Hitman: The Tabletop RPG

If you don’t know what a tabletop RPG (TTRPG) is think dungeons and dragons. A game where using your imagination and typically dice roles a Gamemaster tells a kind of interactive story which the players can interact with, playing as the main characters of the story. The most popular TTRPG is dungeons & dragons, but there are thousands of different systems in every conceivable setting.

I personally really enjoying creating simple RPG systems to play with friends and occasionally post online. I have been thinking of making one loosely based on Hitman with a group of globetrotting assassins travelling around the world. I was wondering how you guys would adapt hitman to this format? What different character classes would there be? What stats and abilites would the different assassins have? How would you want games to work?

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Dude I literally had that idea months ago. I am not huge player of TtRPGs so I kinda left it alone nd I doubt a lot of people here play so I was like “Eh…”

I think the stats should be something like

  1. Close quarters weaponry (fiber wire, knives, etc)
  2. Pistols
  3. Machine guns
  4. Shotguns
  5. Snipers
    etc for the different types of weapons, plus one for gadgets. Each weapon lets you shoot from a different range but the longer the range, the more prep work you have to do before you can use the weapon.

There could maybe be a stealth stat? For sneaking around? Because I imagine that won’t be a given, because you could have character classes like a silent assassin-type or a rambo-type. Sneaky players will have high levels of close quarters weaponry, pistols and stealth - rambo dudes will have shotguns, machine guns, and maybe damage resistance or something?
A charisma stat could help with the chances of bluffing your way into areas, perhaps with the use of disguises.
It’s important that the gameplay is balanced and no stat or class is invincible, but also that you have lots of different ways to approach the ‘level’. Maybe a silent assassin, a Rambo guy, a hacker class (gadgets and techie stuff), a rifle marksman, an actor (an infiltrator that can bluff a lot) but can’t use weapons, and maybe a hidden class where even the other players don’t realise that that guard is actually you.

I think the Hitman Go system is amazing, and if it’s possible to use that as a jumping off point it would be great

Some ideas for different NPC classes are

  • Targets
  • Bodyguards
  • Private Security
  • Police Officers
  • Specialist Employees
  • Regular Employees
  • Civilians

Think that covers what you could group most of the game NPCs are