Hitman Summer Pack

I downloaded the Hitman Summer Pack in July, but now i can’t find it in my library! Why was It deleted?

Because it was only accessible for two weeks.

You have to buy the full game to access it again - it was released differently to the Winter and Spring packs which were permanent.


But still - the base game with only the tutorial missions should still be available.

Marrakesh should still be there.



I was confused at first as well but Marrakesh eventually appeared in my downloads list (web). I even downloaded it and started the mission.

I’ve just checked. The episode does not appear in my web download list. As i expected.

Contact customer support. I signed up for the Summer Pack at the very last minute and now Marrakesh is on my hard drive.

That’s a mistake on your end and not on his. It is supposed to be temporary access.

Really? Oh, uhh… sorry, bro, lol!

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