HITMAN Sniper Rifle in Welcome to Sapienza Trailer Question

I watched the Welcome To Sapienza and does anybody know what sniper rifle 47 is holding near the end of the trailer? It isn’t the Jaeger 7 or the Jaeger Lancer.

It seems is a “Master Crafted” rifle know as Ave María/The Savior. Look for the thread “Has Hitman been hacked?” and you’ll find very interesting guns and equipment that were revealed for some problems and glitches. Just remember, it doesn’t mean these are included in the final version.


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You won’t see this gun in retail. It’s more than likely the placeholder for the Jaeger 7 Lancer.



That would be disappointing, as this sniper looks way cooler than the Lancer imo.

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I assume they want to keep a sense of progression with the unlocks throughout the season, so I hope/expect the later episodes give us nicer weapons.


Wouldn’t that be the Ave Maria?

All Sniper Rifles used the Sako TRG model before the switch to less realistic depictions.

Why would they throw a chrome texture on it if it was intentionally unused ?

Aw, after the sniper challenge the Sako (Kazo) was my favorite. :frowning:

Is that sniper from the beta? It looks cool

And the SS targets, and opportunities and content