Hitman Trilogy, a Walkthrough series with basic cinematic scenes

I have been thinking about how HITMAN went on sale for 60% off, and figured some might be completely new to the series. The walkthroughs give as much of the intro scene as needed, and the walkthroughs are meant for those with low level of Mastery, so i choose gear that unlocks first.

The guide is not meant for advertising, i don’t have advertisements on my videos.

This is Hitman 1 & 2 First and last missions of each (Though still being updated … (Got Whittleton Creek - Bonus Mission for ending of H2.)

Hitman Trilogy: Bringin’ The Basics - YouTube

All missions are silent assassin, except Ambrose which would be Sniper Assassin if i had used the Sick Darts.

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You might want to share these videos each in this thread:

It is not very likely that users see them here that are still very new to the trilogy so I think using an existing thread works out better. :wink:

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