‘Hitman’ Series In Works At Hulu From ‘John Wick’ Creator Derek Kolstad


Oh this is so wrong. It’s gonna be a guns fest.


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin actually has a similar story to John Wick.

Retired killer is forced back into the world of assassination after someone close to him is attacked.

Could be good. I think a TV series would serve the world of Hitman better than a 2 hour film.


Yeah that’s why I think it should be a TV show about the ICA really.

He was only really like that in Blood Money, but it seems to be everyone’s go to. I think his character could be explored well, but the writers would have to know the character well already.


I absolutely adore John Wick and the way it is directed. I always thought that JW director would do great as a Hitman director. First movie is basically a combination of 47, Max Payne and Hotline Miami. Second has even more Hitman in it with some awesome locations in it including Italian mansion with ancient ruins and shotguns.

If you watch closely, JW has some good stealth sequences that end in gunfights only to give viewers the satisfaction of seeing glorious action.

My biggest doubts are about the fact that Kolstadt will only direct the pilot, not the whole season/series.


This gives hope. For once I’m hyped for something “canon” and it looks like IOI is investing in every possible direction to make 47 more “famous”.
Only concern remaining is if this direction can actually find some one really bald and not just shaved with an electric razor. And maybe this will call for some shared universe with John Wick and Atomic Blonde




I’m psyched. There’s no way it could possibly be worse than the last Hitman movie.

Edit: Also, 47th comment!


I hope for a blanced combination of stealth and action, perhaps more towards stealth.


This could really go either way. On one hand, Kolstad has proven that he CAN write very good meticulously-planned (even stealthy) segments into his material. If he concentrates mostly on that and on the mystery and intrigue of the ICA (sort of like he did with the assassin hotel weirdness), then it could definitely work, like eefaa said.

On the other hand, it’s Fox. Fox doesn’t have a great track record for making really awesome shows that stay on air for a long time. This may not even get past Season one, like Firefly. We’ll see…


As long as I get to see someone crushed by a moose sculpture, I’m happy


Kinda wish it was Netflix and not Fox. Netflix would make me feel a bit safer. Only time will tell really!


I think the only thing really missing in your idea is some sort of “connection” that links all the movies together through which we can close the story


I don’t really fear that this TV-Show will be a non stop mind numbingly action slug fest like the newest movie, TV and movies have changed in the past decade or more traded places. The general Bluckbuster today is a dumb action movie like the Fast and Furious franchise and Transformers, dramas, thrillers/action-thrillers don’t do very well into days crowd. Just take a look at Bladerunner 2049. Where TV-shows also have changed and become the place where you see great dramas, thrillers and also smarter action.

I think it’s reasonable to believe that the Hitman tv-show will try and jump on the bandwagon and give us a much more Action- thriller horro’ish tv-show. Then a full blown action extravaganza that we have become use to. That said just because they might go a more “thoughtful” rout, doesn’t mean it won’t be rubbish.

But my predictions is not an Absolution 2 type of show, but rather a thriller-action show.


I would like to see Hitman animated series or cgi movies.
The most important thing is they must be canon.


If done right this could be very good. I’m always cautious these days when games break off into movies/tv series as they have a track record of not being very good.


I think he has always been cold and detached. Especially the latter. The way he breaks his creators neck in such a violent fashion,his reaction to Lei Ling’s kiss (he legitimately didn’t know what to do as he never felt love),his speech at the end of Contracts.Mind you,cold doesn’t mean ruthless,Blood Money’s 47 was absolutely the most ruthless. It means he is litterally chillingly calm and emotionless. I mean,in Contracts he finds out that an innocent girl has been litterally chopped to pieces and he is completely uneffected! Room full of tear gas?No problem! Murdering dozens of brothers of mine with a minigun?Sure ok. He shows emotions only to very few people such as Diana(over the course of the games she kinda grows on him I feel,especially after she saved everyone’s asses in Blood Money. I think that Absolution,for how bad a plot it had in some parts,in others was right. Like how to handle 47 and Diana. I mean,47 in BM doesn’t give two shits about her. What. So. Ever. But after she saves everyone instead of just throwing him in the grinding machine I feel he actually starts caring for her as well,which explains why he couldn’t pull the trigger) Padre Vittorio,a Bunny and Victoria. You can just tell that he doesn’t understand a lot about people and emotions.
I don’t mean that he is completely plain though. He has an inner self I believe but it’s buried in all of the murdering he does. I hope the show explores completely 47’s character cause he is more than your average thug of course. He is complicated.
(Sorry for the wall of text but I love talking about the lore so much I just get lost sometimes ahah)


They should definitely do this, otherwise they’d probably shoehorn in a random lead female, or god-forbid, a love interest.


Yes but that’s exactly what I mean. He is often portrayed as confused, isolated, bitter or melancholic rather than cold. I think Bateson has such a fantastic understanding of the character and what makes him tick.

He talks about 47’s humanity in a lot of interviews, this one with White for example: https://thingsfromwhitesmind.wordpress.com/2017/05/10/hunter-and-hunted-an-interview-with-david-bateson/

Bateson: “It’s clear Agent 47 has a very purely defined moral code. He is programmed to fulfil a contract. That contract involves the taking of life. There is no doubt or repentance of what he does. It is as if he is either autistic or psychotic in that he is completely detached from his feelings. And yet…. he is not. It would be utterly boring and uninteresting to play him 100% like that. There is something in the cocktail of his genetic make-up that lingers. He is a human, after all.

“Agent 47 may never find the answers as to who he is and what makes him the way he is. But it’s the subconscious search that makes the journey interesting. There is nothing new here. It’s life. But part of the appeal of the character of Agent 47 is that just ever so slightly, we are haunted by him."

None of that suggests being cold and detached to me. His relationship with Ort-Meyer was a complex one at best, and the neck snap was a personal death. His reaction to Lei Ling was a great way to show his utter confusion and/or repulsion to sex – he didn’t just stand there, unaffected, we see him visibly shudder. Then when he remembers it in Contracts, he is visibly confused.

We see that a lot of 47’s detachment in C47 comes from a complete lack of understanding. Then when he does gain understanding of who he is and what he is, he retires and goes to live with a priest for two years! That is not something a cold, emotionless robot would do. That’s why I never understand when people say that.

He develops a connection with Vittorio and his sole reason for picking up his guns again is to save his life.

By Blood Money, we see him bitter and angry by his isolation. We get the famous line “names are for friends, so I don’t need one” – well of course, after Silent Assassin he knows he can’t have any friends, he can’t have a chance at doing anything else in life other than what he was designed to do. He is utterly ruthless in Blood Money and also reckless, he lacks all sense of self-preservation. That explains his utterly hopeless and melancholic speech at the end of Contracts too, which takes place in the Blood Money timeline.

Then by Absolution, he has begun to warm to people again. He cares about Diana again, and sees his own plight in Victoria. That story was terribly executed, but 47’s own motivations made sense in the context of other games, especially in light of his thoughts on redemption in Silent Assassin and his feelings of being trapped by his life.

In H6, we haven’t seen much character development at all because the story has not focused on 47 yet. It’s obvious 47 doesn’t care about his targets (“a contract is a contract”/“I can do anything I’m paid to do”) but that doesn’t mean he is cold or emotionless or he would be a boring character.


A Hitman TV Series from John Wick Creator?
He did a great job with John Wick movies and i was hopping for a Hitman movie by him! and now it’s happening!
Oh my god! please let this one be good! :pray:


Interesting interview! Says a lot about how passionate of a guy Bateson truly is.
Yes I agree,seeing a complete robot would be boring. I hope we get to see the true 47 and not a generic action movie guy. I completely agree with how you see Absolution,it’s essentially my own way of seeing it too. 47 didn’t want Victoria to be like him because he knows what that life does to yourself and to the ones around you (lesson he learns in SA) and he cares about Diana (which,to me is something that starts after Blood Money in particular as I said) and so he takes the “job”.
I do agree too on his lack of understanding of the common world or of the common people,I always like to compare it to Dexter Morgan. 47 and Dexter Morgan are very similiar. They don’t know who they are,they both feel trapped(47 is trapped because the only thing he is good at is the thing he wants to avoid,Dexter is trapped by his desire to kill),they both are cold(47 doesn’t hide it,Dexter does though)but all of that is due to a lack of understanding of the common world,plus they both were thought on how to be killers. I think we can actually expect the two shows to be similiar in some regards.
47 is a difficult character to nail down,but it’s always a pleasure to talk about the lore with someone else! What do you think about 47 only caring about Diana after BM?Do you agree with me or nah?