‘Hitman’ Series In Works At Hulu From ‘John Wick’ Creator Derek Kolstad


Oh god not the love interest. Hitman:Damnation almost gave me an hearth attack with that B-B-B-Buuuullshit!


Don’t have much hope, didn’t like the movies, didn’t like the novels (enemy within was ok), didn’t like the comic.
I like John Wick so maybe i will be surprised.


Sorry if I sound stupid but has there been shows on hulu that went to dvd?. If it is any good I would love to put it in my collection. I’m not familiar with hulu at all…


For people who don’t think it can work, I invite you to watch the preparation and rome infiltration scene of John Wick Chapter 2. Those would fit right in on a Hitman game.


This is going to be bullshit, i’m to 95% sure.


It’s not like the Hitman series is the most deep and unique universe either. I like John Wick for what it is; same with Hitman.


Would love to see it work, but like others have said, based on all past interpretations of the franchise outside of the games, I’m not holding out much hope. To date, the films, books and comic have all been crap.

I’d also hate to see any kind of romance/love interest for 47, but you already know there’s a 99.9% chance that over the course of 20+ episodes it’s gonna happen… bottom line for anything like this is making money, not making the fans happy and TV execs always need to have a romance (in their mindset) to pull in the female audience.

Matter of fact, has there ever been a TV show that doesn’t have a love interest/romance for the main characters??? I can’t think of any off the top of my head.


That’s exactly what it was supposed to be, and it succeeded in every aspect.

It looked great, fight scenes were thrilling, none of the shaky cam or anything like that, what you saw was what you got.

Not every movie needs to be The Shawshank Redemption or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, you know.

There are movies just for entertainment, and John Wick provided loads of it, it’s just an action flick, and a great one at that.

Besides, John Wick always kinda reminded me of two things : Hotline Miami and Hitman. I know that Hitman is about stealth and all that but… honestly, I don’t think it would work for neither a movie or a TV series. It needs some action, something closer to Absolution than to Silent Assassin would definitely work and I don’t think it would be a disgrace to the series.

Also, I recommend Johnny Sins for the role of 47.


I don’t know why people blame the director, as if he’d make the choice of what kind of TV-series it will be - It’s the higher-ups who want it to be in a certain setting, cause they’re funding it. And John Wick -style action-packed love story is probably what they think people want.

Aaand for that reason, I don’t have much hopes for this. I’m still glad that they’re doing it though - Hitman needs all the publicity possible.


Hulu Well that’s me out, I’m not getting another subscription.


Wait for the series to be completely released, get your ‘free month trial,’ binge the entire show, cancel. =P


Yeah I think that’s a fair assumption. They were always close, though I think requiem in BM was 47’s wake-up call in a way, and his reasoning in Absolution for not wanting to kill her. H6 kind of throws that theory out by having 47 and Diana so immediately chummy from the Prologue, but from C47 to Absolution I think we see him gradually come to appreciate her as there are small hints of that in SA and Contracts, with a sharp drop off in BM when he’s going through his emo phase lol

This is why I always thought they missed the mark trying to make Hitman into an action movie when it would work so much better as a crime thriller or something like that.


Ozark kinda?I mean he has a wife but he hates her guts so


The only way this has a chance of working is if they at least use a premise where 47 is sent after people considered un-killable.

That way the episodes progress with the audience wondering how 47 can pull it off…

It has to be the Anti-Sherlock (we are following the killer’s pov).


You only need to watch an old James Bond movie to learn that stealth can be entertaining and tense in a film.

I think they should cast Dino Bosco for Agent 47. And if he’s unavailable for any reason, then Dave Bateson would be a good runner-up.


I’ve always argued that a movie or TV show shouldn’t be about 47, but the people around him. Like Diana. What it’s like to work with someone like that. How intense and mysterious and dangerous he is. Never knowing what he’s thinking.

The reason a character like 47 works in a video game is largely because of player interaction. When we’re given control of the protagonist, it’s hard not to grow attached to him. Especially if he’s an absolute kick-ass assassin (which by proxy makes us a kick-ass assassin, because we control his every move.)

When the player suddenly turns into an observer, Agent 47 becomes much harder to connect with. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but standard story-telling recommends you have a character that the audience can understand and empathize with. Someone they can relate to, with understandable motivations and goals.


Never seen it so I can’t say, but jeez, could you imagine if they gave 47 an ex-wife to brood over lol!
I kid of course and I really don’t wanna be too pessimistic when it isn’t even in production yet :smile:


Immagine they decide to give 47 a kid that died in an accident with the mob that actually wanted to kill HIM to cry over
Oh God

Ahaahah let’s hope they don’t go for the hollywood-ish story


I feel like in this case they need to study a lot the recently successful Batman adaptations. Batman is 47 in many ways - too good at everything, too cool for everyone, “works alone”, has resources none of us can hope to have, but fans always love him and follow his adventures.


Maybe Dexter Morgan at the beginning of the series, but even there they got him romantically involved in season 2 I think. If even eunuchs have sex on tv, it will be really hard not have such a strong male figure get involved with an equally strong female character. It would seem strange for anyone who isn’t familiar with the games and the show will need to appeal to a much larger audience for it to be successful.

I don’t really care who’s making the show, but I’m glad someone signed has off on the project. If it turns out crap I won’t lose any sleep over it, but I’m hoping someone will eventually get it right if they keep at it.