HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Hacking the Hackers
ID: 1-09-5560694-15


It requires trickery, it has a story, and it is based on the characters, i guess

The Car Reposession
ID: 1-06-0148761-15
Description and Screenshot:

I guess it is unique? And 79 people have finished it and it was on trending on the first page for quite a while, and still on the second page of trending. I guess it is just trying to get the highest score kinda contract.

The Curse of Morgan Le Fay
ID: 1-03-7820098-15



And my reason why it should be featured is that how hard it is. It took me a long time to do this contract, and i know its not based on luck, because of how many times i have tried to finish it, and how many times it took me to create it.


How Do You Turn This Thing On?

Suchins engineering skills are clearly not up to scratch. He brings no skills to his job whatsoever - he can’t even fix that Tuk-Tuk of his. This man needs to be taught a lesson and I want that stupid piece of scrap metal removed from the hotel property. I’m hoping one of your agents can help with this problem.


Hi, I got a late start to Hitman 2016 so I don’t know if this contract has been posted before or if it would even interest the community but I thought it was fun and challenging so I’m posting it. I’m not much of a competitive gamer and this challenge wasn’t made with speed runs in mind but it could be interesting to see who can do it the fastest I guess. Just ignore the shooting limitations that I should have left removed because it’s all fiber wire kills anyway. (Just started making contracts and still getting the hang of it.) All of the previous contracts I had made were sloppy for the purpose of unlocking “feats” in game.

Contract Name: V-S-S-H-D Speedboat
Contract ID: 1-02-0903099-10
Platform: PC


-All 5 targets are on a timer, so the window for pulling off a fiberwire kill while in your suit is limited and must be done in an order that will work.

-Emetic poison is hard to slip into drinks since you are forced to use suit only.
-Two targets move between multiple floors, the other 3 stay on their respective floors but move around. 1 of them is stationary most of the time.
-Helmut is with someone else most of the time. Victor and Dalia have body guards that follow them around and you can’t knock anyone out so you have to find ways to separate them from their guards long enough to fiberwire the targets and hide them because all bodies need to be hidden.
-Since they are all fiberwire kills you cannot get away with accidents,long range sniper blasts or lethal poison either.
One last thing, I did it without being spotted by cameras so there is no need to destroy evidence. I feel like it’s harder that way. I also refuse to use the VIP pass that is in the bathroom because it’s just too cheap and makes “suit only runs” less challenging. I imagine this one will take more than a few minutes for most normal people. Hopefully it will give more of a traditional challenge to players who are interested.


Welcome Contract
1-03-6179987-93 - 72Q Plague V1
1-03-2732048-93 - 72Q Plague V2


Lethal Throw and Lethal Melee
Eliminate five bodyguards using five different melee weapons.
Should be featured when community likes this contract. It was fun to create it.


Contract: The Bernardo One
Location: Bangkok

Otis Kaplan: Katana as Jordan Cross’ Bodyguard
Benjamin Bertam: Fire Axe as Kitchen Staff
Abel De Silva: Hatchet as Hotel Security
Jackie Carrington: Screwdriver as Drummer

Complication: Required Exit

I think this should be Featured because it is fun to do SA at least for me. Plus the Title is a reference to someone we all know.


“Special Delivery”. Its already been recreated on pc but im not sure of the id. You can ask @ScroobiusJib for the id since he is the one that did it



The Level Menace
PC: 1-02-8826248-18

@BernardoOne Although I’m tired of S1, I still came up with a very tricky contract. :smiley:


Triple Special Killing
ID :1-03-9707994-84
Location: Sapienza

there are two unknown details in the virus lab,One of them is wallbang.


72Q Specialist in weapon – 1-02-8351054-93

Добрый день 47й! На кону повышение вашей заработной платы. Прошло 11 лет, как вы у нас работаете. Наш начальник решил устроить вам экзамен по оружию. Для этого он лично выбрал вам цели и тип оружия для их устранения. Можете не беспокоиться – это военные преступники в прошлом. Удачи 47й!

Good afternoon the 47th! On a game increase in your salary. There have passed 11 years as you work for us. Our chief has decided to organize you examination in weapon. For this purpose he has personally chosen to you the purposes and type of weapon for their elimination. You can not worry is war criminals in the past. 47th good luck!


Hi mate, just a bit of feedback. The ‘no missed shots’ complication isnt just about shooting your targets. It outlaws bullet distractions, and camera takedowns via pistol and probably more that im overlooking.


Ah good point. I don’t do that sort of thing so I wasn’t looking at it like that. I guess it’s a good thing that I left those enabled then. It will make it a little more challenging for speed oriented gamers like yourself. Thanks for the feedback and I hope you enjoyed the contract. Impressive speed run BTW.


Three Kings (PS4)
ID: 2-06-1935983-61

I think this one might have some potential.
I made it for the ”elusive contract” thread so the conditions stated in the briefing might look strange to some :slight_smile:



PC Contract - Ultimate Endurance Mode - A Time Waster - 1-03-9254715-76

@Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI you know what to do :smirk:

if you’re feeling particularly sadistic, feature this instead :smirk:

PC Contract - Ultimate Endurance Mode II - The Wastening -1-03-5815558-76


I actually had a sub 30 run for the last one but some cabrão de merda spotted me after the last kill and I rage quited huehue
Btw, for those non-portuguese speakers, cabrão de merda means something along the lines of fuckin asshole


Contract Name: The Three Stooges
Contract ID: 2-03-2745215-80
Platform: PS4
Location: Sapienza
Description/Briefing: These three are known to be quite accident prone. I suggest you make good use of that, 47.

This is a clever contract featuring three targets in Sapienza that each have no patrol routes - they just stand still all the time - and are all outside in public spaces. The contract requires you to kill two of them with a fall and one with a falling object - none of the targets are near these types of hazards.


Please two new contracts

Blow by a lightning!

Lazy the place in a toilet


A Lovely View To Die For
PC ID: 1-08-9850612-41

briefing: do not stand in front a view!


The Electronic Quartet

PC: 1-02-7611350-18


Recreating for PS4, could you please tell me the rest of the complications.