Hitman Story Dossier V3



The Hitman Story Dossier has been made to offer visitors a comprehensive story guide to the Hitman series. The main aim of this thread is to gather and collect important story aspects of the Hitman universe and discuss them, while encouraging members to contribute anything story related they may find, or simply comment about story aspects of the games (Please note that this is not a wishlist). There are also various attachments containing story related information. The Dossier will hopefully give new and old visitors of Hitmanforum some informative story information about the past games. The story text was revised by member @Fleur in a thread several years ago (The original writer is unknown), it has been subsequently edited by @Watson then updated with the titles in the franchise. If there are any ambiguities, worthy additions to be made or factual inconsistencies I encourage members to point them out as this thread is still regarded as “under construction”.

Hitman: Codename 47

In the 1950s, a man known as Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer begins to delve into practicing cloning after being laughed at by the scientific community. Apparently he discovered the secrets of chromosomes and altered them, and so he makes different “series” of clones, with the number of altered chromosomes being the number he assigns the clones.

In 60s, Ort-Meyer creates series 47 in his laboratory (located inside an asylum building in Romania) of which only the single clone is known to exist. Note: The barcode (640509-040147) means: 64 (year of birth), 05 (day of birth), 09 (month of birth) - 04 (series), 01 (class), 47 (number of chromosomes). In the next 30 years, the only series 47 clone is raised unusually and taught how to kill. In this time, all of the clones have bar-codes tattooed onto the back of their heads for identification purposes. Of the series known to have survived, there is 17, 47, and 48.

Around 1998 or 1999, 47 escapes from Ort-Meyer’s lab and somehow comes into contact with the International Contract Agency (ICA) who hires him as a Hitman. 47’s ICA handler is Diana Burnwood.

Over the next year or two, he takes out Lee Hong in Hong Kong (rescuing CIA Agent Smith and a prostitute called Lei Ling in the process), Pablo Ochoa in Columbia, Franz Fuchs in Budapest, and Boris (aka Arkadij Jegorov) in Rotterdam. The strange thing is he notices that these men were all in possession of letters that were exchanged between each other and talked of creating an army of totally obedient super-soldiers, and a Professor who was working on it. 47 and, furthermore, the Agency begin looking into this. Apparently all of them, including a Professor Otto Ort-Meyer served together in the French Foreign Legion.

In the year 2000, after all of these hits, the Agency learns that all of them were connected and that they were all requested by the same client, who now wants 47. He’s going to be payed an outrageous sum (compared to previous hits) to go to an Asylum in Romania and take out a single doctor, Dr. Kovacs (hence the level name The Setup). When 47 arrives at this Asylum, he checks in under his usual alias of “Tobias Rieper” and the security guard tips off the “Professor” that “Mr. Rieper has arrived.”, to which the Professor calls the Romanian Police and requests the SWAT team. 47 takes out Dr. Kovacs, however during their brief encounter 47 recalls the doctor as “the one with the needle”, indicating a past memory of the doctor as 47 was growing up. 47 then explores the asylum once again finding Agent Smith. whom he had helped out before in Hong Kong. As we all know, our Hitman is a clone and this is the point in time when such information is revealed to him. The CIA Agent leads 47 to a secret staircase under the elevator which leads to a secret laboratory.

Downstairs in the laboratory, Professor Ort-Meyer’s booming voice echoes out. It seems he doesn’t like clones who can think for themselves. He sends out several series 48s, who don’t question orders, to kill 47. Luckily, 47 finds a powerful Minigun stashed in one of the lab rooms and uses it to take care of the otherwise superior clones. When they are all dead, 47 searches the lab. It all becomes clear to 47. He finds a chamber where there are clones being grown with specific names on them. Otto Ort-Meyer, Franz Fuchs, Pablo Ochoa, Lee Hong, and Arkadij Jegorov. He learns that he is cloned from the sum strengths of these men and further altered.

Having learned this, and after having been betrayed by his insane creator who wants totally obedient clone-slaves who won’t question anything, 47’s new objective is revenge. Using the body of a dead clone to pass the scanning chamber, 47 enters the Professor’s personal area and kills him by snapping his neck. After this, he escapes. The events of the escape are played out in the level, Asylum Aftermath in Hitman: Contracts.

This is the end of Hitman: Codename 47.

Dr. Ort-meyer’s Diary (featured on the H2: SA site):

The doctor behind the clone experiments, Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer kept a private journal or diary with personal notes on each of the clones, right from their “birth”.
Most of these journals were recovered as the asylum was overtaken by the government authorities.

Here are some noteworthy exerpts from Dr. Ort-Meyer’s private journal of Clone #47:

Sept. 5th 1964: Series 4, clone 47 has been successfully taken out of his incubation chamber. Preliminary medical examination suggests a completely flawless clone. He has been given the number 640509-040147, which, as per standard procedure, has been tattooed to the back of his head.

Aug. 21st 1970: 47 responds very well to initial tuition, and appears to have a very high rate of learning. Socially, he is very quiet, and does not communicate much, but he is very observant of his surroundings. He has recently taken a runaway lab-rabbit into his care, and the staff has allowed him to keep it. The rabbit is the source of his only displays of affection.

Dec. 13th 1971: During a routine check, 47 bit one of the doctors, who were examining him. He seems to get along well with the personnel, but is very anxious around the medical staff. I have ordered a guard to accompany him on future visits to the medical department.

April 10th 1972: All the series 4 clones were administered various vaccines today. Several of the clones, among them 47, appeared quite anxious about the needles and resisted the doctor. Two of the biggest guys in the personnel had to restrain him while he was given the injection. I hope we wont see this kind of trouble again.

Jan. 12th 1975: A bar code has been added to the tattoo on the back of the heads of the clones for automatic identification purposes. Scanners have been installed in key locations of the lab, so we can easily track the whereabouts of our boys.

Feb. 8th 1978: Over the last period of observation, a few of the clones have stood out, and proven themselves exceptional entities. One of them 47. Still quiet in his class, he is among the sharpest. In physical training he continues to impress the instructors, and even at his young age he is a brilliant marksman. I was made aware that the personnel had confiscated slingshots and similar contraptions from him on several occasions.

May 15th 1984: One of the doctors was severely hurt, during a routine blood sample test of 47. The guard who had escorted him was momentarily unattentive, and we found the doctor unconscious with several needles in his arms. 47 was surprisingly calm after the incident, and was escorted back to his quarters without problems. Upon interrogation, the guard explained that it had all happened very fast, and that he was unable to stop 47 himself. We have now doubled the guard when 47 makes his visits to the doctor.

Nov 16th. 1987: One of the Legionnaires, overseeing today’s shooting practice, told me about an incident regarding 47s skill at the range. The targets do not seem to present a challenge difficult enough, and 47 was shooting various patterns, and what the instructor referred to as “smileys”, in the cardboard targets. Again his skills seem perfect, but his mind has it’s own ways. There is work to do yet!

Sept. 5th 1989: Today, it was 47’s 25th birthday. Off course, he was unaware of this himself, but more interestingly, he has put many of his boyish habits behind him and he is starting to behave like a man. It looks very promising for my future ideas, and he seems to be absolutely perfect regarding the original intentions of his creation.

July 8th 1993: Clone 47 has successfully completed all the training courses we can throw at him, and to me he is ready for greater things. The blueprints of my master plan are ready, and I have set in motion, the necessary things for commencement of the final stage…

Transcript of Dr. Ort-meyer’s final words (as spoken in Meet Your Brother)

The return of the prodigal son - now this calls for a celebration! Heeeeere’s Daddy! Welcome home!

I gave you the best start in life - perfect genes! You are a perfect diamond, but it would seem that there’s still a bit of grinding to do, before you’re finished!

You little ingrate! I should have known you would rebel against your old man - not at all like No. 48. Now there’s a loyal and trusting clone.
Loyal, trusting and dead.

Man was made at the end of the week’s work, when God was tired. I greatly improved on all of the built-in flaws. I’ll prove to the whole world who’s right - and decide who will be left! A little play on the words there, my boy - I know you like that sort of thing.
He thinks he’s bigger than god. And look what happened to the last guy who said that.

Son - I hope you know that this will hurt me more than you. The effort to make you! Every little manipulated gene! Oh, you we’re so pampered! You are the apotheosis of Man. When I created you, I was standing on the shoulders of midgets. But I ironed out all the wrinkles - and still you turn on me!

I discovered the true power of 47 chromosomes. Do you think that was easy? As always, I was ahead of my time. They shook their bony little heads, looked at me with their beady little eyes and said I was crazy. You, my friend, are the living proof I’m not!
No, no. I think the bony head, beady eyed guys were right.

I know you want me dead, my boy, and I forgive you! But let me tell you - dying is the last thing I plan to do! You wouldn’t believe what my experiments with recombinant DNA have made possible!

It’s such a comfort to see you working so perfectly - I knew I was on the right track. I will close this chapter, and turn a fresh page! You have problems with subordination, and we can’t have that, can we?

I have the power to create life, to mold, tailor and perfect humans - do you have any idea of the potential - no mushy sentiments, no quirky traits – and no betrayal! - DO YOU HEAR ME?
He always has to have the last word.

If you only knew what painstaking research went into this project. I had a clear vision of it - but you look into the sun, and all you see is darkness! I had to shed new light, erase all previous scientific knowledge in this field. I was setting new standards - don’t you understand?

I was almost worried, but I knew you would not let me down!

That boy was such a disappointment - I am so happy I still have you!

You have proved to be my favorite son - I’m so proud of you!
That’s how you raised me - always follow through what you begin!

I have lost one son - but you can more than replace him, thank God!

Y-you… I… I should ha-have known. I-I-I didn’t even recognize m-my own son. Y-you broke my heart, my son. W-what good is a b-bullet proof vest, when death strikes from within?


Hong Kong 11/08/89

My good Professor,

We are growing impatient with you and this damn project! We’re spending a fortune on this undertaking and we want to know the status. If you only have one trained man I’ll say that you have been a failure. We will not tolerate deceit or failure! Show us results soon!

Blood and Muscle,

The Camp 13/12/89


I understand your troubles, but I have grown so tired of this whole thing. I will allow you one year to show me real results. I want my share soon. I want 47 to be mine. I don’t know weather I’ll carve him up and just use his organs or unleash him upon the land. A new heart might allow me to indulge my tastes even more.
Bottom line: Either you produce a new model for me within a year or our little friend is mine. Rumors from your staff are that you already have version 48 fully-grown and hidden in your basement!
Deliver the goods and you will have my riches and loyalty… otherwise YOUR BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED.


Hong Kong 14/06/99

Greetings my smuggler friend,

I’m getting very impatient. I will contact the Professor. I need better men, and I need them now. The other triads are giving me some problems. Thank god for their foolish superstitions and the service of my loyal Tzun.
I went to see the project. I’m not sure the Professor is trying hard enough. I’ll squeeze him a bit. I want my men!

Blood and Muscle,

Somewhere near Liberia 21/07/99

My dear friend,

I too am annoyed at these silly delays. I also need more muscle to increase my power base…
I have thought of another way of putting the project to good use for our mutual gain. I will speak to the Professor. I think you will like my idea. When you come to Rotterdam we can discuss the situation.

Blood and Muscle,

Vienna 20/08/99

Dear friends,

I must support the new thoughts on our project. I’m sick and tired of waiting for this old man.
As you know my work needs a steady hand and sharp wit. And I’m not getting younger. Therefore I support the idea about splitting the fruit. Let’s split the fruit while we can still savor it!

Blood and Muscle,


Dear Sir!

It is our pleasure to inform you, that the roses you ordered are now available. They can be picked up at your convenience against this receipt.

Yours sincerely,
The Hotel Florist

Dear Brother!

Under these circumstances it would be advisable to keep walking on separate paths.
I made arrangements to store our precious merchandise safely, and I intend to keep the key close to my heart.
If you need any help, please do not hesitate to visit my old friend, he is the hotel florist and very loyal to the cause.

Your loving brother,


The Camp 02/09/99

Dear Franz,

I don’t give a shit about splitting the fruit. I want better men who follow orders! Drugs are keeping me fit, and I believe that they can keep me on top. Spare me the babble of this old man! If you have any problems keeping your hand steady, I can always send you a package of my fine white elixir. She keeps me steady as a rock and sharp as nails. If it weren’t for my powder, these damn tribesmen would already have killed me.

Blood and Muscle,


Satu Mare 12/10/99

Dear Pablo,

Things have changed. I hope for your understanding that the project must be kept running financially even though our great brotherhood is in disagreement. More than ever we need to accelerate the project. We might have to move the entire lab soon. I feel that some of my staff are getting a bit scared by the project’s implications.
Remember friend, 47 belongs to me, but I just might send him to you for a personal demonstration of his talents.

Blood and Muscle,

Missions and Assassinated Targets


•Kowloon Triads in Gang War 
 [Unnamed Red Dragon Negotiator]

•Ambush At The Wang Fou Restaurant 
 [Unnamed Blue Lotus Emissary, Several unnamed Blue Lotus Triad members]

•The Massacre At Cheng Chau Fish Restaurant 
 [Hong Kong Chief of Police, Red Dragon Negotiator]

•The Lee Hong Assassination 
 [Lee Hong]

•Find the U'Wa Tribe 
 [non-assassination mission]

•The Jungle God 
 [non-assassination mission]

•Say Hello To My Little Friend 
 [Pablo Ochoa]

•Traditions Of The Trade 
 [Franz Fuchs] Note: Fritz Fuchs also killed, although not a listed target. 

•Gunrunner's Paradise 
 [non-assassination mission]

•Plutonium Runs Loose 
 [Boris Ivanovich Deruzka]

•The Setup 
 [Dr. Odon Kovacs]

•Meet Your Brother 
 [Dr. Ort-Meyer, series 48 clones]

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

The game opens by a cutscene where a mystery man and a Russian man named Sergei Zavarotko are talking about Sergei’s brother, Arkadij Jegorov (who was killed by 47 in Codename 47). The mystery man explains he was cloned, and Sergei wonders who would want to clone “a fool” like his brother. The mystery man offers to take Sergei to where this took place, and they then head to the Asylum in Romania. There they find surveillance tapes of 47 killing many of the Asylum’s inhabitants and the SWAT teams that were sent in. Sergei wonders who the man in the tapes is, and the mystery man explains that it’s “Mr. 47”. Sergei then wonders if he’s for hire, and the mystery man again offers to find him, presumably for some hefty cash.

It’s assumed that after the asylum incident 47 disappears. 47 is revealed to be living now in Sicily and working in a church (the Gontranno Sanctuary) as a gardener, trying to lead an honest life away from contract killing. He becomes close friends with Father Vittorio, the priest who runs the church and confesses his sins to him, confiding in him many of his thoughts about his past life. One day, unfortunately, Father Vittorio is kidnapped by a local mob boss and a ransom demand is left.

In need of help, 47 gets back in contact with the ICA who thinks he’s dead and offers to do a job for the information that will help him get his friend, Father Vittorio back. He kills the mob boss who kidnapped Vittorio only to find that Vittorio is not there.

From there he goes on to kill 4 Russian generals in St. Petersburg for a “client” who wishes to get rid of some kind of evidence. After killing the 4th general and escaping with a suitcase, he opens the suitcase to learn that someone had friends in Japan with some “serious guns” and that this friend is none other than Masahiro Hayamoto, his next target. In Japan he kills Hayamoto’s son and puts a tracker in his body to lead to his father, and then follows the trail to kill Hayamoto himself in the mountainous valleys of Japan. He steals Hayamoto’s missile guidance system for the same client.

In Malaysia, a hacker named Charlie Sidjan apparently stole some important military software and was requested to be eliminated. 47 does so, killing both Charlie and his twin brother. The client learns that someone else had in turn stolen something from him, and 47 is sent to Punjab to take care of some more business. There he kills some local terrorist militia officers and figureheads, then secures a helipad to get the nuclear device they stole back to the client. Again the client finds himself betrayed, this time by a cult near India.

47 is then sent to kill the cult leader. After he does so, however, 47 finds a man who looks identical to him (although with an orange tie) shooting a silenced pistol at him as he makes his escape. The client, Sergei Zavarotko is somehow then exposed by the media. Enraged, he wonders how he could have been exposed even though everyone else involved with his terrorism who knew anything is now dead, thanks to 47. The mystery man, still working with Sergei, suggests that perhaps Mr. 47 knew and exposed him. Again, 47 has been used and targeted by the person who employed him.

The Agency decides that since Sergei is now a wanted man, they would pay 47 for a hit on Sergei to boost their standing with several world powers for more business. 47 is sent to St. Petersburg again where he killed the Russian Generals to take Sergei out. Unfortunately, 47 finds that Sergei is not there. Instead, he finds another “brother”, a clone like himself was sent there to kill him. After disposing of the clone, Mr. 47 talks to Sergei over the headset the clone was wearing to find out that the clone is no. 17, and that Sergei has Father Vittorio. 47 makes his escape and heads back to where the game began, Gontranno in Sicily.

In a fierce shoot-out, 47 kills all of Sergei’s bodyguards, and then Sergei himself. The priest, Vittorio, appears to be injured and his wish is for 47 to lead a “righteous life”, but 47 knows his skills can best be used elsewhere. He hands 47 a crucifix, which 47 leaves on the gate of the church as he leaves and states the following:

“Always knew I didn’t belong in this world. I wasn’t made for this. But I’ll never forget, those who betrayed me, and those who never failed my trust. I’ll be carrying nothing from Gontranno but this lesson: never trust anyone and rely on your instincts. Forget the past. I’ll never find peace here. So, I’ll seek justice for myself. I’ll choose the truth I like.”

Missions and Assassinated Targets

•Gontranno Sanctuary 
 [non-assassination mission]

 [Giuseppe Giulliani]

•St. Petersburg Stakeout 
 [Unnamed Russian General/ex-KGB officer]

•Kirov Park Meeting 
 [General Makarov, Igor Kubasko]

•Tubeway Torpedo 
 [General Mikhail Bardachenko]

•Invitation To A Party 
 [General Vladmir Zhupikov]

•Tracking Hayamoto 
 [Masahiro Hayamoto Jr.]

•Hidden Valley 
 [non-assassination mission]

•At The Gates 
 [non-assassination mission]

•Shogun Showdown 
 [Masahiro Hayamoto Sr.]

•Basement Killing 
 [Charlie Sidjan]

•Graveyard Shift 
 [non-assassination mission]

•The Jacuzzi Job 
 [unnamed Sidjan twin brother]

•Murder At The Bazaar 
 [Lieutenant Ahmed Zamir, Colonel Mohammed Amin]

•Motorcade Interception 
 [Khan Abdul Bismillah Malik]

•Tunnel Rat 
 [Yussef Hussein]

•Temple City Ambush 
 [3 unnamed assassins]

•Death Of Hannelore 
 [Dr. Hannelore Von Kamprad]

•Terminal Hospitality 
 [Deewana Ji]

•St. Petersburg Revisited 
 [Agent 17 killed, original target was Sergei Zavorotko]

•Redemption At Gontranno 
 [Sergei Zavorotko]

Hitman: Contracts

Sometime after the events Hitman 2: Silent Assassin with 47 continuing his work for the ICA, he is given a routine hit in Paris (later revealed to be Curtains Down in Blood Money). He kills his two targets, Ambassador Delahunt and a famous tenor, but during 47’s escape he is shot by a policeman who has been informed of his presence. 47 escapes, wounded and bleeding, to his hotel room, wondering about this man (Inspector Fournier) who shot him. He seemed to know about 47, or at least enough about him to be cautious. There, 47 has flashbacks of many of his previous missions as he drifts in and out of consciousness. An unknown man (apparently a doctor) comes to patch him up through the course of this and brings him a suitcase with a change of clothes and some equipment.

As he regains consciousness completely, and is fit enough to leave, he discovers that SWAT from the French Metro Police have surrounded the hotel and surrounding area. He seems to think it odd that the Inspector knows so much about him. 47 then escapes as he slips past the SWAT using disguises acquired from lone officers and/or paramedics in the area. He manages to kill Fournier undetected in the confusion and leaves the area, heading for the airport.

On an airplane, he meets Diana who explains the Agency is losing support and many powerful friends because of him. However, she has an idea of where the pressure is coming from. She hands him a classified document. 47 remarks that it’s some “serious business”, and wonders if the Agency has this kind of cash. Diana tells him it’s under his seat. The plane flies off.

Missions and Assassinated Targets

* = remade missions from Codename 47•Asylum Aftermath 
 [non-assassination mission]

•The Meat Kings Party 
 [Campbell Sturrock, Andrei Puscus]

•The Bjarkhov Bomb 
 [Fabian Fuchs, Sergei Bjarkhov]

•Beldingford Manor 
 [Lord Winston Beldingford, Alistair Beldingford]

•Rendezvous in Rotterdam 
 [Klaas Teller, Rutgert Van Leuven]

•Deadly Cargo* 
 [Boris Ivanovich Deruzka]

•Traditions of the Trade* 
 [Franz Fuchs, Fritz Fuchs]

•Slaying a Dragon* 
 [Unnamed Red Dragon Negotiator]

•The Wang Fou Incident* 
 [Unnamed Blue Lotus Emissary, Several unnamed Blue Lotus Triad members]

•The Seafood Massacre* 
 [Unnamed Red Dragon negotiator, unnamed Blue Lotus negotiator, Hong Kong Chief of Police]

•Lee Hong Assassination* 
 [Lee Hong]

•Hunter and Hunted 
 [Albert Fournier]

The rest in the following post

How is Diana still part of the ICA?

Hitman: Blood Money

With the US election a year away human cloning has become a major campaign issue in the United States. Following a seemingly innocent car accident that killed Vice President Spaulding Burke, the incumbent President is forced by Congress to elect a Vice President who has a strong opposition to cloning. Daniel Morris, a reclusive man, is elected with approval from Congress. The president himself, Tom Steward, favors the idea of human cloning and wishes to make it legal in the States. With the public’s support, he hopes to regain the presidency in the election year against his opponent Frank Morgan.

In the past years, a group known as the Franchise (with ties to another group Alpha Xerox) has entered the mix and puts serious pressure on the Agency. They have managed to engineer their own albino clones and gained an influence in the US government. With this new power they got Daniel Morris selected as the new Vice President. Their hope is to engineer the perfect clone for their operations and prevent any competition among their enemies. For this reason they plan to assassinate the President so that cloning is not legalized and made available to competing organizations.

The Franchise’s front-runner, Alexander Leland Cayne, has spoken out against cloning in an attempt to prevent public support for its legalization. Since 2004, he has become obsessed with finding agent 47 so that he can use 47’s bone marrow to create the perfect clone. This obsession has put pressure on the Agency. Following his near death experience at the Paris Opera, 47 decides to lay low until the Agency sorts out its problems.

After 47’s return he speaks in person with Diana in a confession booth. It turns out that there has been a mole in the Agency. 47 takes on a mission that brings him to a rehabilitation clinic for alcoholics in Northern California (Flatline). He meets with Agent Smith who has been held hostage at the clinic. Using an experimental serum, 47 fakes Smith’s death and thus takes him out of the clinic. Meanwhile Tom Steward continues to gain support in the polls. Also, the ICA is continuing to lose agents in the field. Cayne and the Franchise are constantly tracking 47 throughout his missions in the United States. A slew of assassins are sent on 47’s trail but he manages to evade them.

Finally, the Agency collapses under the pressure and Diana must end contact with 47. She splits the Agency’s resources with him and leaves him to a mission off the strip in Nevada. 47 encounters two more assassins from the Franchise during his mission but takes them out. During the ride back from Vegas, 47 finds Agent Smith in the back of the car and pulls it to a grinding halt. Smith tells 47 that a group is planning an attack on the President and that he needs his help. The group wants the president dead so that Daniel Morris can rise to the presidency and prevent cloning from being legalized. 47 decides to help Smith after being given a payment of diamonds.

47 must assassinate the Vice President himself, who has been in league with the Franchise from the beginning. In addition, he must take down his assassin, Mark Parchezzi III aka. the Albino who has been sent by the Franchise to assassinate the President. Genetically engineered to perfection, the albino also has plans to take down 47 once and for all. 47 successfully infiltrates the White House and eliminates Daniel Morris. 47 then meets the Albino in the Oval Office and after an explosion, which sends the building into chaos, 47 chases Parchezzi up to the roof where he kills him in a vicious gun fight.

After escaping from the White House, 47 retreats back to his hideout where he waits for his inevitable destruction by the Franchise. However, Diana reaches 47 and warns him that he’s surrounded and any resistance would be futile. With his back turned Diana takes out a syringe and injects it into his neck sending 47 crashing to the ground. After a brief struggle 47 finally goes still. Medical personnel then rush into the room (presumably to collect a bone marrow sample before he goes cold). Diana calmly walks up the stairs to meet with Cayne. She explains that she has “never killed a man before”. Cayne insures that she has gained his trust and will make a valuable aid in the Franchise.

Just day’s later Cayne invites reporter, Rick Henderson to his estate to talk about current events. However, it’s just a ploy so that Cayne can get 47’s story out in the open. Cayne fabricates many events and lies about aspects of 47’s missions. Cayne uses the reporter to get his propaganda out to the people. By showing how dangerous a clone can be, he hopes to turn public opinion against cloning, which would stop any competition. Cayne decides to take Rick to 47’s funeral, a cremation ceremony in a church on a sunny cliff side. Diana, Cayne’s new nurse, accompanies them. At the site, Diana mixes a revival serum into her lipstick and kisses 47 on the lips, she also places loaded Silverballers on top of his body. 47 has in fact only been in a hibernated state exactly like the one he put Smith into during Flatline. All of this was part of Diana’s plan to save and revive 47. 47 awakes to a crowd of unsuspecting Franchise members. After a bloody battle 47 emerges the victor after killing the priest, the reporter, a slew of bodyguards and Cayne himself. He leaves the church.

Then we see an office set against the backdrop of a Copenhagen harbor skyline, where Diana receives a phone call. She refers to the caller as “Your Majesty”. Diana says that all of the agency’s resources are up and running again. However, she explains that she has lost contact with 47. Far away, we see 47 entering what seems like a Chinese brothel. He speaks with a man about what the place has to offer, particularly in “the back”. The man leads him to the back of the brothel as red curtains close on the screen.

Missions and Assassinated Targets

•Death of a Showman 
 [Joseph Clarence]

•A Vintage Year 
 [Don Fernando Delgado, Manuel Delgado]

•Curtains Down 
 [Alvaro D'Alvade, Richard Delahunt]

 [Carmine DeSalvo, Lorenzo Lombardo, Rudy Menzana]

•A New Life 
 [Vinnie Sinistra]

•Murder of the Crows 
 [Mark Purayah II, Angelina Mason,Raymond Kulinsky]

•You Better Watch Out 
 [Lorne de Havilland, Chad Bingham, Jr., unnamed female assassin]

•Death on the Mississippi 
 [Skip Muldoon, six unnamed members of the Gator Gang]

•Till Death Do Us Part 
 [Buddy Muldoon, John "Pappy" LeBlanc]

•A House of Cards 
 [Hendrik Schmutz, Mohammad Bin Faisel Al-Khalifa, Tariq Abdul Lateef]

•A Dance with The Devil 
 [Anthony Martinez, Vaana Ketlyn, Eve (assassin), Maynard John (assassin)]

•Amendment XXV 
 [Daniel Morris, Mark Parchezzi III]

 [Alexander Leland Cayne, Rick Henderson, unnamed Priest, a number of unnamed bodyguards/assassins]

**Hitman : Absolution (Added by @Codename_Thomson) (Revised and Edited by @mainmanStraizo ) **
The game starts with a cutscene explaining the current course of events. 47 explains that for years Diana had been his handler, providing information on his assignments.

According to 47, Diana exposed the agency, flushing all accounts, cutting off communication lines and exposed the agents, expect for 47, and used the confusion to vanish.

Sometime later a reformed agency finally tracked her down and offered 47 the contract.

“One day, I will think of this as just another job. After all, this is what I do.”

At the start of the first level the player hears Diana talking to a girl, soon after revealed to be called Victoria. She tells her that 47 will come and take her away and protect her.

47 adds: “Diana saved my life, although the grounds for termination are just; I take no pride from this assignment."

“The target is highly resourceful, intelligent, persuasive. I will strike without hesitation. I cannot let our history cloud my judgment.”"

After reaching Diana 47 pulls the trigger before she has time to explain.

Diana says that she had to take “her” away from “the doctors”. She holds 47’s hands and says that she knew 47 would understand. 47 remembers his sad childhood days.

47 regrets shooting Diana and tries to help her but she seems reluctant and points 47 towards an envelope with a letter and a coin in it, the coin being the payment to take care of Victoria.

47 leaves the room with Diana laying on the floor presumably passed away; Promising to keep Victoria safe from Travis, his new handler, and ensuring she doesn’t turn into what he is.

47 is still unsure about Victoria’s true nature and the reason of her importance to the Agency. He storms to her room and confirms that she knows who he is. She asks if Diana is dead. 47 doesn’t answer and tells her to follow.

“Travis was intentionally vague about the Agency’s connection to Victoria. Could Diana be telling the truth? I need to be sure. I need to find some answers.”

After leaving the mansion in which Diana was located, he cuts communications with the Agency and runs away with Victoria.

After leaving the get-away car somewhere isolated and burning it down he angrily confronts Victoria.
Victoria confirms Diana’s story and talks about how Diana saved her from the doctors.

47 snaps, no longer angry and aggressive, remembering his days from the asylum, as he empathizes with Victoria, asking Victoria to tell him more about the doctors. Victoria describes it as a blurry bad dream. Victoria is also a product of genetic experimentation just like 47 and was subject to similar cruel testings and presumably training regiment.

47 quickly leaves the area along with Victoria. He then places Victoria under the care of an orphanage run by nuns.

He then reaches out to “Birdie”; who once was the Agency’s top intelligence man. In order to protect Victoria, 47 needs intelligence and that’s Birde’s trade. Though before agreeing to help, he asks 47 to eliminate his business rival. A man known as “The King of Chinatown”

“Official contract or not, this king of Chinatown has to die.”

Having carried out the mission, 47 meets Birdie. Birdie is stunned when 47 demands information about the Agency. Birdie agrees to help in exchange for 47’s Silverballers.

He tells 47 to stay put and that he will contact him when he hears anything about Victoria.

47 leaves for his hotel room, waiting to hear from Birdie. Having realized the magnitude of killing the only person he has ever trusted combined with having flashbacks from his dark days in the asylum invoked by the recent turn of events, 47 experiences a meltdown; resulting in making a cut in the middle of his barcode.

Birdie finally gives 47 a call. It appears that an arms dealer called Blake Dexter has gotten wind of Victoria and is currently residing in Terminus Hotel. 47 wonders how he has been informed about Victoria, since the Agency doesn’t typically share its secrets.

“I can’t trust anyone. All I know is that this girl is innocent. She doesn’t deserve this.”

47 appears in a distorted state, far from his prime, by the hotel which is protected by Dexter’s goons.

After reaching Dexter’s suite, 47 over hears Dexter and his wife talking about Victoria, confirming Birdie’s allegations. Attempting to approach Dexter ,47 sees Dexter’s body guard, Sanchez, who is later revealed to be the result of an experiment. 47 decides to strangle him from behind.

Sanchez overwhelms 47 and throws him into the other room where Dexter resides.

Seeing 47’s barcode Dexter realizes that the man is actually a professional hitman. He is then left in a state of strange exhilaration, stating that this would change everything. He then kills a maid and frames 47 for her murder, also stating that while he would love killing a legendary assassin, he wouldn’t want that kind of attention.

47 wakes up, as he sees the maid and the knife in his hand, and is alerted that the police are actively looking for him.

Mission briefing: “As a rule, I am transparent. Inconspicuous. Blending in with the shadows is how I operate. People don’t see. Not unless you draw their attention. When they discover the maid’s body, how long before someone remembers? A man. A suit. A face? I have been reckless. I underestimated the arms dealer and now I’m paying the price. I must get out… reach street level, keep a low profile, escape in the crowd. The police are closing in…”

Having successfully evaded the police, 47 contacts Birdie again. Birdie informs him that a man named Dom Osmond has informed Dexter about Victoria and prompts 47 to eliminate Osmond. Birdie also appears to know that Victoria is in the Orphanage and tell 47 that it’s only a matter of time that Osmond finds that out.

While understanding Birdie’s value, 47 is still suspicious about Birdie and thinks of him as a liability and acknowledges that he stands to gain something from Osmond’s death and didn’t reveal the information out of the kindness of his heart.

Dom Osmond is a strip club owner and a criminal figure in Chicago, who rapes and kills his dancers once they defy him, who acts and an informant for Blake Dexter.

47 kills Osmond after infiltrating his club and then proceeds to access his office, where he finds out that Blake Dexter has sent a man named Wade to kidnap Victoria. Osmond has told Wade about Birdie and that he is working with 47. Wade also sent a message to Osmond that he is sending men after Birdie.

47 calls Birdie and informs him of the new developments. Birdie panics, and pleads for 47 to protect him.

47 reaches Chinatown and eliminates Wade’s goons, with Birdie missing.
He then asks a nearby hobo of his whereabouts, who tells him that Birdie and a “cowboy” left downtown.

47 then rushes to the orphanage and gets Victoria. Shortly after, Wade’s goons arrive and overtake the facility. 47 tells Victoria that he knows what she had been through and that he has promised Diana to keep her away from harm.

47 wants to escape through the basement, since a nun said it’s the safest place in the orphanage. He uses the elevator to get there but its fuses burn midway, thus prompting 47 to find fuses around the facility to get the elevator moving, since Victoria is sick and stuck in the elevator.
After repowering the elevator, Victoria reaches the basement only to be surprised by Wade and his goons.

Wade, instead of escaping, wants to kill 47 to get rid of him, being driven to do so by his ego.
47 then reaches the basement and kills Wade to get Victoria back. Before finishing him off, Dexter’s son, Lenny knew about the situation and takes hold of Victoria with a grenade at hand, running away.
47 searches Wade and finds out that they all came from a town called Hope in South Dakota. He then heads off.

On the way to Hope he still remembers Diana, devastated for what he has done.
Meanwhile Birdie tries outsmart Dexter, though Dexter isn’t having any of that and overwhelms Birdie, finding out that Victoria is connected to ICA and that she is worth millions. He then leaves Birdie.

After 47 reaches Hope he find the bar that Lenny frequents. Depending on the player’s choice, he can break out a fight in the bar in order to reach the VIP area’s bartender. He batters everyone who comes close and interrogates the bartender and finds Lenny’s location.

Meanwhile, Birdie reaches out to ICA and agrees to reveal 47’s location at a price.

Birdie then calls 47 and tells him he has a little gift for him at a certain gun shop. 47 finds and retrieve’s his beloved Silverballers and finds a message underneath, that staes they have a mutual problem, which is Blake Dexter. Birdie is apparently playing all sides for some reason.

Regardless, Lenny has told his small gang about Victoria and they plan to grab her under Dexter’s nose and sell her off. 47 knows this and kills all of them because they could interfere with his plan to kidnap Lenny, and that “they already know too much”.

After kidnapping Lenny, he takes him to the desert, forcing him ti dig his own grave. He then easily gives up Victoria’s location. The player can either shoot Lenny or let him go.
Regardless, Lenny will die.

Meanwhile, the Agency has received the location of 47 from Birdie and Travis decides to call a group called “The Saints” to help him.

Lenny had given Victoria to Sanchez, Dexter’s body guard, who is in a fight club inside Dexter Industries.

47 infiltrates the high security facility and gains access to the secret bio-weapons lab. There, he kills the scientists who were in contact with Victoria and knew about her to keep her secret, and could probably pose a threat to her later.

After killing the last scientist, 47 approaches the scientist’s data bank in order to destroy it.

The main scientist responsible for examining Victoria, Dr. Ashford, kept a video log describing Victoria and remarking how his work on Sanchez seems feeble in comparison to this.

He also says that apart from “The fabled work of Dr. Ort-Meyer”, none have attempted human genetic manipulation on this scale.

47 destroys the log file along with all the other data stored on their computers.

47 did not find Victoria in the facility however; it appeared that Sanchez had taken Victoria away from the lab from Dexter’s orders. Since Dexter had found out that his son was kidnapped, he feared that the lab may have been compromised.

After reaching Sanchez in his fight club, the player can either engage with Sanchez inside the ring under the alias of the fighter “Patriot” or kill him from outside the ring.

If confronted within the ring, 47 incapacitates Sanchez and interrogates him and after getting answers he says that he knows he can’t let him live. He then snaps his neck and escapes before anyone finds out that Sanchez isn’t getting up.

Alternatively, 47 can overhear a phone call Sanchez makes with Dexter before the fight, saying that she had to leave Victoria to Sheriff Skurky because he was busy with the fight club, and that he would retrieve her after the fight.

Before reaching Skurky who is on Dexter’s payroll, along with the rest of the city’s authorities, 47 checks in at an inn. He registers under the name Ben Franklin, and orders “Something brown” for drinks.
After taking a shower, 47 looks out the window from a gut feeling and sees one of “The Saints” pointing at his room with a rocket launcher.

“It’s not every day I get to kill me a legend”

He quickly takes cover besides his bed, gets out of the wreckage and kills all of the Saints that were sent to kill him. 47 concludes that their presence only means that Travis is getting desperate.

The Saints had also killed all of the civilians at the inn.

“Three saints. They will ask no pardon, and none shall be given”

After teasing Travis over the phone by telling him that he failed, Travis tells him that he betrayed the Agency and humiliated him.

47 heads to the court house in order to reach Skurky and get Victoria.

Meanwhile, a police detective looking for 47 in Chicago keeps hitting dead ends until Birdie sends him a tip that he’ll be at Blackwater park.

“Dexter industries, Cougars, the police… Hope is a town under siege. Someone ought to clean this place up. That man is not me. The girl is my only responsibility”

Just before reaching Victoria, 47 gets electrocuted by Skurky, with the water accumulating on the ground.
Dexter and his wife show up and desperately ask 47 about Lenny’s whereabouts. 47 remains silent as Lenny is the only leverage he has to stay alive. Dexter leaves and after much torture Skurky leaves and 47 finds the chance to escape.

“Victoria. I came so close. I need to escape, find Skurky and force him to disclose Blake Dexter’s location. The sheriff just signed his own death warrant.”

After escaping the police station, 47 encounters ICA agents at the door, who seem to have taken over the town. They also shot Skurky in the leg.

“Travis, he and the ICA were never beyond the law. To risk a large scale public operation like this. Part of me wants to stand and fight. Make him pay for Diana. But Skurky is on the move, looking for a way off the street. Travis comes later.”

While evading Travis, 47 finds Skurky in a church and kills him after revealing Travis’ location:
Blackwater Park, in Chicago.

47 leaves Hope, now heading to Chicago.

“I know my destination, Blackwater Park. The endgame is near. But first, I need to regain my focus. What I need is a new suit and there is only one place to get it. From Tom, my tailor. ”

47 visits Tom who happens to know 47 by his real name and is also blind. He gives 47 a new suit. 47 then heads off to Blackwater Park which is sealed off by the police because of Birdie’s tip.

Meanwhile, Travis meets with Dexter and gives him 10 million dollars in exchange for Victoria. Dexter takes the money, but doesn’t comply. He even kills someone in front of Travis that looked like Victoria just to prove a point.

Regardless, 47 reaches the upper floors and Dexter is alerted. Angered, he doesn’t know what to do and is calmed down by his wife who thinks she can seduce 47 and take him down. She fails, and 47 overhears Dexter on the phone saying that he is going to take Victoria to a lab to “make her more like her”.

Dexter is waiting on the roof with Victoria saying that the building is rigged with explosives and ready to blow up. He is ready to jump ship and blow the whole building up along with 47, but he won’t, since he is waiting for Layla, his wife… He doesn’t know that she is dead.

47 sneaks up on him and eliminates him, saving Victoria.

47 has one unfinished business, Travis. He tracks him down to a cemetery in which Travis is trying to make sure Diana is truly dead.

Over the radio, Jade expresses concerns towards the upper management of the ICA’s response of him burning down all of their resources and closing down a cemetery like this. She also worries that they would find out about Travis’s cloning project and the real reason Diana went rogue.

Clearly, Victoria’s situation wasn’t disclosed with the upper management of ICA and Travis acted on his own.

47 kills both Jade and Travis in addition to 3 praetorians tasked with protecting Travis. Before dying, Travis asks whether 47 really killed Diana or not. 47 says that he will never know.
He then kills Travis.

Later, 47 is shown looking at Diana and Victoria with a sniper rifle before she drops her necklace in the river, meaning she would lose all her abilities and live as a normal person.

Birdie approaches the detective in Chicago,giving him information regarding 47. What happens after this is unclear to this day, since HITMAN™ didn’t follow up this plotline.

It’s said that Absolution’s plot was revised many times during production and when the game was out, the story was inconsistent, leaving the ending to the player’s interpretation.
Diana could have managed to somehow fake her death in a way that 47 wouldn’t even find out about it, or 47 could have landed a non-lethal shot on her.

It’s extremely unlikely that the plot of hitman absolution will be further explored in the future titles. The most we might get is a small reference to what happened and how it did.

And no the series did not reboot in Hitman 2016

How is Diana still part of the ICA?

I would like they fix some plot holes in 47’s history

  • In BM there is a mole in ICA. But we don’t know who is. I thought it was Soders, but he becomes a mole in the last times, after Thailand hit. Diana in BM is only pretending to betray ICA to ssve it and 47 from Franchise’s plans. In Absolution she “betrays” ICA after Travis takes control of it. So who is it? Birdie? A still unknewn character? I hope we will know it
  • Who are ICA doctors in Absolution working on Victoria? We only killed Dexter doctors, not Travis one. Maybe the technician with Jafe is one of them


You can assume that Diana took the necessary precautions when she took down the agency.


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