Hitman World of Assassination - 3.160 - August 2023 Patch Notes

I didn’t think about it for too long, but the simple ‘logic’ was that if Dr. Strange saw 14,000,605 alternate futures, then there is one more alternative future with this fix added in. Either way, you’re right that this scene was the inspiration :slight_smile:


The Xbox update doesn’t seem to have rolled out yet. Not getting an update.

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YASSSSS! The broken swimsuit texture has been getting under my skin since it happened, I’m so happy to see this fixed! :+1:


Mine’s happening right now, just showed up about 3 minutes ago.

Cheers Heisenberg just checked and it showed up :+1:t2:

I just checked… and this is a confirmed fix for this patch, but it somehow evaded my filters and therefore the patch notes. It may be included in the texture sweep, I’ll double check and update the patch notes on the site accordingly.


Don’t feel bad, Travis, 47 is a master of stealth… even in bright pink swimming trunks and a gaudy Hawaiian shirt.


Ok, weird now: I’ve got it on the side missions tab, but it’s saying I can’t play it because I haven’t downloaded the content and need to purchase it from the store, which I already have. The fact that I can see it means my being offline is not the issue, so I don’t know what I need to do to get access now.

EDIT: Nevermind, I might have figured it out. I installed the campaign before I installed the update, so it didn’t count. I’m re-installing the campaign now.

EDIT 2.0: Yup, that did it. Here we go!

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Thank you for keeping this game updated!

Interesting fixes and improvements :+1:
Glad to see The Sarajevo Six and Trinity Pack back into the game :slight_smile:
Also, it’s good to bring back the ALT+F4 feature for Freelancer, it is necessary at times…

Freelancer Review (May 2023): Freelancer - General Discussion - #3341 by PatteDeFruit

Cheers :blush:


Connection to the servers has been restored.


Nice, good to see IOI showing some humility regarding just letting players cheese the game a little.
It’s freelancer. There aren’t any leaderboards, no PvP, sometimes things are just weirdly buggy or fall apart a little too fast – I’m glad that they’re being lenient with this finally.

I feel like this has been in the game for a while, so this is great to see fixed, hopefully.

LMAO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I didn’t know about this… Man, that’s just Dino getting dragged to Hell, as he should!

This is Hilarious. WTF. Hitman had a spooky death wall this whole time, claiming NPCs (but not the player) for its own malicious needs?? :rofl:

YAY. This has been a really annoying issue, trying to drown NPCs in Chongqing.

So, that’s it for this patch. IDK, it feels a little small compared to a few we’ve got in the past.

Nothing about the ICA Coin in Freelancer. Zero mention of the Carpathian Mountains “Outfit Unlock” for the Laboratory starting location (that should have been in the Previous patch)
Fingers crossed it just wasn’t written, but is now fixed… :crossed_fingers:


The Trinity pack is still unavailable for purchase on Steam.



i liked the wall of death its sad that they fixed it :frowning:

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My meme post earlier this year:



I found the Trinity Pack’s Steam page with the help of SteamDB, but it is not yet available to purchase.

Maybe IOI forgot to enable it or Steam has some issues.

EDIT: I just noticed that your screenshot might have been taken from that very page. If you already found that link yourself, just ignore my message.


From reading the patch notes (I can’t boot the game until after work sadly) my comments around things I was hoping/expecting to be in this patch are:

  • NO fix for quick aim/shoot when instinct is on (introduced last patch); this really effects some players’ style
  • No fix for the first time you aim in a contract not zooming the view in sometimes (have to crouch to fix)
  • No fix for Xbox Freelancer targets taking (for some of us) 8-30s to load in, so you just sit there waiting for them to appear
  • Target images are just spinning icons when playing contracts for an hour or so (happens on EVERY platform) - this was introduced when Freelancer was released, so not fixed in 2 major patches
  • No fix for Hardcore Campaign fails when there are objectives that get checked at the end, so they have just been removed…:frowning:

Still no fix for the Sgail crazy guards and the swapped paintings in the safehouse T_T

If it wasn’t for all those other bugfixes that patch would have been a net loss for me since I liked Perfect Run and didn’t really use alt-F4. I’ll be sure to try a few things around that “death wall” in Sgail though :smiley:


I was hoping for a fix of the May update “fix”, on the Freelancer garage Fuse cell being stuck after placed at the fusebox…

Well I ll have to wait another 3 months for November patch , to craft an explosive :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile, I ll keep turning on/off vacuum cleaner and searching files on the nearby desk Yay :smile:


I don’t know if it’s just me, but Marrakech seems… prettier. Like more dust/smoke effects with light rays, and the silk fabric hanging above the alleyways has some translucency. Or, if they always did then never mind.


This actually made me laugh out loud. Thank you IOI.