Hitman Season 1 Steel book edition can't access missions


I’m sure you all have heard this before but I’m fairly new to the hitman series so bear with me. I have the disc of season 1 for x box one s and had a lot of fun with it for a couple of months then I put it away for awhile. When I decided to dig it out again I saw that all the missions were locked and now I’m being redirected to buy goty edition! Help me out guys, what’s going on here?!



Sorry nobody helped with this. I’m not too good with this. You might want to try the big report thread or @ Travis IO or someone with more knowledge of these problems

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Try this:

The content should be there for you to download it.
I lost access to my maps when there was an update, just had to re-download the maps.

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Thx bro I appreciate it

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I hope what @Wesker posted works out for you