‘Hitman’ Series In Works At Hulu From ‘John Wick’ Creator Derek Kolstad


Sounds promising, and probably good for the future of the series/IOI. Did we know that “two more Hitman games” are in development??


Sounds interesting. The John Wick movies are very good.


Now this sounds promising, hope the don’t go the all guns blazing and helicopter blowing action.


Oh hell Nooo… as if what they did earlier wasn’t enough to ruin it.


I didn’t like John Wick at all.
It was very cliche,generic action movie


Yes this was confirmed long Time ago that there Will Be 3 seasons


Interesting… We’ll see how this goes.


YES! The John Wick creator sounds perfect to me! Eye to details,good action scenes,intriguing atmosphere…if he listens to us fans with the cast choices and how to make 47…it could lead somewhere neat. I just hope that the prevalent action we see is like in the beginning of the scene at the circus club in John Wick 1. People not seeing 47 coming and dying bit by bit.


I dont know how thats even possible at this point. at the speed they’re going season 3 wont come out till 2020 so theres virtually no way to use the same engine accross the three seasons imp


Wow :open_mouth:

Games, apps, books, comics, movies, figures, clothes, gadgets and now TV series?

Hitman universe is growing more and more!


Lol dont Ask me


Interesting news. Guarded optimism though, for sure. Bummed it’s on Hulu as I only do Netflix. May have to pay for a month, binge watch, then cancel (if it’s any good).


Ugh, i don’t know, a series would be a more fitting platform for Hitman than a whole feature. I just have doubts about the whole thing.


I didn’t think I could be interested in Hitman media outside the games, but this really ticks all the boxes for me. I’m looking forward to this.


If Kolstad can pull it off then great. If not then I’ll still be waiting for John Wick 3. Wish him luck because others have tried and failed.


I feel like the series is going to have too much action like John Wick. Though some people like that, 47 is more based on stealth and such. I’m worried about this.


Sounds more like absolution part 2.


I’m hopeful. I always thought the tone and style of Hitman would work so much better as a TV series centred around the ICA rather than movies about 47. But I guess we’ll see where this goes.


John Wick had some stealth segments that reminded me of 47 at times. Of all people?I for one think this guy could do us some good. I say give the man a chance. Then if it disappoints us,fine,if not,we have a treat for us. Just hope we don’t have ASIAN Diana or a 47 that looks like he has a football ball for an head or a plot that is too…Absolution-y. All those plot holes would kill the show in 4/5 episodes. I’m glad this series is being made though,gives IO some money and gives their game spotlight,plus John Wick 1 and 2 were damn good. It’s all about finessing the atmosphere and making sure that it isn’t too guns blazing as much as it is planning and methodical executing.


They have butchered the hitman series already.
Now they will just replace john wick’s dog with 47s bunny and start a shit ass action packed gunblazing cliche bullcrap with Hitman’s tag on it.
Fk this shit.