Hitman Sniper

There has been a new blog, on Hitman.com about Hitman at Comic Con (San diego) http://hitman.com/sdcc14/

  • Square Enix Montréal will also have Hitman: Sniper available to play by the public for the very first time at the Whiskey Girl bar as part of the Deep Silver / Square Enix Arcade. Stop by between 11am – 2am on Friday & Saturday, July 25-26 to meet members from the development team and be amongst the first to play Hitman: Sniper. Don’t forget to let us know on Twitter what score you get. Bonus points for anyone that gets a score ending in ’47′.
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I would like if Hitman Sniper (and maybe Hitman Go, but it seems boring) will be in the H6 disc. I can’t play on mobile phone and tablet. IO should create some missions like Hitman Sniper Challenge, but also for consolles.

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Obv these are not true Hitman experiences, but they serve a good purpose in letting fans enjoy 47 while we wait for H6.

Also, they serve a great promotional purpose as well. They can reel in a lot of new fans. App stores are a hot game reservoir these days. A casual dudebro could be surfing and get one of these games. If he enjoys it, he may choose to further investigate the bald character he just played as and then he discovers the Hitman games. If he likes them, he becomes a fan and anticipates H6 like all of us. Keeping the app-games free is a good way to market the series out.

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Hitman: Sniper at PAX Prime

PAX Prime in Seattle is just around the corner and Hitman: Sniper is going to be front and centre with daily tournaments, a huge party and a community event where one Hitman fan will get their name and face added to the game.

Hitman: Sniper will be playable on the showfloor for all attendees at Square Enix Booth #3630 and we’ll be hosting tournaments every hour. At the end of each day, the player with the highest score from the hourly tournaments will have their high-score included in the final game at launch.

As well as the hourly tournaments, we’re also hosting a special Hitman: Sniper community event with Unity and Destructoid on Friday 29 August from 8-11pm. We’ll be looking for a Grand Prize winner who will be the envy of Hitman fans everywhere. We’re going to integrate their custom 3D model into the game as one of Agent 47′s targets. We’ll also be giving away a lot of other prizes along the way, so make sure to stop by the Hard Rock Cafe at 116 Pike Street in Seattle if you’re in the area.

The community event is just one special part of the Hitman: Sniper PAX Prime Party, which will run into the early hours of the morning. To make it a bit easier to digest, we’ve put all the information in a handy Facebook event, where you can also RSVP. It’s first come, first served and there will be a poutine bar. We’re excited!

This Sounds like fun, shame I will not be able to go though. I do like the artwork above too!


Apparently this is available for apple-devices in Canada.

Looks like a lot of fun. Of course they’re gonna make money by getting people to pay actual money for upgrades, but that’s to be expected, as long as in-game money works as well I’m fine.

That looks like a lot of fun. I really hope it gets released in the rest of the world soon!

So anything new about this soon?

Last update was here just before Christmas, here: http://hitman.com/hitman-sniper-update/



It’s June 4th here, but it’s not visible yet. I guess it might be there practically at any moment.

We may have to wait until it’s June 4th in the developer’s timezone. Just a guess.

In related news, I might not have a very productive day at work tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your probally right and montreal is 5 hours behind me in the UK, to think I stayed up past midnight tonight! oh well I will just have to download it tomorrow. Luckily I am off work all this week :smiley:

A couple quick questions to anyone who may already have the game:

  1. How much does it cost?
  2. Is it possible to play it while offline?*

*Obviously, the social elements will require connectivity, but it is at least possible to play the sniping portion without a connection? My connection tends to be very poor, so essentially I’m wondering if I, in my particular circumstance, can play the game whenever I so desire.

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Cost of Hitman Sniper £3.99 in the Uk, also it is playable offline (without leaderboards of course) You have an option to connect with facebook for some in game cash also. First impressions its nice to play, loading takes a little bit here and there. Also I had a crash and the app stopped on the third mission, but progress saved. (crash was probally my device though) seems like it will offer good replay value for the price too.

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Tried to buy it but can’t remember my app store login details. I hardly ever buy apps, in fact the only apps I have bought have been Hitman related (Full Disclosure, Hitman Go).


It costs $4.99 USD. I’m downloading it now. :smiley:

Game costs $4.99 in US, and 4.99€ in Europe. This happens more often than not.

It would be nice a console version of the missions. Like Hitman Sniper Challenge

Price tag seems pretty steep for only one map. Eh.

$AU7.97 in Australia (5.46€)

What’s sad is that overcharging us is so common I can’t even bring myself to try to be surprised.

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I really like the app. It’s basically sniper challenge on my iPhone, but it is fun and you can replay it a bunch of times. Well worth the $5