Hitman Servers High Load - Unable To Connect

Please do not use this thread if you’ve never been able to connect to Hitman servers. This is for those that have previously had no connection issues and first experienced problems on Friday 23 March 2018.

I thought this was might have been a one off issue with Sapienza going free last week. At the time I was unable to connect to Hitman servers pretty much all Friday 23 March 2018, but it was all good on Saturday so I didn’t report it. At the time @Hardware’s excellent website was reporting an orange High Load on Xbox all night (with an occasional red - offline?) and PS4 and PC would occasionally go orange.

However, Friday 30 March 2018, it seems that Xbox and PS4 have been orange most of the day. I’m generally unable to connect to Xbox servers. When I do, I get so far into the menus before I suddenly get dropped again.

@Travis_IOI, @ioi_christianco: I’m assuming this is a known issue and you’re working on it?

It’s possible that it’s an issue isolated to one area/platform, but I did have a number of friends on Xbox ask if I had problems last Friday, so I imagine it is fairly widespread. So it might be helpful if others could report related issues here to help give IOI gain some scope of the extent of the problem. If you don’t mind doing so, it would be helpful to provide country/platform/dates.

England / Xbox / Friday 23 March 2018, Friday 30 March 2018


This morning I had a couple of connection issues which didn’t phase me too much but from 3pm (GMT) it was a case of five minutes, if I was lucky, of playable time and then about 10-15 mins of trying to connect. Gave up after an hour.

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i am having the same problem being disconnected all of today 30th march i can retry and ill be connected sometimes for 5-10 mins until i’m disconnected again


Yeah this is a long-time issue. First time (august 2016), mostly speedrunners was affected by connection problems or slow menus :

But now it looks like this problem hits players randomly, mostly console players. IOI will probably have more info on this. But this load issue need to be adressed…

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I hope they’re working on it right now. I imagine text alerts will be sent to their support team? I certainly hope we’re not going to have to wait until after the Easter weekend before it gets looked at. Apart from anything else it’s not going to be a very positive experience for those new players who have just downloaded the free map and are looking at the possibility of buying the full game!

Do keep in mind that I have played Hitman 2016 almost every single day since it came out. So although we’ve had short outages on Xbox before, and for a very, very long time we had blank scorecards showing at the end of missions/contracts, having a whole day last Friday and today of not being able to connect is something I’ve not seen before on Xbox.

I should also mention, when your website shows High Load for Xbox it means that we cannot connect at all. Perhaps it works different on PC and it only means that things might be a bit slower, but as far as Xbox users are concerned it is offline. You simply cannot play the game in online mode. I only mention this because I clicked on the status link showing historical data and it does not report being offline last Friday or today.

Behind the scene, the availability check performed by IOI does is an authenticated call on all 3 servers, which allocates a proper session on the cluster, and check for the response time. So High load means logon procedure tooks too much time (threshold defined by IOI) compared to usual.

Yeah because stats.hitmanstat.us only reports frontend outages unlike hitmanstat.us which reports frontend and backend issues. The problem you reported is more complicated than that, it’s not related to servers availability or response time (hitman servers have an excellent uptime) but probably an internal backend issue, only IOI can investigate this.

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Good to know, thanks.

By the way, it was certainly no criticism of your site. It has been massively useful to have an objective measure of currently known issues. I only mentioned what I did in case you didn’t realise on Xbox that “High Load” means not able to connect, but from an Xbox user’s perspective (I can’t speak for PS4) there is little difference between that and it reporting Offline.

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No problem m8, your question is totally relevant :slight_smile:

Same time, ps4 service is now down :sweat_smile:


Commenting that I can’t connect, either. Ontario Canada.

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Five minutes on, twenty minutes off all morning. Is there an end in sight?

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No connection at all right now on PS4 (Sweden).

You need to adress this! The game is completely useless with this going on back and forth.

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Still can’t get a steady connection this is getting old.

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It might have worked for you on PS4, but I tried that earlier today on Xbox and it didn’t help. I suspect that eventually people got bored of trying to connect and that has naturally reduced the load on the server. The server status pages are mainly green now and connecting for me on Xbox has been good over the past hour or so. Of course, the other possibility is that there are a network support team at IOI on standby who got text alerts and eventually went in to the offices to do something.

@Hardware: Just to correct a comment I made earlier. When I was eventually able to connect I was still seeing orange, but it was switching between green and orange. So it’s not as simple as orange = not able to connect. As you said, there is some threshold that triggers “Warn - High Load” and at one end of the orange scale it is just a cautionary note (services might be a little slower than usual), but at the other end (before it gets to red) it means that no connection is possible. It’s definitely been operating at the upper end for most of today.

@ioi_christianco: Here’s another date to add to your list. During the day it was fine, but Xbox servers have not been accessible on the evening of Monday 2 April 2018.

You really need to remove that dialogue box that says, “Please retry the request, or contact HITMAN support if this problem persists.” I’m not aware of there being any official support.

this is great, just bought the GOTY edition today 2nd of april 2018, cannot go 5 minutes without disconnecting or save failing. (PS4)

I have been experiencing problems for the past 6-10 days and it has mainly been at what I would consider busy times . ie weekends and evenings.
I use ps4 and am based in the uk/

I can’t get good connection at night, apart from a crash every day, but usually launching another game on Xbox and waiting 10 minutes solves that problem, however most of times I’m unable to connect to the servers on Southwestern Europe

I’ve been having this issue tonight on PS4, no clue what is causing this High load issue but since it’s even appearing on Hitman server status website I think it’s worth reporting. (Sorry for reviving this thread.)

Don’t forget to first visit @Hardware’s site: https://hitmanstat.us/. This gives real-time updates of the server status across all platforms. If it’s saying everything is fine even though you’re experiencing an issue, then there is an exclamation mark link in the bottom right of each platform tile that allows you to manually report a problem.

As it happens I had a problem earlier this evening (UK time) on Xbox. I’d finished a contract and the game was unable to re-connect me. The site said that the Xbox server was okay, so I reported an issue. It helps the community if we use that website.

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Yeah, PS4 keeps turning orange with “high load warn” on that website every so often and it’s affecting me quite a bit. It’s the website I mentioned as the Hitman server status website since I can never remember that it’s really called Hitmanstat. Thanks for the info though, I wonder why it’s happening?

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