Hitman : The complete first season / Duplicate key error

Hello support,

I have recently bought a copy of Hitman : The complete first season from the online retailer flipkart in India. The issue that I faced instantly was that the steam code given for it was already registered and cannot be re-used. I have not purchased this game from a different account before. I searched for this issue on steam and they have stated that they would not be able to replicate another steam key and that I had to contact the online retailer. If that didn’t work I had to contact the game’s publisher. I did contact flipkart but they said that they won’t be able to replace it with a new copy. So I naturally tried contacting the game’s publisher which in this copy is Square enix. I found out that they don’t publish this game anymore and naturally I have ended up here.

I would like to if it is possible for me to have a replacement key for the copy that I have.


My first guess is that you may have been scammed. But who knows. Maybe someone with keygen software just happened to (get) the same key you were given… I dunno.

If they can’t give you a new key, can they at least give you a refund?

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Hey, Yes I’m expecting to get a refund through that route if I won’t get a key.

It’s 100% on the retailer and they are the only ones that can do anything. Push them

Of course and i did that but I want to be 100% sure that there is no other alternative