Hitman Series Target WAIFU RANKINGS!


Not to mention that she told Sean 2.0 that he should go on and pickup the Kronstadt shipment, because it could be a trap and he’s the more expendable one. Ok she tried to word it a bit nicer, but still…


Yep not one single mention of him and I have no idea why???

Maybe it is because his fetish is defenestration. Also I highly doubt this thread about waifus will attract a lot of women


People know that Alma was dating Sean Rose and Orson at the same time right? It says so in the mission briefing.


Absolutely wife material :rofl:


Minimap says I’m trespassing :blush:
A welcoming wind whispers another message. :hugs:


She loves her kids, that places her at number 1 in my book. :wink:

I’m honestly surprised at the number of women now who have kids but don’t seem to actually love them.
And I should know because the kids tell me (when the mom isn’t looking).


Not to mention what could happen to you on your first (and probably last) argument…


I think Layla Stockton is actually top-tier wife material.

She’s stylish, sexy, and – even though you need to have a lot of money, or something going for you, to win her affection – once you do, all evidence suggests that she’s incredibly loyal.

She seems to hate a lot of things Blake Dexter does, but she still stands with him right up until the end, even risking her life to help him escape.

P.S. The best husbando is obviously Soders. Even if you don’t love him, he’ll find a way to steal your heart. :wink:


Dalia needs to go up to top tier and over to the left. She’s a supermodel and she hates her husband. THAT is not wife material. She laughs at Viktor when his fireworks go off early, and she calls him a fool when she hears about his death.


arent they just Partners for IAGO?


Viktor is Dalia’s fiance, not husband, got that wrong, sorry. It mentions that they are in a relationship in her target bio: ‘She and her partner, Russian businessman Viktor Novikov, are a famous power couple in the fashion industry.’


There’s also the minor detail she’s been considering having him killed for some time.


And the vast sweeping implications that she only married Victor for his wealth and connections.


Sierra Knox ultimate waifu, Alma Reynard is overrated and ugly


She is egoist fool, there’s no way she is ultimate waifu.

A racer egoist wife, no fucking way!


Dom Mummy Sierra :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :weary::weary::weary: :eggplant::sweat_drops: :eggplant::sweat_drops: :eggplant::sweat_drops:


Omg thread of dream exists
I prefer Angelina from BM, some of the Saints (just because of costumes you know), both Jade and Layla, De Santis, Yamazaki and Sierra (both of them are blonde assholes with short hair and black eyeliner, funny). Graves is pretty too - just look at her briefing picture in H2…


So basically you like all the lady targets (=


Huh. You can see all female targets at the OP.


This arguement is pointless, because you forgot to include the real number 1 waifu SISTER YULDUZ!