Hitman VR?!

What do you think about the idea to play Hitman in VR someday? For example Sniper Assassin for PSVR with the aim controller?

that would be cool :^)

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Well while it would be very cool, the new games don’t even have a proper first person mode, so I don’t think we’ll be getting a VR mode anytime soon.

Yes you’re right…but I’m just dreaming about the Future of Hitman :wink:

What if the Hokkaido Sauna Kill is bugged in VR? :stuck_out_tongue:

Warning: slightly NSFW


This would be interesting I think , sniper assassin would work really well on VR IMO I think we’ll see more VR compatible games in the near future

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In the first game, I actually killed the Police Chief et al in the Fish Restaurant by climbing into the bathroom, opening the door and then closing it, leaving 47 wedged into the half closed door so only his hand and gun were exposed to shoot the Targets.

You can’t do that anymore in the current games but might be possible in VR?


VR games usualy suit 1st person games more. Still this is an interesting idea.

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Haha the possibilties would be endless, actually being 47 that close up would be unreal

Yeah you’re right, but based on the current sniper assassin game I think it could be easy to make it in VR in a relative way…

I think sniping is actually a bad example because the 3D effect is very small at long distances. Actually since it is only a singular scope, it would not have a 3d effect at all.

Although I imagine it being badass to be able to see the map unscoped if you keep your left eye open.

Aiming and shooting like Farpoint mixed with the gameplay from sniper assassin?!

Sniper Assassin was the first thing to come to mind for me as well.

I think that would be really cool. Especially if they could figure out how to use motion controls in a satisfying way to make it feel like you were lifting up the rifle and looking through the scope.

Let’s face it: most VR games suck. No one has figured out how to exploit the tech well enough yet. The most successful games are restricted in interactions and movement, which is unlike Hitman entirely. But stationary shooting galleries are pretty easy to do, so a sniper game makes sense.

Urben’s right about losing out on the 3D effects when you’re that far from the action though. They could have some other interesting things happening in your sniper’s nest, like controls for remote audio distractions, or maybe you could remotely pilot a distraction drone or something.

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Very cool ideas, that’s exactly what I think about the sniper for VR!
Could you also imagine that 47 takes a ride on a roller coaster in a theme park like in Rush of Blood? :wink:
That’s no sniper though but it would be funny because there’re not enough good rail shooter for VR at the time…
I played a lot of VR games and it’s true that the most of them are not really on a high level.
But some games are really nice so (I hope and believe in @IOI ) that they’re certainly able to create a really good hitman for VR…

Excuse me, what? :joy:


I prefer it with annotations off. Lol

For me I just think someday they should remaster all the games, like it would be cool to play an updated version of hitman code name 47 with all the abilities in hitman 2 and with updated graphics, although it would be dope to have hitman in VR (being able to throw objects anywhere at their body, more abilities in combat- which would make unarmed take outs very fun etc etc etc)

Updating the games would require quite a bit of changes. The entire Hong Kong part of C47 only works bc the game has so few civilians on the streets. In an updated version they would likely use crowds and then would have to adjust the level to accommodate the new sets of eyes. The same is true of all the St Petersburg levels in H2SA or the Rotterdam level in Contracts. You can’t just leave a body anywhere out of sight in the new games which is why they needed to put boxes everywhere.
Frankly I hate the box system, I’d much prefer out of the way little places like we used to have, but that would make the game impossible to get SA as an panic would surely result in an NPC finding a body.

I wouldn’t really be interested in a Hitman VR game 'till the technology is advanced enough that I could sneak the way I do in the games, with VR gloves and a VR platform (something like the VR game in “Jason X”). Like I wanna do a version of “Hold My Hair” where I could actually feel the target’s head struggling beneath my hands as I pushed him into the filthy shit-bowl.

Having to snap people’s necks with your own arms up close, that’s not disturbing O_O

Also, IO toyed with the idea some point after New York was released, with references to a VR version of The Showstopper found in the games files in one of the later patches

Would be cool to have VR in Hitman during the pandemic though, much better going to Haven Island than going for a walk in your suburb (If you’re even allowed to do that in the first place)