Hitman: Sniper Assassin

I think it’s only that one level

Apparently the expansions will contain a new map each:

Expansion 1/2

Including new Location, Missions, Sniper Map, Outfits and Weapons


Even though I am not a fan of sniping at all, either in this stand alone game or in the previous main game-I really like the story they put forth in this mission and how it connects back to the previous game.

Great idea!!

Can’t wait for Hitman Deathmatch Multiplayer :heart:

I just watched the briefing and I love it. It’s beautiful, and the story is pretty interesting.

When I heard about the Yardbirds I thought “hm this sounds familiar”, then enter Kalvin Ritter! Amazing world building.


Nobody believed me :sleepy:


I have to sleep but I also want to play this today lol. Curse my slow internet.


Does have achievements / trophies?

It’s supposed to have those but I don’t see any Steam achievements.

Are there any co-op only challenges in Sniper Assassin?

even one.

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Anyone like how they’ve tweaked mastery?

Challenges no longer give you mastery, but give you a multiplier to your score when you finish the mission. Your scores are what increases mastery levels.

Hope it’s the same in HITMAN 2.


Yes, I think is an excellent decision. Hope it stays that way in HITMAN 2. The same with the weapon upgrade


Sadly I’ve accidentally discovered how it’s exploitable. If you restart the mission after completing a challenge, the multiplier is “saved” until you next complete the mission.

You could stack enough multipliers to rip through mastery really quick.


Yeah but ot was like that since HITMAN season one. Otherwise it wpuld be quite annoying. In fact it didn’t save before and people complained. I think is fine

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The issue with it is that the more multipliers you stack, the bigger your score is going to become - it can be used to get multipliers from selected challenges that you shouldn’t be able to achieve in a single run.


No… a.X + b.X = (a+b)X so as long as it adds instead of multiplying it should be fine, wouldn’t it?

If you don’t get SA on the mission and a body is found, the challenge multiplier is worth more to you if you reset and don’t allow it to be used until you can finish it SA. Because the you get the SA bonus which can then be multiplied, and can be multiplied by more the more challenges you stack.

I’ve just pre-ordered the gold edition on Xbox and I’m trying to figure out how to play the new sniper assassin mode. When trying to launch the Hitman 2 pre-order i’m told that I’m too early. Tried opening season 1 just in case it was added there but nothing. What am I missing?

Any PS4 players keen for some co-op?

Add me - Riggleby.

Hope IO adds matchmaking to this at some point…

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