Hitman2 crashes to desktop


Hi Dev. team,

Since the update i have problems that my hitman2 game crashes to desktop when i loaded my save game.
This happens actually only by the level of The Ark Society.

I already posted a discussion on steam:


In short, when i begin the mission i can play ( sometimes even when playing the game crashes to desktop without a error popup ) and in meantime i save my game. When i have to load a manual save game or a auto save game, then when the world is loaded I see agent 47 where i saved it. Immediately my game crash to desktop without a error message or popup.

I checked it with a random level like Miami and i can load my save game and auto save game and can play without any issues. At first i thought my save game files were corrupted somehow.

I verified the game files already via steam, re-check of DX, all fine.

I run Hitman2 on my PC:
Intel processor I-7 7700 3.60 Ghz
NVIDIA GTX 1080 8 GB vid. mem.
16 GB memory installed

Can you please fix this issue what i have or tell me what to do? Do you need log info or something else to provide you so you can check what the problem is?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,



Hi mate! There is already a long long thread on this issue (since 15th nov): Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003

@Travis_IOI @Torbjorn_IOI IOI devs and technical support team, please, we need support and a hotfix. At this point, the situation is really disgusting and a real shame. ::angry:



The error occurs if you save frequently.

I have the problem too, helped me, which unfortunately is not a real solution, but it helps, save only very rarely. This error occurs when saving frequently.

If I saved normally (about every 2 minutes) I could never play for more than 2 hours, now that I only save every 20min and autosave off, I no longer had crashes and no destroyed savegames.

Graphics settings or graphics driver changes unfortunately does not help at all.


Hi mate, indeed i found on steam that many hitman fans / players have this issue and it’s really annoying.

Too bad for us the holidays and NY is coming so i asume they will fix this next year i suppose. You are right we need full support and a hotfix and like you said on my steam post, IOI and NVidia must fix this asap.



Thanks Paul for the tip and I will check it out tonight. I do save frequently coz if i make a mistake then i dont want to pass through all over again.

Problem for me is that i have to restart Ark of Society from start ( again :stuck_out_tongue: ) and will try your tip. By the way, this issue what i have is only this level. With all the other levels then I dont have this problem. Is this also by you the case?



Whenever my game crashes I never use the save system at all

and I hardly used the save system before


The error has been with me on 3 maps, which I had played for a very long time (about 2 hours) and therefore frequent saven has come together. The error always occurred quite late. Because I also saved before every action. At Santa Fortuna, Mumbai and Isle of Sgàil, these crashes were directly on the desktop. Many NPCs seem to favor the mistake. Now that I have very rare memory I have no more crashes on these maps. But if you only play a map for a short time - less than 1 hour - you can also save frequently.

Of course, this may differ from system to system as long as one can still safely play with frequent saving. You have to try it. In any case, I never had crashes under 1 hour even with frequent saving.


For me that helps anyway with the very rare save. I do not have crashes anymore, and that was the only thing I had changed.
It may well be that there are other reasons that cause you to crash, it seems to me. I do not have crashes anymore.

For me it almost never crashed right after saving, sometimes it took a couple of minutes, but then several of the same savegames that were saved during that time were destroyed. So that it would be quite conceivable that it can still come to this mistake, if you rarely saves. But then what is more rare.

Just try not to save it and autosave off if it still crashes with you. Then it should be something else with you.


Sadly, if you read all the user reports on this issue you will notice the Hitman 2 CTD issue shows a random temporal occurrence. Anyway stop game saves or delay autosaves can never be an acceptable workaround. A fix is still required.

The silence from Nvidia & IOI is unacceptable, a real shame.


Yes, of course there is no solution. I also do not think it’s nice to be corrosive, but for me it helps to minimize the crashes much less, not at all.

For others, the driver version helped to change, when changed nothing, synonymous graphics settings I could do what I wanted, the crashes came regularly.


While it might not be likely, is there a chance that this is related to Xbox CTDs? I just had one (again). It’s almost the only game where I’ve had CTD on Xbox - one other I think but can’t recall which - and Hitman 2 is easily more frequent anyway. It’s related to time, knocking people out and hiding them. I posted at WB a while ago and got a response from them after the recent patch that it should be fixed but, having seen it repeatedly in Sapienza, just got it on Isle of Sgàil. I posted here with no response.


This issue needs to be fixed up asap it really ruins the game.


Hi everyone. I just wanted to mention the Bug is still there. Some of us missed already 3 ETs…

Its the 29th of January 2019 by now… there is no respond from the devs since 2 Month.

Just to remind you: We paid nearly 3 Month ago for this product that doesnt work for many people.
It seems like times have changed… a few Years ago we pirated your Games and now your are the Pirates. Is that the ticket? Maybe we should turn the cards again, hm? Maybe its Time to go back to the Fullgame Demos from the Bay? I dont know…


I finally signed up here to hopefully get to the bottom of this crap… I can’t even get like an hour into the Columbia mission without crash to desktop and no error message. RTX 2080 with Ryzen 2700. It occurs with no OC’s or with OC’s. Never happened until about 2 months ago or when I got to the Columbia mission. I am about to file a complaint with Steam and see what happens. Devs, please fix this. Many people have the issue and you guys are ignoring us…


Same Xbox one…