Hitman Series Target WAIFU RANKINGS!



She’s business savvy, loyal, goal oriented, a team player, and obviously has no commitment issues. 10/10 waifu (I’ve actually convinced myself a little)


It’s pretty telling that she was forgotten. I’m forgetting who we’re talking about even as I type.


Because @Accidental-kills98 almost killed me when I posted this in the Yes/No thread, Imma post it here, where it belongs:

Hottest female target in the Hitman franchise?

  • Hannelore von Kamprad
  • Angelina Mason
  • Vaana Ketlyn
  • Eve
  • The Saints
  • Layla Stockton
  • Jade Nguyen
  • Dalia Margolis
  • Francesca de Santis
  • Penelope Graves
  • Maya Parvati
  • Yuki Yamazaki
  • Sister Yulduz
  • Alma Reynard
  • Sierra Knox
  • Andrea Martinez
  • Vanya Shah
  • Zoe Washington
  • Sophia Washington

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(I’ve not seen a poll in this thread so far, so here you go.)


I love Dalia Margolis. Her powerful display of words and actions, her hair, her voice, her plotting! idk if she would be a good waifu, but a perfect femme fatale i don’t doubt it


She’s too old for a forum of “guys who play video games” to vote for. They only want to see her without clothes if they also get to see her 20somthing year old daughter too.