Hitman suit detail

So the rear is vented or unvented?

Can you post some photo of the detail of the undy look suit (for example the belt or the back of the suit or the shoes)

That is one of the two vents, thus, double-vented. I’ll try and remember to look at the Undying Look suit.

I checked the Undying and Phantom suits and they’re both double-vented. I didn’t do any screenshots. There’s a thread somewhere that has pictures of the suits, a “complete list of unlocks”, that might help. I’ll try and remember to post pictures but I’ll probably forget!

Hi there. All the suits are all the same and identical.
Some changes only the color but the design is the same. On the back it has a double vent like this:

I realized that 47’s suits style goes by what is trending in the year when the game is released.
If you look back you can also compare with what it was trending back then like the shirt and the tie with strips. Today they look outdated but in 2006 and prior it was quite standard.


Thank you so much my friend

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I seem to remember one suit that has an unusual cut. It may have been back in H2016 and was fixed, but actually I think you and I were talking about it. Basically it was double vented (or English cut) and then had a tiny middle vent. Actually it wasn’t even a vent it was like a 2 inch cut. It made no sense. I tried to go back and look for the conversation but I am not having any luck.


this ?

It was the classic all black suit. Not the midnight one, but the one with the white pocket square. I’ll look later tonight to see if it’s still there.

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@Gennyes yea that’s it. Still there… strange they did that.

So are you going for a cosplay? I read “trascina” on the screen. Something tells me you’re Italian.

Si sono italiano, sto preparando una replica del completo dell’agente 47 per un cosplay che porterà l’anno prossimo al Napoli Comicon


Abito sul lago di Garda. Dopo ti do dei consigli

Grazie mille amico mio☺

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Here I am. I will post in english so the other folks around here can read too.
I made a dedicated topic where we can get maybe more members to help with their personal experience and tips.

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In Hitman 1 47’s suit was double vented as you can see by the small openings here. When including the physics in hitman 2’s suits: abso and blood money they forgot to add this i think

After playing Legacy Pack, the lighting here for Sapienza is so bad.

Like its bad in the legacy pack or in hitman 1?

Season 1 bad lighting or too bright imo. Legacy Pack feels perfect.

I like the legacy pack lighting apart from sapienza which i feel has awful bloom that ruins the feel of the place, but yeah season 1’s revamped lighting which made everything super colourful doesn‘t look very good i agree

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