Hitman soundtrack and documentary missing

Hey guys.
A question:
How can I get access to the Hitman 2016 soundtrack?
As much as I understand the soundtrack and a documentary should be in a bonus digital content folder on my pc.
But the folder isn‘t there although I purchased the GotY version and all DLCs.

If you tried the free content before you bought the game, then it may be an old, never resolved issue:

But you made me check out mine, and despite Steam telling i have it installed and me remembering going through Digital Bonus Content folder before on my old PC, i don’t have it there now either, even after verifying the integrity of files. Strange.

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I never tried out any free content, I simply bought the game and started it.

Can anyone from IOI tell what the problem is?
Or is there any official resource where they made the soundtrack available to download?

For consoles users they’re just sitting on a webserver that anyone can access since the URL’s aren’t individualised, so here’s those links:

Soundtrack: http://cdn.sqexeu.com/files/hitman/HITMAN-ORGINALSOUNDTRACK.zip
Documentary: http://cdn.sqexeu.com/files/hitman/TheMakingofHITMANDocumentary.zip

You used to to be able to login at Square-Enix-Games.com to access these links, but after the split between SE and IO that particular game page was removed - even though the actual links themselves still work.

Edit: Fun fact - the documentary features @Clemens_IOI before he started working for IO and was just a “fan and contract creator”.

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