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Game Information

Scoring System

Scoring is based on your performance with the following…

  • TIME



Hidden Objects (spoilers ⚠️ )

In Hitman:Sniper there are 3 types of hidden objects scattered around the map. Shooting them grants the player 1,100 points (each) the following objects (and where they can be found) are shown below

  • Rubber Ducks :duck: (x4)
  • Champagne Bottles :champagne: (x3)
  • Laptops :computer: (x5)

(Shooting all (12) of these items will award the player with a total of 53,900 points!)

Hitman:Sniper Launch Trailer


Hitman:Sniper Targets & Intel

:alarm_clock: 9:59 — To eliminate all targets and as many guards as possible



Markus Krug – Welcome to Montenegro, 47! Glad to see your in position already. Your target this evening is Markus Krug, an advertising billionaire, who runs a lucrative sideline in people trafficking. Hes also the head of the Conclave. A powerful and influential network of criminals from around eastern Europe. Once he’s dispatched, the contract will end and we’ll begin extraction. Time to go to work, 47 good luck.

Krug is an advertising billionaire who runs a lucrative sideline in people trafficking along with his lover Basia Romanowski.

Krug will first start off sitting on a sofa in the living room. He will then get up and walk to the bedroom to make out with Romanaowski (the bedroom lights will be turned off), briefly stopping to look at the view. After this, he will proceed to meet Colin Ningbo and the latter’s lover in the room just above the car park nearer to the mansion. Krug will then meet Dr Ralph Ashbury and his girlfriend in another room. After a heated argument, he will kill Ashbury with a handgun and leave. Lastly, Krug will go up and meet Baltasar Cabasso, Omid Maklouf, Vincent Krug and Jaroslav Benak in the room next to the swimming pool.

If Romanaowski is killed, Krug will not kill Ashbury but rather sit on a chair next to him.
After the story mode is finished, Krug will become the primary target.



Basia Romanowski – Basia Romanowski. An ex high class prostitute, turned fashion model. Shes here at Krugs behest and is a key facilitator behind his people trafficking activities. How they met is uncertain, but it’s clear Krug thinks there’s an emotional attachment. She is a highly talented manipulator and should be considered extremely dangerous. She’s now a valid target, 47.

Romanowski is an ex high-class prostitute turned fashion model. She is a key facilitator in Markus Krug’s trafficking activities.

Romanowski will start off sensuously leaning on the couch Krug is on. She will then get up and walk to the bedroom, where she would wait for her lover. After Krug walks into the bedroom, the lights would turn off, implying sexual activity. She will then walk to meet Dr. Ralph Ashbury.



Jaroslav Benak --Jaroslav Benak, is the boss of The Black Dog. An underground crime and gun running organization. Who uses various casinos throughout Europe for cover. He’s a man of few words and despite his fondness for guns, he’s known for killing with his bare hands.

Benak leads the “Black Dog”, an underground gun-running syndicate using various casinos for cover.



Baltasar Cabasso – Baltasar Cabasso. Also known as ‘the bastard of banja luka’ is a wanted war criminal and ruthless dictator. He ordered the murder of thousands in the winter of discontent revolution designed to overthrow him. He is corrupt to the core with a blatant disregard for human rights. Remove him from office permanently, 47

Cabasso, nicknamed the “Bastard of Bandaluca”, is a ruthless dictator and war criminal. He ordered the murder of thousands in a winter of discontent. He is corrupt to the core with a blatant disrespect for human rights.

Cabasso will start off by playing pool in the billiards room. After a minute, he quits and goes to the poolside for a smoke. He will then go to the living room and sit on the couch.

If the player shoots the cue ball on the pool table, Omid Maklouf, his poker opponent, would drop his cue and accuse Cabasso of cheating. After arguing for a while, Maklouf would shoot Cabasso to death and walk off.



Dimitri Lefkos – Dimitri Lefkos is the ex fournier business development administrator for Greece. Suspected of pocketing over $50,000,000 in kickbacks before fleeing prosecution and going into hiding. He’s invested heavily in many conclave activities, including Markus Krugs human trafficking. Time to take him out of business, 47.

Lefkos is the ex foreign business development minister from Greece. He was suspected extorting $50 million in kickbacks before going into hiding. Lefkos invested in many Conclave activities, including Markus Krug’s people trafficking.

After Markus Krug leaves the living room, Leftkos will enter and sit on the couch opposite to the one Krug sat in. He will then get up and walk to the swimming pool, where he will be sniped by Tuulia Hernandez. If Hernandez is killed before the shot, Kim Euston will join him by the poolside.

It is unknown whether Hernandez was hired to kill Leftkos, or if it was a personal matter.



Omid Maklouf – The Godfather of cocaine, Omid Maklouf. Controls much of the drug trade throughout the vulcans. Very simply, he’s used the services of the ICA in the past and is delinquent on his last payment of several million dollars. Time to settle the debt, 47.

Known as the Godfather of cocaine, Maklouf controls much of the drug cartels in the Balkans. However, he hired the ICA in the past and has been delinquent on his payments of several million dollars.



Vincent Krug – Vincent Krug is a professional underachiever, who bullies others to get his own way. The ICA view him as a security risk, whos constantly posting his criminal exploits to social network sites.

Vincent is a professional underachiever who bullies others to get his way. The ICA view him as a threat due to him posting his criminal exploits on social media.

Vincent is likely Markus Krug’s son.



Dr. Ralph Ashbury – The name is Dr. Ralph Ashbury, head of research at biotech medical. He’s a brilliant man. Respected by many in his field, but has been using Markus Krug to provide him with unwitting human subjects for his experiments. Time to give the good doctor a taste of his own medicine, 47.

Head of research at Biotech Medical, Ashbury is respected by many in his field. However, he has been using Markus Krug to get unwitting human subjects for his experiments.

Ashbury would start off walking to the bedroom from the dining area. He will then walk from the poker room to the small room.

If you don’t interfere, Krug would eventually shoot Ashbury in an argument and walk off.



Kim Euston – Miss Kim ‘Kimber’ Euston. Reality T.V. star and art enthusiast. She’s also a textbook black widow. Dating and marrying rich lonely men, all three of whom have died under mysterious circumstances, after their wills were revamped to include her. She portrays herself as an airhead in public, but she is really a vindictive and ruthless business women. Time to remove the black widow from the web, 47.

Euston is a reality TV star and art enthusiast, as well as a textbook black widow. She preys on rich lonely men, who mysteriously died when their wills were revamped to include her. Euston potrays herself as an airhead in public, but is really a vindictive businesswoman.



Colin Ningbo – Colin Ningbo, a construction magnate from China’s yangzhou province. He’s a self-made billionaire, who built his empire on the back of slave labor. A key client of Krug’s. Mr. Ningbo has been on the ICA watch-list for a very long time, but he’s constantly followed by the paparazzi. Their presence has made close up assassinations virtually impossible. Time to take the long range approach, 47.

Ningbo is a construction magnate in China’s Yangzhou province. A self made man who built his foundation on slave labor. Ningbo has been a key client of Markus Krug and but paparazzi has made it hard for a close up assassination.



Tuulia Hernandez – Tuulia Hernandez. Used to work for the ICA before she went rouge three years ago, we’ve been looking for her ever since. She’s extremely smart and must be here this evening to remove one, or more targets for her own clientele. A master of disguise, she might be difficult to spot, but once you get her in your sights, terminate her contract once and for all.

Tuulia Hernandez is an rogue ICA agent, that Agent 47 is ordered to kill.

Hernandez will hang around the mansion on the right side of the map, constantly hiding from view. At the beginning, she is smoking behind the leftmost pillar. She will then walk to the rooftop and carry out her hit, even if Leftkos never appears.

It is unknown whether Hernandez was hired to kill Leftkos, or if it was a personal matter.
Even before she is classified as a target, Hernandez has the same character model and is considered an enemy.



Rogue Agent – Kevin Borts…”This is interesting, 47. That is Kevin Borts. Wanted by the ICA for over five years. He is a highly competitive gamer, skilled in many forms of gambling and gamesmanship and makes his money on wages with ridiculously high stakes. As a consequence, he has gained numerous enemies throughout the world. Several of whom, have put him on the ICA’s watchlist. Time to remove him from play, 47.

Kevin Borts is a “rogue agent” in Hitman: Sniper. Killing him awards the player 72,000 points.

Little known fact: Kevin John Borts was the winner of our Hitman: Sniper tournament during PAX Prime 2014. One of his prizes was for him to be included in the game! This voice over from Diana ended up never being included in the game, but it’s still very funny when you know the story behind it!


Death Valley (Zombie Map)

The main focus of this map is to protect “Ben” (as he’s fixing his broken-down truck) by shooting the different types of zombies attempting to attack him.
When Ben’s health (green color) is no longer visible, he will die and the game will be over.

You can however, heal Ben during gameplay, but it will cost the player gold tokens (currency in this map.)

This is the main Sniper for this map (however, you can choose to use the other snipers as well)



Markus Krug shooting and killing Dr. Ralph Ashbury

Omid Maklouf shooting and killing Baltasar Cabasso

Tuulia Hernandez aiming at her (and 47’s) target; Dimitri Lefkos

Triple Explosive Kill on Markus Krug, Dr. Ralph Ashbury and Basia Romanawski; using the “BAROQUE” sniper rifle.

In Game View of All Snipers

IZANAMI Sniper Rifle

EREBUS Sniper Rifle

JACKAL Sniper Rifle

LARGO Sniper Rifle

NARCISSUS Sniper Rifle

BAROQUE Sniper Rifle

GRIFFIN Sniper Rifle

FURIA Sniper Rifle

MANTIS Sniper Rifle

VOLANTE Sniper Rifle

CIPHER Sniper Rifle

ADAGIO Sniper Rifle

THE JUDICATOR CO-78 Sniper Rifle


If you eliminate Tuulia Hernandez before she eliminates her (and 47’s) target; Dimitri Lefkos, Kim Euston can later be seen standing next to Lefkos by the pool, in what seems to be her attempting to flirt with him.


According to Kim’s background, she is described as a ‘Black Widow’ dating and marrying rich lonely men. All three died in “mysterious circumstances” after their wills were revamped to include herself. It is also revealed that Dimitri Lefkos recently pocketed $50,000,000 in kickbacks… Going by Kim’s past, it is safe to say that Dimitri would have been her next target (if 47 weren’t to have intervened.)

The IZANAMI Sniper Rifle (read backwards) reads; “IM-A-NAZI”

According to Vincent Krugs Intel, the ICA view him as a security risk, as he is always posting his criminal exploits on social media sites. Interestingly, Vincent is shown to visit his laptop on numerous occasions throughout the duration of the level.



Out of all the targets, only 3 of them are armed.

  • Markus Krug (pistol)
  • Omid Maklouf (pistol)
  • Tuulia Hernandez (sniper rifle)

On Tuulia Hernandez’s profile picture (top right corner) if the sequence of numbers is supposed to be her D.O.B that would make Tuulia 61 years old at the time of Hitman:Sniper.

According to Diana, Kim Euston is said to be an art enthusiast. Interestingly, Kim can be found admiring paintings on the walls from inside the mansion.

Omid Maklouf is a former ICA Client.

If the player eliminates Baisa before Markus meets with her and Dr. Ashbury, Markus will not kill Ashbury. Instead, he will sit on the chair next to him. Going by this (and the fact that Basia is Markus’ lover) it is safe to assume that Basia somehow (for some reason) persuades Markus into killing the Doctor. Diana also states that Basia is a ‘master manipulator’ which makes this theory even more plausible.

Out of all the targets, Vincent Krug appears to be the youngest. The fact that he also has the same last name as Markus, it is safe to assume that Vincent is Markus’ son.

The Jaeger rifle made an appearance in Hitman:Sniper — The same Sniper rifle from HITMAN 2016 & HITMAN 2… however, in Hitman:Sniper it cost the player actual money (not in-game currency.) to purchase.

The Sniper rifle that Agent 47 is holding in the main promotional artwork for Hitman:Sniper



Im going to have to get this and Hitman: GO.

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Yeah man, you really should! Been playing this game on/off for the past two years now and it’s still fun to play! Himan Sniper has 150 missions, about 14 different sniper rifles, all different with unique abilities and can be upgraded with the money you earn. Plus they have a new map (Death Valley) which IMO ain’t as good as the original map, but still pretty fun. Not to mention they have a lot of community events you can participate in, simply by just playing the game. If you score high enough you can earn extra unique rewards. Seriously try it out man, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great game!

They also sometimes have maps “themed” decorated for different holidays. Halloween, Christmas etc. as well as unique “holiday themed rifles” those you actually have to pay real money for which kind of sucks, but like I said, they have community events sometimes where the rewards are items you would originally have to pay for (if you would win)

I used to play this game a LOT. I don’t do it much any more, but I am the highest Platinum rank, (2nd Highest rank in the game, just under top 10000 players) and I have unlocked everything and maxed them out except for the pay items. Surprised that they still support this game. Also Hitman GO is great, and it’s on sale a lot so what could go wrong?

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I’m 74% sure you copied everything from the wiki.

Anyway, here are some tips:
If you want to divert the guards away from the room Markus Krug starts in, shoot the floor above them. They would run up to investigate.
The staircase Omid Maklouf walks up is hollow, you can shoot him and his body would disappear. You can also use this trick to hide the bodies of Markus Krug and Kim Euston.

Contracts/Challenges (fanmade):
Silent Assassin: Eliminate the targets without killing any other targets, guards or civilians, letting any bodies get found (excluding accidents) or alerting anyone.
Ladies Club: Eliminate Basia Romanowski, Kim Euston and Tuulia Hernandez only.
It’s Personal: Eliminate Omid Maklouf and Tuulia Hernandez only.
A Glided Cage, Sniper Edition: Eliminate Dimtri Leftkos and Baltasar Cabasso only.
Bookends: Eliminate Markus Krug and Tuulia Hernandez only.
Bastards In Blue: Eliminate Baltasar Cabasso, Dimitri Lefkos and Dr Ralph Ashbury only.
The Krugs: Eliminate Markus and Vincent Krug only.

Intel actually providing target backstory.
Pause screen providing target checklist again.
New maps.

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Get this shit on PC already.


All i want is the ability to choose the level, or have like a free roam, where you can exit whenever you want.

In the O.P.

The text under the targets that are in BOLD are what Diana actually says about each target in the game. The regular text, yes. That was copied from wiki. But the Bold texts are what Diana actually says about the target in the actual game. That part was not copied from there.

EDIT: Great tips btw :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Downloading this and Hitman: GO now.

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Hello. If i buy the game now, can i get all the weapons and stuff? Im thinking about the Crossbow and im not sure if it is still available. Or if there was a one time event to get something.

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Yes. They are having a community event going on right now actually and you have a chance to win that rifle…

And this one as well…

Other than that, you don’t get every rifle right away, you have to unlock certain ones as you progress.

Good luck and way to go @Silverballer you won’t be disappointed I think.

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Alright! Well, I’m having problem with Hitman: Sniper downloading right now, but I’ve played through the first box of Hitman: GO and I really loved it. Currently trying to nail them all three stars (I suppose it would technically be three fluer de lis?)

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As cool as those rifles look, it’s the 26th now, so the competition is halfway through. I doubt I’ll be able to train myself quick enough to get those rifles :joy:

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Great! Can you make a list of the special weapons or items to get, please? I think the special weapons are the merry maker, the crossbow and that gold sniper right? Can we get those weapons now?

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That’s right. Lol technically that’s what they are. And I mean this current community event is pretty straightforward.

You literally just need to make as many explosive kills as possible. Granted, it may be too far in now to attempt to get the rifles, but just thought I’d still mention it.

Don’t worry though, they actually have a lot of community events and most of the time, these special rifles are the prize.
Other wise, they are available to get, however they cost actual money and not in game currency like the rest of them.

But @Kavaliro here they are…

All these you can get, but like I said, these are the ones that cost actual money, if you end up not winning a community event.


Thanks :blush:. Good luck tomorrow with the elusive and the fiber wire!

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No problem!
And thanks man, yeah it’ll be nice to go back to the ol’ Fiberwire again :smile: I hated the “Chameleon” because I couldn’t use it!

But thank you. Good luck to you as well.

I’ll play HS only when they bring it on ps4. I hope they will do it with Montenegro and death valley (and other maps). I’d include also a remake of Sniper Challenge. A list of sniper mission with challenges as in Hitman 6

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Yeah I’m with you on that. Id love if Hitman Sniper came to console and PC. I realize you can add the “shoot button” in settings (which I have) but it just isn’t the same as it would be with a controller. I love this game though, it’s very fun and would really like it to be, sort of like a ‘Sniper Challenge 2’ if you will. Here is to hopping…

i really like the theme song of this game. it is better than HITMAN’s imo.