im able to play season 1 and the mission ‘‘nightcall’’ so, why can’t i play the other missions from season 2 then? ( when I try to play the other mission it’s just that I should get acess for them first)


Are they there in the game and not greyed out or anything? it does warn you that you should play the missions in order but you can skip this message ?


no they are greyed out


Hate to ask this question, but did you purchase Hitman 2? Some of IOI’s marketing has been a little confusing, but just because you purchased Hitman 2016 which gives you the legacy pack for Hitman 2 for free, this doesn’t mean you get the rest of Hitman 2 for free.

Hope you don’t take my comment the wrong way, because IOI has been a bit confusing on this issue.


yes, i bought both games


Ok, I’d honestly contact IOI support at this point. Sounds like something went wrong in the process. Really strange that this is happening to you, and I can only imagine how frustrating it must be.


What version and what platform?


windows 7 64 bit and pc if you mean that


One thought I had is that like Hitman 2016, each map is an individual download. Perhaps only the base game was downloaded but the new maps haven’t been downloaded yet?


where can i contact the IOI supp ?


almost true, the first mission in season 2 is downloaded


Did you purchase through steam? if so have you checked all individual locations have been downloaded?


i downloaded everything i could


That’s Hawke’s Bay/Nightcall, can you see if Miami was downloaded?


miami dont appears in my steam library so no


Can you try and kick off that download? Each map needs to be downloaded individually.


You do like this: @Travis_IOI
It works just like the bat signal.


alright let me explain it like that: i go into hitman 2 click on ‘‘the finish line’’ where i says get acess > go to steam store and there is just the location where i can buy the expansions pass


Sorry mate, at this point I’d ping Travis (see Franz’s note above).


Which version of the game did you buy?