HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Snipe Style

SIck sniper contract by @ArjabRoy


Hey, folks.
Have created a series of a unique challenge contracts for every location on PC, here they are:

  1. A Friend for Dinner (Suit Only) - 1-08-6914340-19
  2. A Friend for Dinner (Paris) - 1-02-3736326-19
  3. A Friend for Dinner (Sapienza) - 1-03-4825676-19
  4. A Friend for Dinner (Marrakesh) - 1-06-4044447-19
  5. A Friend for Dinner (Colorado) - 1-09-1775322-19
  6. A Friend for Dinner (Hokkaido) - 1-10-7343452-19

Each and everyone has the same failure complications: required exit (except Bangkok), targets only, never spotted, no cameras (non-failure), no bodies found, all bodies hidden, suit only, no shots, no subdues

Weapon used: Cleaver (melee kill)

I set non-standart disguises for those, use:

  1. Bangkok - Requiem suit
  2. Paris - Rieper suit
  3. Sapienza - Cowboy suit (in description I have mistakenly put Raven)
  4. Marrakesh - Rieper suit (or Raven suit)
  5. Colorado - Clown suit
  6. Hokkaido - White Yukata (or standart Hokkaido suit)
    If you don’t have any listed suit, use any unlockable, or non-standart disguise.

Give these a try? :slight_smile:


Too many restrictions = Not a good contract


Speak for yourself, :clown_face:


The Paladin Luigi
PC: 1-03-2106433-18


Is Everything Scopacetic?
Contract ID: 1-02-9368092-37

There’s no time limit on this one, buuuuut… Eh, you’ll see. :laughing:


A fun little contract with lore, may be a candidate for featured ones (tell me if you played it).

Night time Bangkok, sort of a puzzle.

The Defectors
ID: 1-16-4860124-59


New short little contract using the Santa suit and two quotes from one of my favorite movie.

Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho
ID: 3-10-9441749-76


Die hard FTW. :joy:


Hokkaido Exam


Name of Contract: Dress For The Job You Want
Contract ID: 3-08-4882139-79
Platform: XBox
Location: Bangkok
Description/Briefing: “The clothes make the man, so choose your starting disguise carefully. One target will always be in a restricted area.”

Why the contract should be featured: I think this makes clever use of the “Do Not Change Your Starting Disguise” complication by forcing you to choose which target you want to have advantage in eliminating. It consequently makes the other one more difficult, though.


2 good contracts by @ArjabRoy!!!
Round Up
PC: 1-09-8221162-04

Burgess & Co.
PC: 1-09-4363804-04


Puzzle contracts
Security Officer Training

The Curtis Confession


Total War
PC: 1-08-8309145-18

wow, wow, a lot of boxes, which one is best?


Jewelry Thieves
Hokkiado, Japan
Contract ID: 2-10-3451657-69



I know that Colorado is not everyone’s favourite, but I’m pleased with this one. It’s a really tricky contract if tackled directly, but like the Sapienza submission below, it has a very sneaky method to make it a lot easier.

Title: Scary Accidents
Contract ID: 3-09-4398352-05
Location: Colorado

Title: The Last Laugh
Contract ID: 3-03-7388738-05
Location: Sapienza

(N.B. The title alludes very subtly to a clever trick that can be used.)


A contract shouldn’t take a Professional Agent more than 10 minutes to get the job done.

It’s time to put Agent 47 on the clock.

Platform: PS4
User ID: xGURUx83
Title: On The Clock: Paris 10 Minute Shift
Contract ID: 2-02-8017952-27
Location: Paris


Title:Leaky wall?
Contract ID:1-10-1241537-50


Well I made a very fun contract: 1-02-0199072-02
Platform: Pc
Map: Paris

Good Luck ^^


The Blackmail Operation
ID: 2-03-8015891-69