Hitman Series Target WAIFU RANKINGS!


Continuing the discussion from The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread:

I dare say this deserves its own thread, if only to take the strain off the memes thread.

@EricTheAussie brought us this amazing chart; feel free to agree or disagree, but be civil :slight_smile:


Oh Geez here I dreamed of making a Utopian being but I created a monster!


Ok you can use my chart to start a thread but I demand royalties in Likes

Settle the Jade/Layla vs Alma argument:


Hey he fully credited you in his opening post. Also is a thread like this something you really want to take credit for?


Even though I already partook in this discussion, could someone explain to me what the vertical line is about? Is it physical attractiveness?
I think Alma Reynard should go way up.
De Santis belongs more to the right.
Diana and Captain Hook are dudes and don’t belong on this list.
Andrea Martinez can join Alma Reynard on top, as her docile pet.
Every female NPC from Bloodmoney is porn.


its easy:

Andrea Martinez > Layla Stockton > ?


Looks like we’re looking at a draw.

Is the Absolution girls vs Alma debate a stalemate?

Hmm well played to all, then. Guess no trash can be talked if no winner emerges :woman_shrugging:


You people have awful taste


Penelope Graves > Francesca De Santis > Yuki Yamazaki > Andrea Martinez, personally


I think Alma people are overlooking the fact that she has multiple boyfriends at the same time. We will always be Sean 3. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s even worse than Sean Lite? Sean Liter?


Just don’t get any golf coaches if she’s wife material


I’m torn between Penelope and Jade, but honestly leaning towards Jade (admittedly, I’m basing this on looks). I was almost thinking Layla should’ve been more on the ‘wife material’ side of the spectrum… But she did try stripping in front of 47 (yes, it was a ploy to try and distract him), and Dexter was surely her Sugar Daddy (and not the biological mother of Lenny… Right?). But she was faithful to Dexter. And despite how bad Dexter was, for her to still stick around shows some dedication… Or is it very low standards? There’s probably more to analyze here, but that’s more than I care to try to get into.

Alma? I’d put her more on the ‘Hoe’ side. IMO, just something about not really mourning the loss of Sean Rose (numba 1) and so easily moves onto the next guy. And not that attractive either.

More could be said about a few of the others, but this should do.


U have, who the hell likes sierra knox damn it.


Are you joking she’s a total cutie


I love Sierra why you hating on my waifu :frowning:


7/10, would drink chili shots with again


Oh good grief.


I know right? not even a MENTION of Jordan Cross!!

Who are the most attractive targets?

I ain’t even into husbandos but even if I was, JC would be hella low tier. Rocking the man-bun? Fuuuuuuuuck outta here with that noise