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Updated for Game Version: 3.140

  • Last Edited – Mar. 25, 2023

Good evening 47…

The following will be an ongoing unofficial “known issues” list. Furthermore, while this post is focused on the main game, most if not all entries listed could exist in Freelancer Mode as well.


  • I am sharing what I notice and can replicate, no matter how small the details.
  • I am NOT complaining, critiquing, expecting, demanding, etc.

I have posted/will post each of these to the Bug Report Thread(I am limited to three consecutive posts at a time though.) as well.

P.S. Please disregard “issues” that are intentional, if such entries exist. Also, due to varied setups, what I notice in-game might not translate in captures.

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On to the list…

  • In Paris (Other locations too perhaps.), certain areas of the minimap do not acknowledge doors and instead appear as solid walls.
  • Not that it would, but neither of the three difficulties affected this. The example shown below was tested in all three (Casual, Professional, Master). Just in case.


  • In Hokkaido (Other locations too perhaps.), when using an unsilenced weapon inside 47’s room, the first guard to respond clips right through the door.


  • Clipping issues still exist, with suits and disguises alike, perhaps due to 47’s new character model. Furthermore, suits and disguises with capes and/or flowing fabric also have clipping issues with weapons placed on 47’s back.
  • Below are some examples, but more could exist.

    • Snow Festival Suit

    • The Profligacy Suit

    • Requiem Suit

    • The Scrap Poncho Suit

    • Plague Doctor – Sapienza “World of Tomorrow”

    • Mansion Security (White Undershirt) – Sapienza “World of Tomorrow”

    • Elite Guard – Santa Fortuna “Three-Headed Serpent”

    • Swimwear Disguise – Haven Island “The Last Resort”

    • Street Soldier

    • Elite Guard

  • In Isle of Sgàil, when using the kitchen starting location, the screenshot of 47 and the outfit he wears once loaded in are not the same.
  • The screenshot suggests he will be in a chef disguise, whereas in-game, it’s more of a kitchen assistant variant.


  • In “The Genera” elusive target arcade, during level 3, using the boat as a starting location is locked behind Mastery Level 1.
  • This is despite having maxed out the Mastery in the appropriate location.


  • In regards to the “The Gluttony Gobble” escalation, there still exists an issue with its title.
  • When first selected from the location screen it’s titled “The Gluttony Gobble”, but once selected and viewed in the mission screen it’s titled "The Gluttony Gobbling”.


  • In Santa Fortuna, the giant rubber duck easter egg doesn’t function like its Himmelstein counterpart.
  • Instead of exploding, when hit with enough shots, the game crashes.


  • In Sapienza (Other locations too, perhaps.), the animation for disabling the camera hub in the church basement is off its mark.


  • In “The Aelwin Augment” escalation (Other missions too, perhaps.), during level 3, the star rating shows 4 stars and a low mission score despite getting silent assassin.


  • In “The Delgado Larceny” escalation, the prompt for picking up the “El Matador” from the safe is still temperamental and seems to have an issue with the camera angle.


  • Neck seam texture issues still exist with certain suits, which are more or less visible depending on lighting, viewing angle, etc.
  • It looks like the head from 47’s Hitman 3 character model was placed on the torso of the Hitman 2 character model, as opposed to outfitting the “head to toe” Hitman 3 model with all previous suits. Below are some examples, but more could exist.

    • Italian Suit with Gloves

    • Casual Tourist with Gloves

    • Summer Suave Suit

    • Lynch Suit

    • The Neon Ninja Suit

  • Rain effects in Chongqing are still not applied to certain suits.
  • Below are some examples, but more could exist.

    • Absolution Suit

    • Blood Money Suit

    • Black and White Tuxedo Set With Gloves

    • Summer Sightseeing Suit With Gloves

    • Tactical Turtleneck

    • The Gauze Suit

  • The “Brine-Damaged SMG”, despite being a one-handed weapon, can’t be selected as a concealed weapon for load-outs.


  • Different issues with disguises still exist, like missing elements and older character model remnants.
  • Like Craig Black’s disguise reverting to 47’s Hitman 2 face model and the missing tattoo sleeves for P-Power’s disguise. Below are some examples, but more could exist.


  • Some NPCs still have clipping issues with their wardrobe.
  • Like Dalia Margolis’s legs clipping through her skirt. Below are some examples, but more could exist.


  • In Santa Fortuna (Other locations too, perhaps.), during missions and contracts alike, there is an area where the minimap will go all black as if we are no longer on the map at all.


  • In several locations, across the world of assassination, guards and the disguises we can get from them have holsters that remain unused.
  • Other instances exist where such holsters are indeed used as one would expect. Below are some examples, but more could exist.


  • In Chongqing (Other locations too, perhaps.), 47 will disappear for a brief moment when vaulting a specific railing.
  • Looks like an unintended “blink” or short range teleportation effect.


  • In Chongqing (Other locations too, perhaps.), we can still obtain the “Fusil X2000 Stealth” assault rifle. Unlike the name suggests however, the weapon is not silenced.


  • In Bangkok (Other locations too, perhaps.), during the contract “Ludonarrative Dissonance’', there is an issue with two NPCs clipping through one another.
  • This is also present in the main mission “The Source”.


  • In Santa Fortuna (Other locations too, perhaps.), one of the doors from the underground tunnels seems to lock itself and be impossible to open from inside.
  • Even using a sniper rifle has no effect, meaning this door becomes a permanent dead end.


  • In Santa Fortuna (Other locations too, perhaps.), the starting area bus bench has a distance pop-in issue.


  • In New York (Other locations too, perhaps.), when taking cover and vaulting in a specific area, 47 will clip into the bottom of the map.


  • In Hokkaido (Other locations too, perhaps.), the security camera grid can be seen through solid walls.


  • The Concept 5 pistol (Other weapons too, perhaps.), uses silenced sound effects despite not having the perks for being a silenced weapon.
  • When in earshot of NPCs, it does function like a standard unsilenced firearm.


  • When holding a one-handed weapon (Like a Katana.) and picking up a briefcase, if we swap the katana with a large firearm we have on our back there is a clipping effect where 47 while have both hands on the weapon but the briefcase itself still anchors to his left hand.
  • In cases like this, perhaps a trigger for 47 to drop the briefcase as happens in other instances when certain parameters are met.



Any Featured Contract with a misspelled title (purposely or on accident) is a result of the person who submitted it, misspelling it. ioi doesn’t spell check the submissions.


Ah, well thanks for the heads up. I’ll make the adjustment. :+1:


In all the escalations and elusive targets of Chongqing the player could destroy the ICA data core with Olivia coming out from nowhere. This might not be a bug but it’s surely a negligence.


The signature suit with gloves also doesnt rain and the tattooist disguise also doesnt show its sleeves. I also dont want to become a clone of that guy but 47 still uses a weird early version of his head on season 1 disguises and the raven suit, with him still using the hitman 2 head on craig black. Another thing is that certain traits dont show up on descriptions, the ICA shotguns and brine damaged smg dont show up as suppressed even tho i think even the smg is. The kalmer bug and various other target ko bugs arent fixed, but idk if its possible to fix that without breaking other stuff. The midnight black suit bug in mendoza still isnt fixed, do they not know about it? The websites dont update nearly as often. Another bug that was never fixed is that you still cant take a shotgun with you as a concealed item or in a hidden stash. You should be able to do this, IO tried implementing it but it created a bug where it wasnt concealed and thus 47 would take it out immediately upon entering the level, so it was reverted back but i’d like to see them try to implement it properly. Another thing which is kind of a bug kind of not is that the Hitman 1&2 levels still use his old face models in starting locations, itd be nice to update these to make then more consistent as well as updating the text of the starting locations to no longer say “undercover as” and instead have the uniform titles just of the area name of the later games
Edit: is the buccaneer illegal in the church still? If not heres another one: you cant check in with the polar suit

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Thanks for the additions. I’m gonna work on testing these to see if I can replicate them. Then, those I can replicate will be added to the list. :+1:

Last time they tried, it broke the legal KO of the Kalmer (which made it useless).


I think that only applied to targets and was probably done to prevent people from using the tranq-then-shoot exploit.

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That Tranq/Gun glitch still exists! That’s what I was talking about. ioi tried to fix that, but couldn’t.

They DID fix the fire extinguisher explosion/accident kill (they tried to fix both at roughly the same time). But like I said, they couldn’t figure out how to make their system distinguish between a regular Tranq KO (legal + retains SA when a body is found) and the Tranq/Gun Glitch/Bug/Exploit (illegal + should void SA).


IO have never tried to fix it - in fact during the HITMAN 2 era, they outright stated on one of the livestreams on Twitch that it would never be fixed. They also said that they know how to fix it but the fix would break too many other things in the game, creating additional work to then fix those issues, that it was deemed to be “not worth it”.

This was right after they had finally fixed the SA “rules” in H2 that were broken for eight months and took a lot of time to get working again, so I’ve always assumed that this system was one of the things that would be broken. They wouldn’t want to break something that had just been repaired after eight months.

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First mentioned in the “Known Issues” section of the patch notes (specifically pointing out the Tranquilizer aspect) here:

  • The SA rating can still be earned when the body of a target who has been tranquilized and then killed immediately afterwards has been found.

Followed by this:

The SA rating is not failed when a dead body is found, if a tranquilizer was used before the lethal kill
Status: This is an issue with many components and we are still investigating a fix that doesn’t have other impact on the systems that are affected

Which eventually lead to this for the final Hitman 2 patch:

  • The SA rating is not failed when a dead body is found, if a tranquilizer was used before the lethal kill
    Status: This is an issue with many components and to avoid creating any further issues, we have decided to place this issue in the HITMAN 2 backlog.

But according to you, they never tried to fix it!? Ok. :joy:


There’s a difference between knowing about an issue and doing some investigation compared to actually actively trying to fix it.

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You seem to view coding as like plumbing, where a physical act has to be done in order for fixing to be attempted. Whereas when it comes to code investigating the code and the various parameters of it and seeing how this system would affect this system and so on is trying to figure out a way to fix it. Do they need to edit a line actively in order to have done any work?