Hitman Sniper: Share your high score?

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My best is 2,592,200, so far…


I am at 8,984,330 but I am nearly done with all the levels so I have weapons that have high multipliers.

Keep shooting though!

Also I doubt I will ever be top 200 lol. I am currently top 5000, but I don’t think that earns me any cake and ice cream.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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Still going at it with my 5,437,320 still pretty far away from our Producer Dominic and his 11,970,200. :frowning:

Sharp shooting indeed, I was stuck at 4 million for ages…Currently now at 10,404,800 - stage platinum 1. Just below the Assassin grade.


13,661,100 I have so far. Cannot for the life of me beat that!

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You should watch all the content Oliveira78 produces on Everyplay. THe guy is a record breaking machine. He’s now up to more than 34 million points which is simply insane: https://everyplay.com/videos/25402425

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I think we’re at about 16 million. Let me check back with the team and I’ll get back to you.

You’re so close too! You need more than 16,297,250 to get in the assassin rank!

I’ve missed my stop more than once because of this game hahaha


36 million, please. :eyes:

Hey Floyd, I’ve said the same a couple months ago, and look where I’m at now. My advice: never give up, as harder as it may seem. :wink:

Yes, new user. :wink:

Well, there was a time I didn’t progress to the last mission, so I could kill Markus with a double headshot in the “glass bridge”, but eventually had to progress during the tournament. Nowadays, I think it was the best thing I did, because I honestly believe that having Markus Krug as the main target, is the best way to get a high score.

However, I’ve recently went through an experience, to try and motivate a friend of mine (he’s at less than 8M score), and did a run killing only the 11 targets with the Cipher. I got a score of 10M. If 11 targets = 10M with the Cipher, I think 15-18M are perfectly doable.

My suggestion would be to watch some replays of top scorers (not just me, but also Stealth_25, HerryCollar463, just to name a few) and learn their skills, their routine, the “path” they follow. Don’t try to mimic them, instead, learn and adapt those ideas to your particular style of play. I tried following HerryCollar when I was still behind him, but I only started pulling some good scores after I followed my own instincts, and created my own routine. Also, check my latest videos, and watch how I make Markus get stuck against a wall. If you manage to pull that (it’s fairly easy) you can maximize your playtime, and kill him right at the end of the 10 minute limit (and you’ll still get 7 seconds extraction time after that).

I would like to come here during p the next days, and hearing from you, hopefully, having managed to beat some milestones. :wink:

Shoot away!

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Hi Nick,
How do you find the score needed to obtain the Adiago rifle?

Hey there,

Unfortunately reasons out of my control I’m not able to give you the exact score you would need to get in the Assassin Tier, but from recent interactions with the community I’d say you would need around 23 million points.

Hope this helps!

Thanks much Nick…I’ve been at 22.6 million for two months…got
to get that rifle!

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Wow, what rank are you at this point? Has to be close to 1000!

I’m at number 1064…

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