‘Hitman’ Series In Works At Hulu From ‘John Wick’ Creator Derek Kolstad


Who are “they”?

How do you know this?

Its the optimism of this forum that I so love and enjoy.


“They” include:

  • Current story writing team for HITMAN 2016
  • Directors and writers of both previous movies
  • Writer of damnation novel
  • Writer and artist for the new hitman comic.

Based on past experiences of people putting hope and expecting something else besides the obvious.

Enjoy some more.


Googles “Derek Kolstad”

Credits don’t include any of the above mentioned titles

Ok, now what?


I remember posting an article 2-3 years ago saying Hitman had much better potential as a TV Series.

My one worry would be the significant budget it would take to accurately portray the globetrotting 47 does and numerous actors/actresses needed for targets.

I wonder what tone they will go with? The darker tone Contracts or the more glamorous HITMAN?

I’m interested though, they could perform some serious fan pleasing Easter eggs.


I wouldn’t mind SOME action scenes as long as most of it has a more stealthy tone and stays true to the game. This is overall promising.


I thought it was a hoax at first…apparently not.


I’m betting the final product is going to be similar to the movies, an action/spy thriller.

I once pitched on a forum what I thought a Hitman series should be: an assassination procedural, something that’s more like the actual inspiration, more methodical about planning hits. What I came up with is Hitman: Contracts, serialized movies of 1h30-1h45 where each movie is a single hit. Think of it as some kind of mix between Midsomer Murders, Columbo and heist movies. You obviously always know the killer, but you don’t know how he’s going to pull it off this week. Each movie “episode” would go something like this:

0:00-0:01 - Very short flashes of 47’s mysterious past, hazy memory-style

0:01-0:10 - Humorous intro of Agent 47 on a regular day showing how poorly adapted he is to normal life with him being a super straight man (47 at the grocery store! At a fast-food joint, etc…)

0:10-0:30 - 47 gets a call from Diana explaining his next contract. This is a short vignette of the target’s life as narrated by Diana with her sexy British voice. This shows how much of a scumbag each target is, because it’s hard to relate with a cold-blooded killer unless there’s a good reason for him to do what he does.

0:30-0:45 - 47 is casing the joint! This is the time to go wild with set pieces, like most whodunnits and crime shows: the ambassador’s ball, a carnival, an ancient castle, a reality TV show set (you can also rip the inspirations straight from the games). 47 dons a few costumes, gets a menial job for info, finds opportunities, etc.

0:45-1:20 - 47 executes the plan. To make things more interesting, at least a few things have to go wrong. That’s where you get to see him improvise despite things going wrong.

1:20-1:30 - Hmm… maybe a short “after the fact” outro where the cops are unable to identify the culprit and the crucial details of the plan are revealed to the audience.

What do you guys think of the idea?


not a single person you listed is even remotely related to this project.


I think he means that “They” could have some sort of influence on the TV series, considering how those products went, which would more or less end up as another “quality” product. The current story team for HITMAN more than say the writers for Damnation of the comics.

But hey, interpretation can go a long way.


Sounds good. But it’s probably going to keep the same spy thriller atmosphere as the game, hope that isn’t the case tho.


What i meant to say was not THIS series. But Hitman series as a whole, people from outside have butchered it, including the people i listed and also so will this guy since he hails from those same mindless action packed bullcrap.
@Quinn @BernardoOne @AlyMar1994


I wouldnt call one of the best action movies ever made “mindless bullcrap”, but sure.


john wick has a killer atmosphere, so at least it will look amazing… the story of 47, the ICA and contracts, should provide enough spy/espionage dialog for the show… but it’s gonna all hinge on how they use 47 for contracts, because to date, no one in hollywood has properly used him like we know him… he has been reduced to just another action movie star… he needs to be used as a true hitman, one where people don’t even know he exists until its too late…

he’s the worlds most dangerous hitman, not james bond…


What is john wick?
a guns blazing and ass kicking assassin and yes, that has its place
but that is not 47.


despite what you think, people can work on more than one kind of thing. Directors literally do this all the time.


They said the same to me when i was shitting on the comic writers and artists.
and looked what it turned out… as expected.
Same with the second movie.


If they focus on the ICA and the world of assassination I think this could be really cool. Focusing on 47 can work well, like Silent Assassin, or can go wrong, like Absolution. If they find a nice balance and the script is written by someone who understands the melancholy of 47’s character and what makes him interesting, then this could be pretty cool. If it ends up being bad, I won’t be angry because it’s not going to affect canon.

What I do find odd is that there’s almost too many different iterations of 47 coming out at the same time? I think it will leave new fans very confused. For example, when you Google the Hitman comic, you mostly get the Agent 47 comic that was created as a prequel to the Agent 47 movie. So already there is confusion over which comic is which, and if they link together. Particularly as the new comics are linked to the games. Now a TV series is coming out, which I gather is not linked to the games, comics, previous comics or movies. I think it’s getting harder for people to grasp who 47 is and what Hitman is with so many different versions.


While the ball has been drop more than once when bringing Hitman to the movies, books and comics, this is the first time it’s being brought on as a TV series so maybe it’ll work out better there. Though I completely understand your lack of faith.


Always check the imdb of creatives to get a better idea of what they do

Yes… probably will be Absolution 2


I still am keeping my hopes high. I am really curious though,how would you guys like them to handle 47?Cause I think he shouldn’t be the only protagonist. I think that they should give a main role to Diana as well. In the games she saves the ICA’s ass countlss times and have her not accomplishing anything in the show is treating her character poorly. I could also see a big part of the episodes revolving around the targets and their lives. More than excited actually I wonder what approach they’ll choose for 47s behaviour. Will they go for the boring and unfitting action hero?Will they be completely loyal to the source material and make 47 cold and detached?
I could see 47 having some character developing with inner monologues like the ones in Dexter from season 1,him questioning peoples reactions and all of that good stuff,minus the unfitting vigilantism. Or he could be like Anton Chigurh,which kinda does fit him,a completely detached and cryptical hired gun that doesn’t speak much and behaves in an intimidating way,keeping the viewer intrigued by his coldness.
What do you think?I mean,it’s fun to speculate!

I just hope they don’t take a DUMP on us with the cast. Because trust me,as soon as the cast is made we’ll get an idea of how they intend to go about this show. And if I see blond 47,asian Diana or,god help THEM,americanized Ort-Meyer…oh boy am I gonna be salty. SALT MINES LEVEL OF SALT.