HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


@Travis_IOI closed the submission thread over at the SE forums. So how about starting one here?
I know I know. It is hard for us to keep discussions and direct replies in another thread. But we could try!

If you have made or found contracts you’d like seeing featured, post them here. Comments or playthroughs of the contracts belong to our beloved thread over here: Hitmanforum member contracts. But dont hesitate to like those which you … uh… like!

EDIT: This should be interesting for you too, @Clemens_IOI!

Submit contracts with this format!

Name of Contract
Contract ID
Screenshot of Contract (This isn’t necessary, but it does save time!)
Why the contract should be featured


RIP the featured contracts submission thread. Now I’ll get emails from Square Enix for nothing.


TITLE: Dive Into The Future
ID NUMBER: 3-10-2017378

I really liked how this one turned out to be, specially for the consistency of the targets of actually going to puke into a toilet in place of a trash bin.


Hey all!

I’ve played many awesome contracts and finally just the other day decided to make one of my own…

While it only has a few plays thus far, I think it has serious fun/creative potential… no kill restrictions, 5 targets spread out through Sapienza, and a nice little twist for those who are looking to speedrun. I’d LOVE to hear what you all think, so please give it a shot:

CONTRACT ID: 2-04-290416-37


Ando Margo (aka Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken)


For those looking to recreate on XB1 or PC, here are the target details:
Alessio: Street level near ICA building
Quintiliano: Far pier on cell phone
Ausonio: Strolling back streets
Arnaldo: Sweeping church floor
Arcangelo: Patrolling in main square tower


Didn’t @Travis_IOI say to just use the regular contracts thread? I think he should decide how he wants to proceed with it, whether he prefers the current thread or a new one.


Yaaaah, now I can submit contracts without going to the SE forums. I dont like how they look tbh


I think it’s better to just have a general contracts thread where people can discuss about contracts and stuff, and another thread where you can submit contracts you actually want features.

Plus, What if IOI features a contract for the contracts thread that was made just for jokes and laughter?


Well that’s up to Travis on what he finds better as he’s the one searching for contracts. He already stated to keep it as is so starting a new thread was not needed.

I’m only reiterating what he has already stated but I think we should wait for him to give his two cents again since he did close the SE submissions and it doesn’t seem like its been an issue before with how it already is.


It doesn’t hurt to begin posting some here. With a word from Travis this thread can be closed instantly.
The main idea behind this one is to keep it more clean and more easy to find good contracts. Sadly with this discussion going on here this goal is already missed…

EDIT: Also Travis’ post on SE didn’t link to the regular thread but to the search engine for “featured contracts” here. I took this as an sign that the ideal thread still had to be made.


@Travis_IOI We’re still waiting on your word on a HMF Featured Contract Submission Thread. Also, I feel somewhere in HITMAN, there should be a link in the main menu or the options menu to this thread/whatever featured contract submission thread exist.

While I’m here I should upload a few pics of contracts I would love featured. Some of these are good contracts, I should say!


A House of Shame

PC: 1-09-2127781-44
PS4: 2-09-2026437-11


Bad Taste

PC: 1-10-1370604-44
Bad Taste (Image 1)
Bad Taste (Image 2)

Deadly Messenger Two

PC: 1-08-1772118-44
Deadly Messenger 2 (IMG 1)
Deadly Messenger 2 (IMG 2)

Deadly Messenger

PC: 1-08-1747729-44
PS4: 2-08-8822984-94
DM Image 1
DM Image 2



Are we still doing this ?
if so Here’s one of the best contracts I created,
@Travis_IOI, this contract got played by some of the best hitman players, if this is going to get featured, please do the contract with this ID, since I created the other on with a different (horrible) username


@Urben, would you mind taking the time to edit your original post and put this message into it?

Submit contracts with this format!

Name of Contract
Contract ID
Screenshot of Contract (This isn’t necessary, but it does save time!)
Why the contract should be featured

I thought the format was pretty good, and should be continued. It gives full details and makes it easier for IOI to locate and take down details about your contract and stuff and whatever game developers do.



Hitman forum member contracts is a place to show other people your contracts and let them play it. Sometimes Travis picks from this thread, but it most certainly isn’t a featured contract submission thread. This thread is.

Also, had you read the original post, you would know Urben has acknowledged this and said this exact same thing. Look before you speak.

EDIT: Whoops! Didn’t know your link directed to your contracts. Sorry, I thought you were saying that this thread already existed. Hehe.


Hello everyone! I’m Beyonder1979 from the PS4 Hitman Community. One of my contracts was chosen to be Featured last year. It was the “Super Sibling Rivalry” one.

Since then I’ve made 3 more contracts (technically 2, since one of them was a Revision of a former one) which went pretty much unnoticed since I had no way to inform the Community about them! Long story…

Anyway, if I had to choose my favorites from my 3 contracts, I’d pick:

Pathologic (Revision)
ID: 2-03-8797343-35


Fire Mario
ID: 2-03-4201479-35

Both of them take place in Sapienza, and I like them very much because they require much thought and planning in order to achieve Silent Assassin. They’re VERY CHALLENGING! Just make sure to read the Descriptions too as the Pathologic (Revision) one contains vital information on how exactly to kill 2 of the targets which due to game limitations appear only as “Any Method” while they are NOT Any Method.

Also make sure to play the Pathologic (Revision) and NOT the first Pathologic.

I’d very much appreciate it if you guys tried these contracts and told me your opinion on them! If you really like them, I’m counting on you to spread the word on these contracts and recommend them to be among the Featured ones.

Thank you for your time and I hope you have fun with my contracts!



Contract ID - 1-06-1671230-31
Platform - PC
Location - Marrakesh
This is one of the most challenging contracts for me, silent assassin on this is will make you lose your mind, anyways if you think you are up for the challenge try this.


Still convinced this is the best contract I created
A lot of strats for this contract, and got played by some the best players in the community


Gave this munga to play and plus some others who played it in the past gives me the impression this is a good contract. Tricky for those who want to do it quickly and not so advanced players will find a challenge with the girl, too.
It also doesn’t force you to run through the whole map like other Landslide contracts.

Vow of Silence

Landslide contract - ID: 1-04-3865543-67

vow silence

First target: church basement
Second target: at the starting pier


For XB1 players, there are two contracts of this name. The targets were meant to be the five tech guys, one behind the stage, one on the stairs and the three guys above the show. I mistakenly selected one of the security on one version of this contract so if you do fancy playing it then make sure you select the contract with 5 technicians if you search for it by name. Or do whatever one you want, doesn’t matter :smiley:

"What do you mean, there’s no lasers?"
XB1 - 3-02-7522208-09
The Showstopper, Paris.
Good evening, 47. Your targets are five technicians working at the ICE Collection Premiere hosted by Sanguine in Paris. Though highly recommended the stage crew have left much to be desired and the 3D Laser Show that Viktor Novikov asked for has failed at the last hurdle. No amount of fireworks will ease his sorrow and the tech crew who were responsible must pay the ultimate price. Good luck, 47.