Hitman Sniper (app) -- MEGA THREAD

Oh my god, YES!!
I’m freaking in LOVE with that theme! :heart_eyes: So damn good!!

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That also reminded me. I really liked the trailer for the game when it came out. Pretty good for an app game. I also like the theme that plays when you get compromised in the game.


Okay, finally got this game after downloading troubles.

And wow, it is awesome. For an app game, it’s the best out there. I highly recommend getting it.

I’m on the last level of the first rank, and o love all the targets except the dude in the restaurant. He doesn’t seem to do much. I loved the pool ball kill, that is my favourite so far.

There is nothing on Death Valley on this thread. So I put the trailer. Have you played it? Is it fun?

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I hope to play it if it will come on consolles, even if it hasn’t anything of Hitman style


You know that zombies are overused when even Hitman includes them. Still, this has to be one of the coolest apps I have seen. There are many videos about this game.

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Totally agree with @Pissfloyd. I love Hitman Sniper, but I gotta say, not too much of a fan with “Death Valley” the Montenegro map is a hundred times better. I like my targets alive before I kill them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yes, I too wish that they would release this game on console. Just like Sniper Challenge.


If they bring it to console, I just hope they change something. Not 150 missions with the same targets to kill in different ways (after the first ones it becomes boring), but they could insert the challenge system of Hitman 6.

:pensive: that’s too bad, rip

I love Hitman Sniper. Still play it to this day.

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This is very cool

So… does anyone still play this game?

Feel free to share videos and your current high scores!

I think Hitman Sniper game is dead now. Developers stopped to work on it and Facebook and Instagram pages are inactive from months.

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Eh, I suppose… I still enjoy playing it yet from time to time.

I played on PC with some emulators, because I don’t like playing on mobile. But it wasn’t so comfortable. As I wrote in other threads, I hope Hitman Sniper will be remastered on PS4 as Hitman Go

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Absolutely! I been hoping that too for the longest time. It definitely would be a lot more convenient to navigate with an actual controller.

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I too hope we see this mission on SniperAssassin, they could also bring the mission from Sniper Challenge as well, as long as it doesn’t take much time and resources and the team feels like doing it.

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I know most of you will be disappointed, but I want also Death Valley on Ps4. It has nothing of Hitman and we mustn’t consider it as a serious canon mission, but it could always give us nice experiences. But furst of all, I want Montenegro map

You guys know when the New Year update will come along? I’m sick of the Christmas theme, it’s impossible to take Krug seriously when he’s dressed like Santa Claus. At least the New Year outfits are real clothes.

Bumping this thread to share what I found on Hitman: Sniper’s Facebook page, if anyone is interested.

Check it out.
Good Luck, Agents!

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Been playing this a bit again, recently… anybody still play it from time to time??


I added some more info in the O.P. As well as some pretty interesting trivia in case anyone is interested. Don’t know if anyone knew some or all of these, but if you know some I may have missed, please share! :smiley:

I also added all the chapters in the game (all 150 missions) just because :grin: