Hitman: The Complete First Season Bonus Episodes Issues


Hi, team.

Bought the complete First Season back in 2017 (the complete season package release), which included the Bonus Episodes (Icon, House Built on Sand), and I have struggled to play them since. Whenever I tried to load them up, it always stalled on the loading screen (for upwards of ten minutes) before generating an error and crashing the game. Recommendations about the problem included purging my PS4 of all data and try installing again (which I was not okay with; I still have Silent Hills “P.T.” installed). I eventually gave up on the issue and enjoyed the rest of the game immensely.

Fast forward to 2019 (and now in a post-Hitman 2 world), I’m looking to revisit the issue since I never EVER got to play these two elusive levels (despite paying for them). Now whenever I pop in the First Season disc, clicking on the levels displays the message that these levels are “no longer available for download”. I understand that this is likely do to the Hitman HD rerelease.

Is there a way around this issue that is known to anyone else?

Thanks in advance!