Hitman series is one of the best and unique of all of the entire video gaming world

Hi guys, in these days we are talking about all things after the launch of the game that we can admit it’s not one of the greatest and smoothest ever but today I will only say some positive things about this game saga that personally I enjoy so much.

So this will be just a praise post basically.

I really love this series I’m a fan since codename 47.

I just love the Hitman formula, it’s so unique and challenging and full of twists that you can replay a level thousands of times and still be Able to discover new things.

I love how this series can be put in the stealth genre but with a twist that no other games has, there’s nothing like Hitman out there, sure there are great stealth games like splinter cell (rip?), Metal gear, dishonored or deus ex just to say a few but nothing like Hitman.

You can master a level with social stealth and you can even forget about guns if you want, the Hitman formula it’s just too clever and I really want that all players in the world can appreciate it and understand how good this series is.

I’ve played through the stories of Hitman 3 and I really enjoyed it and besides I’m only at the beginning of learning maps and such because they are so replayable.

I just don’t want this saga to end, in thinking about this so much now IOI please keep making this series it’s what you’re best at.

I know there is this 007 game on the horizon but I’m so worried that that game will turn out like any other generic shooter with stealth elements and gadgets that the scene is already full of… I just want more Hitman more clever levels, for me it’s the perfect formula of every video game ever you can really do what you want in maps you can go guns blazing if you want too either, you basically are free to do your own choices and story in the level.

Thank you for listening me.


This trilogy as a whole is what can even keep players busy who just play missions a few times. I think if they wrap it up in a all-included version with maybe to-come bonus missions, then this is one of the best games produced. It is not the end of Hitman but the Trilogy deserves to be completed at some point. Only then big leaps can follow and don’t need to support the previous levels here.

And in between a break will bring in fresh ideas, people and technology. :slight_smile: If they keep H3 stable and servers online we have no issue having fun with it. Still the last thing that has to come is an offline patch before the servers go down. Absolution lost just one mode with deactivated servers, but this one would break fully.


the cutscenes will be very jarring though. not only because of the 3 different visual styles but also because of the inclusion of “to be continued…” and recaps of previous cutscenes


I think the same.

For now if they fix the servers problem I can accept the always online but they have to find a way to continue playing the game even after the inevitable shut down, like you said things doesn’t have to be like for absolution.

If there’s a thing good in that game that would certainly be the contracts mode that unfortunately we all know that is very unlikely to come back.

I’m very sure though that IOI is working for find a way in the next few years for playing the game totally offline and I hope they maintain alive the game with contracts mode for many years to come.

I’m seeing day by day new fans of Hitman here and on reddit, even if many will abandon the game and they buyed it only because is one of few that there are for new console generation we know for certain that this ultimate game in the trilogy will bring new fans to IOI so they have to keep this game alive even with 007, project I really hope so.

A little off topic I love all of your contracts and strats/playstyle Urben you’re a Hitman legend.