Hitman: Sniper Assassin

Got ya. Pretty cool then. Gets people to try everything

Yeah i really like it. Makes it so you have to actually master the level before you can start getting the real highscores

Anyone having problems connecting to the server in Hitman Sniper?

I meant Sniper Assassin single player.


You getting this too? Anyone else ?

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I tried many times and it says unable to connect
I wonder what’s the problem

Maybe there is a problem with our internet connection
Where do you live
I think this server is blockd in my country
I don’t find any other reasons
Cause every other players are playing fine

I’m uk mate 2020202002

Oh, that’s weird
Now I think it might be the game’s problem
I hope they fix it soon

I just played Sniper Assassin. I like it and I like references to other missions of Season 1 and Blood money (Yardbirds and Hotel Shamal). I really hope IOI will give more maps for it too. They could also use maps of Season 1 and 2. Maybe we could have full campaigns.

The Sniper Challenges meet…


Man… I’m just not sold on Stone & Knight. They just don’t come off as ICA operatives (professional) I really think IO could have done a way better job on the choice of character models. Just my opinion. I do however like the game for what it is anyway.


But they aren’t ICA operatives, their info says that, as far as I know. I agree that the lady is not exactly fitting in the current game. I am, however, fine with the guy as he looks much more professional than her. Still nowhere even remotley close to 47 though.


Nonne can even come close to 47 skill and professionalism in assassination, 47 would likely kill the competition before they get a chance


Did I miss something? :thinking:

But yeah, I am more aiming at the girl. I don’t mind having a female Sniper at all. (Sniper Wolf MGS=THE Best! Lol) I actually like the fact that they introduced a female character for players.

It’s just how she looks in particular that bothers me. She looks like she’s trying to be a 14 year old girl going through a “rebellious” phase lmao idk, just don’t fit Hitman is all I’m saying.


IMO for the guy, perhaps they should have made him wear something similar of “The Praetorians” from Abs. Or even the grunt ICA soldiers. Something that has the Merces Letifer logo on the shoulder maybe?

Also, IMO Victoria would have been a better choice. I know some may disagree but yeah… that’s what I think. Following the time line, she would be at least in her 20’s by now. Idk just thought that would have been cooler :man_shrugging:


This is why we need customisation. I actually wouldn’t mind having side co-op missions as secondary characters. AS long as we can customise them. Catsuit please :joy:


I’ll be sticking with 47 that’s for sure!!!

He’s the man!!


At least it’s not Quiet


Ehh… if they are gonna have other playable characters in Hitman, they should keep the secondary characters that are already characters in Hitman (IMO)

But only for co-op!
I would NOT wanna play as anyone else other than 47 in the main missions. I’m sorry, that is just a big no-no…

I will say though; I hope we see more Sniper Missions for the other locations as well. Maybe have 2 new characters for each as well.

What do you mean…?