Hitman: Sniper Assassin

If you don’t get SA on the mission and a body is found, the challenge multiplier is worth more to you if you reset and don’t allow it to be used until you can finish it SA. Because the you get the SA bonus which can then be multiplied, and can be multiplied by more the more challenges you stack.

I’ve just pre-ordered the gold edition on Xbox and I’m trying to figure out how to play the new sniper assassin mode. When trying to launch the Hitman 2 pre-order i’m told that I’m too early. Tried opening season 1 just in case it was added there but nothing. What am I missing?

Any PS4 players keen for some co-op?

Add me - Riggleby.

Hope IO adds matchmaking to this at some point…

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Was I the only one bothered by the music? I mean when the guy starts singing? I hope WB doesn’t ruin everything.

Oh I see what you mean now

This would be neat to have… I guess. My concern is - is it really only going to have 1 Level? How long before we get tired of that and it gets forgotten?

I don’t think that WB has any creative input in the series.

I hope not. But the first game was episodic and always online. We saw how that went.

The expansions will be adding extra levels, plus I’d assume some ship with HITMAN 2.

My guess is that there will only be 1 level for the pre-order bonus. After all, it is just an incentive for people to buy the game, rather than it being a full out game. My question is if we’ll see more sniper assassin levels in the base game? We do know that the 2 expansions will each come with a new sniper map. I’m wondering if we’ll get several in the base game, since it does feel it is being advertised as a seperate mode, rather than it just being a one off like the Absolution sniper challenge.

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oh no thats pretty bad…

Cancel that. I was mistaken. :slight_smile:

I thought the multipliers were just a one off upon completion, but they’re permanent. The more challenges you complete, the bigger your permanent score multiplier.


Probably a dumb question but… Any idea how long this ‘Bonus’ window will be open? The game by itself isn’t in the Steam store. Will it still be available all the way up to the ‘HITMAN 2’ official release?

I’m mainly asking because I’m afraid it’ll be another one of those ONE TIME ONLY titles, and once you’ve missed getting it, that’s it! Gone forever. No warning, “sucks to be you” for not acting sooner. :cry:

Now that does not seem good.

The more you complete, the faster you’ll level up. That seems very counter-intuitive to Hitman and unlockable stuff.

This could easily be way off, but I kinda feel like Knight and Stone are characters that IOI created to replace Kane and Lynch. IOI might plan for them to have their own games and franchise, and they decided to sneakily debut them in Sniper Assassin.

What really makes me think this is that their profiles say that they are not members of the ICA. Why would IOI not make them ICA agents? They have a voiced briefing over an ICA style trailer, and they talk about getting their intel from a file, so it doesn’t make much sense for them not to be in ICA… unless IOI has other plans for them and being in ICA would get in the way of those plans. They also have very distinctive Kane and Lynchy, video game protagonist looks to them. Not to mention their names.


Yeah he even has the same band aid over his nose that Kane had in first game

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Damn… Co-op mode is actually pretty fun. Just played two rounds with someone from here and I really enjoyed it.

More fun than single player at least.

Good joke.

No but seriously it’s very fun & I like it a lot more than Marrakech atleast, but honestly, I think singleplayer will still shine more brightly!

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Hitman Sniper Assassin was called Project Diesel.

If you can redo the challenges then it’s pretty cool.

I’m pretty sure it’s a permanent boost like in absolution - not just for the round where you unlock the mastery

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