Hitman Trilogy: 47 Walking Video

Hi, if anyone is interested i made a video about 47 Traveling through all the Hitman World of Assassination Trilogy Locations. Showcasing the best areas of each map.
The video was inspired by youtuber Likon and his Wide Hitman Videos, witch are hilarious.

I don’t know how to post the video in this forum so here is the link to youtube: Hitman Trilogy: 47 Walking - YouTube

I wanted to make a part 2 featuring all the bonus maps. But since some of them are missing from Hitman 3 (like Holiday hoarders, Berlin Egg Hunt, The Mills Reverie, ect) I’ll wait until IOI put them back in the game, hopefully soon.
Anyway enjoy the video

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Nice video! The only critique I’d make is that it would have been nicer if the music synced to 47’s gait.

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