Hitman: Sniper Assassin

This image was of a cancelled level of Hitman Sniper. It could be an idea to develop as future map in Sniper Assassin. Changing a little the “kill all them” formula, IOI could add another objective: avoid the hostage is killed.


These pictures are from an horrible hitman flash game made some years ago. The game is shit, but some ideas could be nice for future sniper missions.
PS The second pictures is Saint Peter’s Square, in Vatican City

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So did the winners of that silly challenge get their face worked into the game or what?

And where can we find 'em?

they’re not in the game yet. they’ll probably be in the expansion DLC

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Yeah we might not be told ourself. And by the way the face scan did not happen yet. Expect nothing too soon. :wink:


Dunno if this was already brought up after nearly 500 posts, but do we know if it is canon that 47 killed the Yard Birds in this mission? Assuming we have the timing right, this mission took place after Situs Inversus but before Nightcall; unless the Agency higherups took their sweet time considering Providence’s offer, it seems unlikely that 47 would be sent directly from killing a traitor to taking care of some relatively inconsequential contract that any ol’ sniper should be able to handle, before being sent to continue tracking down their mutual enemy.

So, unless it really did take a bit for the ICA to make up their minds, is it possible that The Last Yardbird was canonically completed by agents Knight and Stone? (Dunno why they’re called “agents” if the ICA has never employed them, but whatevs)


Good point, although often between missions week/s pass where there’s nothing for 47 to do because it’s up to intel people to figure everything out; so it’s not impossible he had a day free while waiting for the lead on Alma.

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I suppose he did have time, though it would be a squeeze if it was him and not Knight and Stone. The GNN news broadcast in Nightcall provides the timeline, and 47 has had a very busy few weeks.

We know Thomas Cross was killed a week after Jordan, and from NPC chatter we can assume that Jordan was killed on the same day as The Source, with the first Bangkok mission being in the morning, and the second being that night. Presumably over the next week 47 finished the Patient Zero campaign, possibly overlapping a bit with the cutscene with Diana relating to Thomas Cross. That scene was in an airport and 47 was flying a lot in PZ. Then, we know that Sean Rose and Co. are killed 9 days after Cross’s kidnapping, so that puts half a month between Jordan and Sean. Then Situs Inversus happens, and we have to assume that ICA did carful research on Soders’ activities and had long discussions about what to do, let’s give that a week. Then in Nightcall, the news anchor says that Thomas Cross has been killed a month earlier, suggesting a minimum of 2 weeks since Colorado by this time. So, if it was 47 who performed the Last Yardbird mission, then he must have completed it only days ago and then Kovac went and tried to cash in already. It could be done, but it really stretched it.

If Knight and Stone were the ones who canonically carried it out, it could have been done at anytime during the campaign and Kovac just got caught recently.

Also, the GNN report called the Austria mission a “triple murder,” suggesting only 3 people were killed, but there were 15 bodyguards. We’re the 3 main targets the only ones killed canonically, or are the news only covering the important people who died and using the term “triple murder” inaccurately when it was in fact a mass shooting? And if IO canonically only counts the three main targets, how does that explain the mission briefing mentioning to kill all the bodyguards?

Consistency with the story, IO, please.


In Co-op at least, ever since latest update you will NEVER be awarded Silent Assassin rating unless every single body is hidden, even if no one spots them by the end of the game . I certainly hope this is a bug and not an intentional choice, because it makes no sense and takes the rating system even further out of step with the rest of the game; it’s also made stupider by the fact that you are often not given enough time for the last body to fall/finish hiding before the ending cutscene plays, and once the cutscene starts playing it does not register the body hiding.

Can anyone confirm this also happens on Xbox and PS4?


It could be nice a new kind of sniper mission, where we have a target to defend, not to kill. like “Death Valley” for mobile. For example the target is escaping from an army, wanting to kidnap or kill him and we have to kill every enemy arriving from all directions

Like Hantu Port? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, but in Hantu Port only Jin Noo kills the hostages. I’m talking about a map in Death Valley style

Does anybody know why in Co-op, your base score goes DOWN every single time from the end of your match to the rating screen? My friend and I got 380k in one game but it only gave us 304k

And before you ask, no, the top right figure is not “Total score”, it does not show the time or silent assassin bonuses, which you can only get AFTER round is complete; also we’ve had a base score higher than the total score several times now.

Is anyone else getting this bug? If it’s to be believed. my mate and I should be #1 in the world due to beating the base score of the current #1 by 30k, instead we’re stuck at #4 because it keeps giving us 50-80k lower than we actually got in game. It’s not just an ‘all points in the last 5 seconds don’t count’ thing either, there was one match where we were at 320k for the whole last minute of the round, waiting for the right kill moment on last target, when we finished… said we got 277k -_-

Video Example: https://youtu.be/dp5g4t7IWKE?t=212


Me and Hatch were having the same issue last night, a big chunk of the score not counting in the rating screen. Was pissing us off aswell.

Nah, you’d still be #2, same happened to us with our current number one score.

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Phew, well at least it’s happening to everyone then, I don’t feel so bad.

Very silly that it happens though, I wonder if this has been going on the entire time since launch (November) but I never noticed?

Still frustrating though

I don’t know, don’t play sniper assassin all that much. But this issue does not happen in single player, can tell you that.

I mean, surely this is a bug right?

Maybe an issue with the forced end of the game after the last kill. Maybe collecting the most recent data before requesting the score screen is a bit much suddenly.

Still weird that it works fine in singleplayer tho, only happens with multiplayer

I think one player is the “client” and the other is sending him the data. This takes obviously longer compared to a single player who has all relevant data already. Then the procedure gets a hiccup if the connection is not good enough.

Just a theory tho.

Like I said, we had a game where we had 320k for the entire last minute before ending screen, because we were waiting for the perfect SA way to get rid of one target, and that required waiting. What happened when we got to the end screen? We had 277k… -_-